Adscook lifetime deal appsumo & review – Best Facebook and instagram Ads management Platform 2022

Manage Your Facebook and instagram Ads campaign

Facebook has recently been dynamic in its promoting processes for the higher by permitting users to own additional management over the means they’re marketed towards. With our Connected inhabitancy Ads, you’ll track your budgets and see performance on your Facebook and Instagram ads from a central location. Facebook is an excellent platform for your marketing needs? And what if you’ll even have access to the info that goes into place after you run your ads?
I would like to introduce you to an application called Adscook

I Discuss Adscook a Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign Management Platform

What is Adscook?

Adscook could be a Facebook and Instagram ads management platform that helps you to launch and scale campaigns across multiple accounts with customizable observation tools. With Adscook, you’ll be able to build your ads with only one click and optimize from the beginning by selecting campaign objectives like boosting conversion, generating leads, or increasing engagement. the lead all of your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns in one place—Adscook is the leading tool for social media promoting teams.

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Features of Adscook

Adscook is a Facebook and Instagram ads management platform that lets you launch and scale campaigns across multiple accounts with customizable monitoring tools.

→Create ADS


Enjoy launching powerful ads: Enjoy a swift interface, avoid repetitive tasks, save and reuse field presets, A/B test easily, create ads by bulk, make group ads and audiences, customize creatives, and much more.


Publish 100s of variations with a single click: Save lots of time and focus on strategy and creativity. Create ads in bulk and still stay organized.


A/B test any field: Take full control of what you test and how you find the winning combination. Split your ads, ad sets, or both by any parameter


A/B test smartly: Group similar variants in one, don’t spend extra budget, and avoid creating dozens of messy ad sets and ads. Review and compare generated variants before submitting.


Create once, use forever:

  • Create ads and audiences in your asset library.
  • Tag them for easy navigation.
  • Group variants in one asset.
  • Use them in the campaign creation process.


Save field presets

  • Spend even less time on the manual creation process.
  • All your field values(locations, interests, etc.,) are saved as presets. Just load them and move on.
  • Copy/paste whole fields from one asset to another.
  • Set default campaign fields on the ad account level.


Maintain social proof
Easily find and select previous posts and keep the social engagement.

→Automation Ads


Your ads on autopilot
Scale your ads safely and 24/7. Save time, money, and energy.


Apply proven strategies
Select one or multiple strategies to control your costs, stay profitable, scale winners and activate late convertors.


Define your own strategy, easily: We will automate any tactic you currently work with.
Enjoy an easy interface and create the most complex automation strategy easily.


Act based on the trends
Set conditions not only against your fixed goals but also based on the trends.


Rank the metrics: Set ranking conditions based on the relative metrics.
Identify better performers within a campaign.


Frequency is accuracy
Check metrics as frequently as every 15 minutes to not miss even small changes.


Stay up to date on email and slack about automated actions.

→Analyze Ads


A better view of your ads: Check the campaign’s performance in a whole new way. See the most important metrics, trends, and breakdowns altogether. Clickless and focus more.


Multi-account dashboard: Analyze the aggregated data from all your ad accounts within a second.
Avoid switching from one account to another and using external tools for consolidated reports.


Funnel analysis: See what moves the needle by checking dropoff rates from each funnel step.
With the real-time funnel analysis, you can easily identify which touchpoint needs improvement to maximize conversions and ROI.


Compare periods: Analyze the seasonality and behavioral patterns on micro and macro levels.
Predict what comes next.


Actionable reports: Update your ads directly from your dashboard.
Bulk update multiple items and save more time.

Adscook Pricing plan

Adscook Plan $29/month

  • Up to $5,000 ads spent limit per month
  • Create ads
  • Automated campaign monitoring and management
  • Create A/B variants
  • Copy & past fields from one asset to another
  • Actionable and multi-account reporting

Get Start 30-day free trial

Adscook Other Pricing plans

Get Adscook Lifetime deal Only for $79.00

Get Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Adscook Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Adscook is a Facebook and Instagram marketing that lets you manage your accounts from one platform, and launch and scale campaigns across multiple accounts with customizable monitoring tools and quick insights.

Adscook Lifetime Purchase Only for $79.00 $1068.00

  • All features above included
  • $15,000 monthly ad spend limit

Adscook Lifetime Deal Appsumo – GET EXTRA 10% OFF



Adscook lifetime deal Appsumo


Who can Use Adscook?

Marketing agencies who want to add more clients to their portfolio need to equip the team with the necessary tools that will help them save time and support more clients with fewer resources.
E-commerce businesses that are launching large-scale Facebook ad campaigns every month, run hundreds of creative tests and need to eliminate the time-consuming setup and day-to-day optimization tasks.
Solopreneurs who have to effectively manage multiple things need a smarter solution than hiring some freelancers to get the job done.
Any business extensively using Facebook and Instagram ads that want to increase the efficiency of their ads by adding a media buying power to their team.

What platforms do you support?

Currently, we support only Facebook and Instagram for ad management.

What do I need to start using Adscook?

To start using Adscook you just need to add your Facebook profile and all your ad accounts will be automatically synced. Then you can seamlessly manage your existing campaigns or create new ones.

Can I see my custom audiences in Adscook?

Yes sure, once you connect your ad accounts to Adscook, we sync all the custom audiences associated. You can see them while creating your audiences on the ad set level. Scrolling down you’ll see the Custom Audiences field, simply click on it and all the custom audiences will load. Select the one you want to use and go ahead.

How can I check the activity of my active rules?

You can check why and how your rules manage your campaigns via Activity Log. You can either check the Activity Log of all your campaigns or the individual ones.
Navigate to the Automation section on the left-hand side. You will see the Activity Log button above your rules.


Take your multi-account advertising to the next level with Adscook. Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Adscook is an end-to-end solution for managing Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns across multiple accounts. With tools built specifically for small businesses, you can stay on top of not just your ads but also other important tasks such as campaign insights, social media pages, and more.

Get Adscook Lifetime Access

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