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Browse AI: Train a robot to interact with websites and extract structured data

We’ll soon see how the latest season of Stranger Things collects data.
Despite knowing how to code, building a maintainable analyzer and integrating it with your other tools can take a long time.

If there was an easy way to model user behavior and integrate a complex analyzer in two minutes.

Hey, Today I Introduce to you Browse AI.

What is Browse AI?

Browse AI is a code-free, web-based application that collects and analyzes data updates from anywhere.
With research AI, you can train a robot to browse the web and extract customized information by recording your behavior.

Automatic Document Search On one page, you can select and call all the documents you need using a few clicks.

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Browse AI features Overview

The easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website.
Train a robot in 2 minutes No coding is required.

→Popular Use Cases

  • Turn Websites into APIs: Need to regularly extract data from a website or web app that doesn’t have an API? Create your own scalable API with no code.
  • Price Monitoring: Track and monitor market prices automatically and have more data points to make better pricing decisions for your business. Monitor your minimum advertised price (MAP) across retailers to check possible violations.
  • Lead Generation: Build your prospect list and marketing database from multiple websites, get structured data with proper columns, and let your sales team focus on discovery and closing instead of copying and pasting information.
  • Finance and Investment: Regularly collect bulk data on your target markets from specific sources on the web with minimal effort. Get insights on your investment decisions and reduce your risk.
  • Business Intelligence: Spend less time collecting information and more time analyzing data and making informed decisions.
  • Market Research: Extract structured data from multiple sources to gain insights into the market. Extract company data from different sources and directories like Yellow Pages, Crunchbase, and Craigslist.
  • Competitive Monitoring: Monitor your competitors’ products, trends, and marketing strategies by monitoring their websites and presence on the web.
  • Product Availability: Monitor your product’s availability on your suppliers’ and retailers’ websites and never let it go out of stock. Have their live inventory on your dashboard.
  • Content Aggregation: Stay on top of the latest news, updates, and research. Gather them in one place and turn them into insights.
  • Academic Research: Your studies need reliable data at scale. Easily collect vast amounts of data from several sources on the web in easy-to-use spreadsheets.
  • Build an AI/ML product: Your AI/ML product needs large-scale data to be successful. Extract clean data from every relevant source on the web with no code.

→Monitor websites

Set up monitoring on a website and forget about it. We’ll send you an email alert when something changes.

  • Monitor many pages on a site: Whether you want to monitor many products on your competitor’s website or many keywords on Twitter, adding a new page to monitor only takes 3 seconds. You just add a new monitor with a different webpage URL or different form inputs.
  • Monitor pages that require you to sign in: You can sign in, search, and click on links and buttons to get to the page you want to monitor. We’ll simulate all of these actions every day as we monitor the page for you.
  • Works on any website: We use sophisticated algorithms and the Chromium engine to simulate a user’s web browsing behavior as close to reality as possible. This enables you to monitor any webpage for changes.

→Download Data from any website

Select the information you need, label them, and download them as a spreadsheet within minutes. This works with texts, links, images, and downloadable files from any website. No coding is required.

  • Set up once, scrape a million pages: Build a data extraction robot on a page, then have it extract data from all other pages on the same site that have a similar layout.
  • Nothing can stop you: Your robot can simulate your actions, fill in forms, click on buttons, solve captchas and extract any data even behind a login form.
  • Works on any website: Your robot can simulate humans’ web browsing behavior with sophisticated algorithms as close to reality as possible. This lets you extract data from any website that offers the data you need.

Browse AI lifetime deal - cloud-based web automation software

→Turn any website into an API

Not every website has an API, and those that have do not always provide the information you need. Select the data you need and create your own API in minutes.

  • Set up once and forget about it: Point and click on pieces of information you need from a web page. Now, you have an API endpoint that can extract that data from any web page with a similar layout and return a nicely formatted JSON. Then, just follow the API example in your favorite language.
  • Nothing can stop you: Your Browse AI bot simulates your actions, fills in form inputs, solves captchas, and automatically uses the right residential proxies. Let the robot worry about data collection challenges and just focus on using that data.
  • Works on any website: Our data extraction API simulates a person’s web browsing behavior with sophisticated algorithms as close to reality as possible. That gives you a level of reliability and scalability that would be incredibly hard to achieve with custom code.

Browse AI lifetime deal - cloud-based web automation software

→Prebuilt Robots

  1. Extract Products from ProductHunt
    Every day, the most innovative startups launch on Product Hunt, making it one of the most popular communities for builders and entrepreneurs around the world
  2. Extract Jobs Listings from Indeed US
    There is no doubt that Indeed is one of the most popular job listings websites in the US. Every day, thousands of companies utilize Indeed’s reach to hire, and millions of people rely on this site to find their next job.
  3. Monitor Company Info on LinkedIn
    LinkedIn Company Link
    It will monitor the following properties for changes
  4. Extract Apps list from Google Workspace Marketplace
    Google Workspace Marketplace provides thousands of apps tailored to business needs. With this Prebuilt Robot, you can extract app lists from Google Workspace Marketplace and download them as a spreadsheet or flow it through Browse AI integrations like Zapier, Google Sheets, or Airtable.
  5. Extract App Details from Zapier
    Browse AI Prebuilt Robots lets you scrape Zapier for a specific app to download their workflow lists or send it to Google Sheets or Airtable. This data can become handy when you want to get a competitive edge over your competitors. You can leverage this data to create new workflows for your own applications.
  6. Extract Search Results for Plugins on
    Browse AI Prebuilt Robots enables you to extract plugin information from the plugin repository without a single line of code. You can download this data as a spreadsheet, send it to Google Sheets or Airtable, or run it through custom workflows using Zapier.
  7. Extract sellers and services from Fiverr search results
    With this Prebuilt Robot, you can extract sellers & their services from Fiverr and turn this data into a spreadsheet to download, Google Sheets, or Airtable. In addition, you can make integrate your Automation with thousands of other apps using Zapier.
  8. Extract videos from a YouTube channel
    Browse AI Youtube Extractor Prebuilt Robot makes it easier for you to extract every video from a channel. After setting up this Automation, you will be able to provide just a channel URL and download the data as a spreadsheet, send it to Google Sheets or Airtable or make an API of your own without a single line of code.
  9. Get Google search results
    This task’s inputs are: Search Keyword
    Max Organic Results And its outputs are: Top Ads
    Organic Results, Bottom Ads.
  10. Extract Amazon US search results
    With this Prebuilt Robot, you can extract Amazon US organic and paid search results for specific keywords and filters and download them as a spreadsheet or send them to Google Sheets, Airtable, or Zapier.

Why People Use Browse AI

  • No Coding Required
  • 2-Minute Setup
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Emulates User Actions
  • Solves Captchas
  • GeoLocation Based Data
  • API, Google Sheets, Zapier
  • Extract Data Behind Login
  • Pagination and Scroll Handling
  • Scheduling
  • Download Files
  • Flexible Pricing

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Browse AI Pricing Plan

Browse AI comes in five pricing plans Free, Starter, Professional, Company, Enterprise

Free Plan $0/month

  • 5 Robots
  • 200 Credits
  • Works on Any Website
  • 24 Hour Checks
  • 12 Minutes Per Task
  • 14-Day Retention
  • Email Support
  • API & Webhooks
  • Google Sheets Syncing
  • Zapier Integration

Start for free

Starter plan $39/month

  • 2,000 Credits
  • 10 Robots
  • Concurrent Tasks
  • 1 Hour Checks
  • All Free features, plus:
  • 40-Day Retention

Professional plan $99/month

  • 5,000 Credits
  • 15 Robots
  • Concurrent Tasks
  • 15 Minute Checks
  • All Starter features, plus:
  • 70-Day Retention

Company plan $249/month

  • 10,000 Credits
  • 30 Robots
  • Concurrent Tasks
  • 5 Minute Checks
  • All Professional features, plus:
  • 5 Users

Enterprise plan (custom)

  • Unlimited Robots
  • Works on Any Website
  • 1 Minute Checks
  • 10 Minutes Per Task
  • Unlimited Retention
  • Premium Support
  • Unlimited Users
  • Coming Soon
  • Static IP
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • On-Premise Deployment

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Browse AI lifetime deal - cloud-based web automation software

Browse AI lifetime deal – cloud-based web automation software

Monitor data on a website and get notified when something changes.

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  • All Starter Plan features
  • 2,500 credits per month
  • 10 robots

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Browse AI lifetime deal - cloud-based web automation software

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I hope you enjoy this blog about Browse AI cloud-based web automation software. That’s why I would recommend you use the Browse AI  platform.

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