AllClick Review – Automatically Video Messaging Lead & Conversion Machine software

Allclick is Automatically Transform ANY Website Into An Interactive Video Messaging Sales, Lead & Conversion Machine With Just One Single Line of Code. Instant Customer Interactions With All-In-One VIDEO MESSAGING, Voicemail & Screen Capture On ANY Site, Store Or Blog With Just One Single Line

allclick review

What is Allclick?

There Is Nothing Else On The Market Like Allclick.

Allclick Is The World’s First Software That Puts YOUR Interactions With Customers
And Allows Direct On Page Allclicks With LIVE Video Recording, Screen Recording, & VoiceMail On ANY Site, Page, Store Or Blog – With Just One Single Line Of Code.

Allclick Features

  • Auto Activity: This feature help you auto doing the liking, commenting, following, unfollow etc
  • Auto Post: This feature help you auto post on your Instagram accounts.
  • Post types: Photo, Story Photo and Video.
  • Preview post: Instagram post preview before posting in real
  • Schedule posts: Manage your post schedule with ease, Save post: Save your posts
  • Emojis: Supported a lot of great emojis Auto Send Direct
  • Message: You can auto send message to your following and followers
  • Instagram Search: You can search by username or hashtag with a keyword.
  • Instagram Download: Enter Media ID or Media URL on instagram to download any video or photo very easily.

Allclick Benefits

Allclick helps you to interact in a more MEANINGFUL and PERSONAL way with the people that really matter. The ones that pay you. Your customers and customers to be…

Customers and potential customers can communicate directly to the website owner, by video message, voice message or screen recording to INSTANTLY

  • Ask Questions
  • Get Support
  • Leave Testimonials
  • Share Feedback
  • Share Issues
  • Explain Easier
  • Communicate Quicker
  • No Need To Fill In Any Forms
  • No Need To Leave ANY Contact Details (Unless
  • They Want To) – Which Encourages A TON More Engagement
  • No Need To Nervously Pick Up The Phone
  • No Stress Having To Write Long Lengthy Messages
  • No Stress Having To
  • Write Long Lengthy Messages In A Language That Might Not Be Their First

Who Can Use Allclick?

Local Business Owners:

No matter the niche, local business owners can use Allclick on their sites to increase interaction, engagement, sales and profits.

Allclick review


Install Allclick for other marketers and business owners and charge them for the privilege. Pocket 100% of the profit.

Allclick review

Ecom Vendors:

Can use Allclick on their online stores to increase sales. Use Allclick to interact directly with buyers in a more direct, personal and fun way. Persuade ‘on the fence’ buyers, reduce refund rates by dealing with support ‘in video’ and obliterate buyer’s any resistance to handing over their money.

allclick review

Affiliate Marketers:

Can use Allclick on bonus pages to encourage the people on their list to buy from them. Enable prospects to engage in real time, ask questions and buy quickly.

allclick review

Opportunity Seekers:

Allclick gives you the valuable opportunity to not only use Allclick groundbreaking interactive tools to increase your own sales, but also make money by installing this desirable tool on other’s sites, blogs and stores and charge them $ for the privilege (and of course keep every cent of what you make!)

allclick review


Use Allclickon your blog to engage directly with readers, get them to sign up for newsletters, alerts or social media and even get direct, instantaneous feedback from readers!

allclick review

Product Creators:

Get INSTANT testimonials and feedback from Beta Testers right there on the page. No chasing, no uploading, no stress.

allclick review

Allclick PRICING

Allclick – interaction Personal ($37)

  • Helps To Drive More Sales & Leads.
  • Integrate With ANY Websites or Builder (ClickFunnel, Shopify, WordPress, HTML Websites, etc).
  • Create Your Own Custom Interactive Widgets In MINUTES
  • Capture 20 Interactive VoiceMail, Video Message & Screen Recording on Your Website.
  • Create 10 Widgets
  • Embed Widget On 10 Websites Using A.I Generated Code
    Inline & Dialogue Widget Option
  • Widget Customization
  • 3-Ways Interactive Response
  • 10 GB Media Storage Space
  • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • Max of 15 Minutes Recording Per Message.
  • Step By Step Tutorial Video
  • Full Commercial License
  • SSL Encryption
  • YouTubeLytics

Allclick – interaction Commercial ($47)

  • Helps To Drive More Sales & Leads.
  • Integrate With ANY Websites or Builder (ClickFunnel, Shopify, WordPress, HTML Websites, etc).
  • Create Your Own Custom Interactive Widgets In MINUTES
  • Capture 200 Interactive VoiceMail, Video Message & Screen Recording on Your Website
  • Create 100 Widgets
  • Embed Widget On 100 Websites Using A.I Generated Code
  • Inline & Dialogue Widget Option   
  • Widget Customization 
  • 3-Ways Interactive Response
  • 300 GB Media Storage Space
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • Capture Longer Messages & Recordings (Up To 60 Minutes Per Message)
  • Get New Recording/New Message Email Notifications
  • Inbox, Sent, Bookmark, & Library Management   
  • Full Commercial License
  • Step By Step Tutorial Video.
  • SSL Encryption
  • YouTubeLytics
  • Stock Image Blow Out
  • iGramMachine

OTO 1 Price: $67 | Unlimited Everything

  • Unlimited credits
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Clone unlimited sales pages
  • Clone unlimited bonus pages
  • Clone unlimited WordPress sites
  • Clone unlimited eCommerce sites
  • Publish unlimited sites
  • Add unlimited Twitter accounts
  • Add unlimited Instagram accounts
  • Add unlimited Facebook accounts
  • Create unlimited twitter broadcasts
  • Created unlimited Instagram broadcasts
  • Create unlimited Facebook broadcasts
  • Unlimited keyword researches
  • Unlimited SEO Tools embed
  • Unlimited Twitter Auto Follows
  • Unlimited Instagram Auto Follows
  • Unlimited Twitter email list building
  • Unlimited Site creation
  • Unlimited Instagram leads scraping
  • Unlimited Facebook posts
  • Unlimited Twitter posts
  • Unlimited Instagram posts
  • Unlimited Url Shorteners
  • Unlimited Backlink generators
  • Unlimited Link Analyzer

OTO 2 Price: $67 | SEO TOOLS

  • Embed SEO tools on your websites, blogs, and landing pages in less then 15 seconds.
  • Get floods of organic traffic to your websites without spending a dime.
  • Displays estimated monthly search volume, CPC, and market value for unlimited keywords. It also shows relevant keywords similar to the one you enter.
  • Find your current rank on Google for all of your keywords. Checks the first 250 results.
  • Scrapes Alexa to find your current global rank.
  • Calculates the total number of pages that Google and Bing have indexed for your site.
  • Displays the top search keywords that lead visitors to your website, as well as the estimated monthly search volume, CPC, and percentage of your total searches for each query.
  • Checks all links on a webpage, determines whether they are internal or external (outgoing), dofollow or nofollow, and displays this information in an organized table.
  • Shows the top websites which refer the most traffic to your website
    Uses Google to find your competitors for a specific keyword.
  • Displays their ranks, link strength, number of backlinks, number of unique backlinks, and % nofollow backlinks.

OTO 3 Price: $67 | Twitter

  • Build genuine authentic email list without forms, landing pages on Twitter
  • Schedule CTA post, image post and video posts
  • Send bulk image broadcast to followers
  • Send bulk text broadcasts to followers
  • Send bulk video broadcasts to followers
  • Send instant buyer traffic in less than 60 seconds
  • Drive traffic from Twitter to Sales Pages
  • Collect emails and save automatically to autoresponders
  • Find trending hashtags and tweets on twitter

OTO 4 Price: $147 | AGENCY

Allclick Bonuses

Bonus #1 – YouTubeLytics

YTubeLytics is an all-in-one Youtube tool combined with 12 different kinds of features for Youtube. It’s the most complete analytics & marketing tool for Youtube. 

Both channel and video analytics are available. You can schedule a video upload with it and you can also create live events easily with the application. It has the best complete search option for Youtube video.

Bonus #2 – Stock Image Blow Out

A huge collection of over 1500 professional royalty stock images you can use to create compelling graphics for your products or that of your client.

Bonus #3: iGramMachine – Instagram Automatic Marketing Tool

iGramMachine is exactly that software tool. It helps put your Instagram account on autopilot, doing the liking and commenting activities for you round the clock, attracting followers to your account even when you are asleep.

Allclick PROS & CONS

Allclick creates anything & everything you need to start an online business in 60 seconds or less.


  1. Embed SEO tools on any blog, website, landing page to get massive organic traffic
  2. Professional templates to create stunning sales pages, bonus pages, JV pages with drag and drop page builder.
  3. Send a direct message to the inbox of anyone and everyone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  4. Build genuine authentic email list without forms, landing pages on Twitter
  5. Get instant floods of traffic from Facebook Posts, Twitter Posts And Instagram post.
  6. 18+ professional business website templates with drag and drop builder to start up your OWN AGENCY business website in less than 60 seconds.
  7. Send messages to Instagram followers and followings.
  8. Get the emails and phone numbers of Instagram followers and followings.
  9. Create mobile Landing pages.
  10. Send Personalized Facebook A.I Email follow ups on chats.
  11. Hijack traffic from the posts of Instagram competitors to your landing pages.
  12. Send personalized email campaigns
  13. Schedule rich traffic getting video campaigns on multiple social media networks
  14. Deep keyword research and suggestion tools to boost traffic
  15. Powerful URL shorteners
  16. 50+ SEO tools for all your need And so much more tools


Nou Such Technical Fult


Thank you so much for stopping my Allclick Review I hope you got enough information Allclick software.

The Creator of Allclick Simon Warner. Allclick  is an A.I. powered platform that enables you to generate massive traffic from over 70+ tools all under one dashboard. Allclick creates anything & everything you need to start an online business in 60 seconds or less.

AllClick Is the Marketing automation tool you’ll need to get leads & convert them into loyal customers. Capture leads from SOCIAL, SEO & WEBSITE Traffic – and engage with your audience with personalized flows, triggers, actions, emails, SMS and a sky-high delivery rate.

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