CloudSponge lifetime deal appsumo – contact picker API

Optimize your word-of-mouth strategy

You’ve got loyal customers, but getting them to use your referral program is as difficult as getting any other new streaming service to recommend broadcasts. The worse part is that even when they’re finally ready to share your information on their network, they have to manually find and enter each contact. If only they could access your address book directly from your site so they can share contacts with their friends!

Hey, Today Introduce CloudSponge! Alternative to Chrome Contact Picker API and Improsys Contact Importer

What is CloudSponge?

CloudSponge is a contact picker that lets you access your address books to personalize referral emails right from your website. With CloudSponge, users can easily integrate their address books with your website to make referrals no need to type names manually, upload, or copy/paste.

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CloudSponge features

CloudSponge is a simple, secure, and easy-to-use contact picker that lets users easily add contacts to their referral emails, right from your site.

CloudSponge lifetime deal appsumo - contact picker API

→Contact Picker

CloudSponge’s Contact Picker allows your users to share their contacts with your website without typing, uploading spreadsheets, or copying and pasting from another window.

  • Fast and Easy Install: Integrate with Google Contacts, Yahoo,, and more in minutes, not weeks.
  • Dedicated Support: Actively monitored, maintained, and supported since 2010.
  • Completely Customizable: Edit any part of the experience with our JavaScript options and callbacks.

CloudSponge lifetime deal appsumo - contact picker API

→Contacts API


  • Simple REST API that integrates your code with dozens of address book providers around the world
  • Normalized contacts payloads so you don’t have to worry about different formats for each provider
  • 24/7 automated uptime monitoring and dedicated technical staff who keep everything working perfectly

How it works

  1. Install
    Integrate with your website Create an account to get your API key and download one of our code libraries to get a quick start.
  2. Get Permission
    Your users control who can access their contacts We’ll give you a custom URL for each user that walks them through the authentication process
  3. Wait
    “Please Wait” while we download the address book You can monitor our progress while we download the contacts and present your user with a progress indicator, spinning beach ball, pinwheel, or whatever your designers prefer.
  4. Download
    Grab it while you can, we’re only going to keep it in memory for a few minutes You can get it in XML or JSON format, whatever is most convenient for your application.

→Better Sharing for WordPress

Enable peer-to-peer sharing across multiple channels using our fully customizable sharing interface, designed for WordPress.

Instantly Improve Your Site’s Sharing Features

  • Better User Interface: Enable sharing via email, via social media, or via copy-pasting a custom hyperlink of your choice – by equipping your website with a powerful sharing interface that promotes word of mouth.
  • Better Sharing Experience: Customise the UI as per your preferences, set up multiple email templates, personalize outgoing emails, and preload messages onto social media for an improved sharing experience.
  • Better Referral Programs: Seamlessly integrate with your favorite referral plugins like AutomateWoo, WooCommerce Wishlists, and more. Optionally enable an ‘Add from Address Book’ button to boost share volume.
  • Better Performance Results: Improve email open rates, and accelerate conversions by personalizing emails with ‘Sender’ details in the “Subject”, “Body”, and “From” fields of an email.

→Zapier Integration

When people submit a contact form on your page, CloudSponge can trigger a workflow in Zapier. This is handy for taking action, like sending emails, without making a complicated custom integration.

Zapier is a platform that lets you build automated workflows to connect thousands of web applications together, without needing to know how to write any code!

We created a Zapier integration to get you a quick win. Skip the development effort and get straight into a simple sharing feature with a contact picker.

Here’s how to achieve that quick win.

Here’s what we’re going to set up. We’ll add a script to your website that adds a referral form and Contacts Picker by CloudSponge. When someone submits the form on your page, it will trigger a Zapier workflow (AKA Zap). The Zap can be set up to send an email, post a notification, and just about anything else.

CloudSponge Pricing Plan

Cloudsponge-contact-picker comes in Three Pricing plans Basic, Branded, Custom

Basic Plan $50/month

  • Unlimited Connected Address Books
  • Universal Contact Picker
  • 1 Website Included

Branded Plan $150/month

  • Everything in Basic
  • Custom Stylesheet and Fonts
  • Custom Languages and Labels
  • Your Brand White-Labeled
  • 1 Website Included

Custom Plan $10k/year

  • Everything in Branded
  • RESTful Contacts API
  • Invoicing and Offline Payments
  • Security Audits
  • SLAs
  • Custom Terms

Get Lifetime Access Only for $59.00

CloudSponge lifetime deal appsumo - contact picker API

Cloudsponge lifetime deal – Appsumo

CloudSponge’s contact picker lets you easily integrate your existing address book with your referral program right from within your website.

Cloudsponge lifetime Access Ony for $59.00 $565.00

  • All features above included Branded Plan
  • 1 website
  • Unlimited address books
  • White labeling

Get lifetime Access

CloudSponge lifetime deal appsumo - contact picker API

Cloudsponge Lifetime Deal Appsumo – GET EXTRA 10% OFF


Get lifetime Access

Cloudsponge Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Yes. When you sign up, make sure you use your institutional email address then email us at and we’ll apply a 50% discount for you after we verify your 501(c)(3) status.

How can I earn a discount?

The best way to earn a free account is to participate in our referral program. Every new customer you bring us will earn you a $50 credit with no limit. Also, if you’re a part of an accelerator make sure to let us know! We have partnerships with dozens of accelerators that you might be able to redeem.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely. We don’t require long-term contracts from anyone on our Basic and Branded plans.

Can I use my account for more than one website?

Yes. You can enable new sites through your CloudSponge portal. We offer tiered volume pricing that includes discounts after 10 and 50 domain licenses.

Can I pay annually?

Yes. Contact customer service after inputting your billing information and we will adjust it for you.

Can I bundle the Contact Picker into my software?

Yes. We have lots of partnerships with platforms that include our software inside theirs. Contact us to talk about the different ways we can approach it.


CloudSponge is an add-on that allows users to access their address book to customize referral emails directly from your site. It integrates the contact sort button with the current referral form and allows users to sign in to select a service provider and select the contacts they want to share

Get lifetime Access

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