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A picture might be worth a thousand words, but it takes more than a few emoji comments on social media to tell what the world thinks of your brand. Get actionable insights across all organic and paid web and social data, all in one dashboard.

hey, Today Introducing Digivizer! Alternative to Data Studio

What is Digivizer?

Digivizer is the easiest way to track and analyze site traffic, ad performance, and audience engagement across all your marketing channels. With real-time insights, you’ll make better content decisions that keep your visitors hooked. Nothing can stop them from converting!

Digivizer Features

Digivizer is a full-scale analytics platform that delivers real-time insights across all your social, search, and web channels to inform your digital marketing.


Bring all your marketing analytics into one place. Say goodbye to scattered, jumbled data. Align your web and social media stats so you can go broad or dive deep for crucial insights, fast.

Digivizer lifetime deal Appsumo full-scale analytics platform

All-in-one analytics

Get a clear view of what’s working with real-time, all-channel analytics, streamlined in easy-to-follow dashboards. Visually track growth metrics against customizable date ranges that work with your business needs.

  • Cross-channel performance: Compare content across channels to understand what performs best and where and maximize success with content and ad types.
  • In-depth channel performance: Dive deep to measure every aspect of community interaction with static or rich content and ads.
  • Advanced filtering: Filter by objective, hashtag, or platform to see what content, keywords, and ad styles work for your audience and objective.

Social Analytics

Build social engagement Really get your community talking. Easily test content style and evaluate post-performance. Find what your audience loves and start driving more shares, likes, and traffic to boost campaigns and grow your brand.

  • Content-first sorting: Nail your content style with the advanced ability to sort and view posts by engagement, reach, or video views across channels to find what’s working.
  • Instagram stories: Track more Instagram story metrics to see effectiveness and audience interaction including reach, number of tap backs, tap forwards, and exits.
  • Video Metrics: Detailed video analytics show what videos are driving the most value for your business, from viewing trends to channel growth.

Paid Analytics

Get a complete view of paid performance Sort your paid activity by platform, campaign, and ad set, right down to individual ads. See apples-to-apples comparisons of what drives the best cost-per-outcome to identify where to spend to get greater ROI.

Web Analytics

Untangle your website analytics Understand how social and paid drives website activity into sales. Simplify the Google Analytics matrix with comparative summaries of Revenue, Transactions, Goal Completions, Users, and more to optimize your user journey and smooth out the path to purchase.

→Social Listening

Turn social conversations into business success Skyrocket your share of voice with tools to track brand-relevant conversations and industry competitors. Respond fast, every time, to build more meaningful relationships with customers.

Digivizer lifetime deal Appsumo full-scale analytics platform

Community management

Answer customers faster Monitor customer sentiment and fast-track your response to questions and feedback across all social channels. Simplify community management with one view of all your social posts, with an easy click-through for live responding.

Brand mentions

Never miss a mention Keep an ear to the ground with cross-channel mentions monitoring your brand and competitor brands. Engage with the customers and top influencers talking about your brand to easily build successful relationships.

Hashtag tracking

Track keywords and campaigns Being data-driven and customer-obsessed has never been easier. Tap into trending discussions with advanced filtering of hashtags and business-critical keywords. Gather audience responses to brand campaigns, events, and competitions to pick up sales conversations as they happen, and evaluate sentiment fast.


Make influencer magic Everything you need to make influencer marketing magic happen. From finding the best brand advocates to tracking their performance, sharing insights, and building trust. All your critical metrics and essential tools are here.

Digivizer lifetime deal Appsumo full-scale analytics platform

Influencer discovery

Find the perfect advocates Sort through thousands of active, engaging influencers and thought leaders with one click. Identify quality ambassadors for your brand, based on post-impact or post frequency, and alignment with your audiences’ interests, to harness the most powerful voices.

Influencer access

Gain critical transparency Bring essential trust and transparency to every campaign by inviting influencers to connect their social insights. Easily analyze detailed influencer performance metrics, reduce campaign risk, inform collaborations and report seamlessly with instant visualization of your influencer data.

Influencer performance

Skyrocket influencer engagement Evaluating influencer campaign performance is now effortless. With a clear view of which collaborations are driving critical metrics, like greater reach, click-through rates, or lower cost per lead and conversion, you can easily benchmark influencer effectiveness and streamline your efforts to maximize results.

Influencer tracking

Capture valuable intelligence Allow your influencers to share their data to give you deeper audience insights in seconds. With full transparency and access to influencer data, you can focus your attention on your highest-value ambassadors and more easily collaborate to reach your ideal customer.


Build and share stunning reports Create fully customized reports, and export them easily for your team, manager, and stakeholders. Make social and web reporting a breeze with streamlined data, flexible filters, and enhanced visuals.

Digivizer lifetime deal Appsumo full-scale analytics platform

Real-time analytics

Rely on real-time data Digitizer is uniquely built to aggregate real-time data from all major social platforms and Ad Managers, plus Google Ads and Google Analytics. With data pulled daily via custom APIs, you can compare any period and make quick decisions based on accurate data.

Custom reports

Make data-driven decisions with confidence Easily customize and compare any period to benchmark performance on the metrics that matter to your business. Save hours of manual work dipping into multiple analytics platforms by consolidating all your account’s performance metrics in just a few clicks.

Weekly insights

Get snapshots of your progress Never miss a win, with automated weekly performance reports delivered to your inbox. ‘Digitizer Express’ keeps your team across drops and spikes in engagement, traffic, and even revenue, so you know where you stand and keep driving toward your goals.

Next level design

Bring your reports to life Cut through the noise with a lively display of visual highlights. Incorporate post content and creativity alongside key metrics to show off dynamic campaign achievements. Present interactive graphs online from Digivizer’s platform or export images into your reports.


Connect your favorite tools to Imagine having all your analytics and insights in one place. Connect your growing list of marketing tools and social media platforms to Digivizer.

Social Networks

  • Instagram: Track your Instagram feed and Stories analytics to inform your future #gramming. Measure hashtag trends, conversions, and follower growth across any date range.
  • Facebook: Sort Facebook posts by any metric to see what’s performing best. Examine trends and get insights into content styles that work for your audience.
  • LinkedIn: See all your LinkedIn posts on one screen, sorted by level of engagement. Fast real-time filtering and period-on-period comparisons give deeper insights into your professional network.
  • Twitter: See the bigger conversation with insights into retweets, replies, and likes. Track follower growth and compare metrics way beyond the limits of Twitter’s in-house Analytics.
  • YouTube: Measure video views alongside shares, comments, likes, and dislikes to find in-depth viewing trends. Monitor your subscriber levels and stay on top of video content that influences growth.

Ad Networks

  • Google Ads: Compare all your display ad metrics by the campaign, ad set, or individual ad for the best kind of optimization. Sort results by amount spent, objective, CPM, CPE, CTR, CPC, and more.
  • Facebook Ads: Track every ad across the growing Facebook Network. Compare campaigns to see which of your ads are delivering the best results in real-time and back through all time.
  • Instagram Ads: Measure your influence and performance with Instagram’s highly engaged audience. Analyze and optimize your photo ads, video ads, collection and carousel ads, and more.
  • LinkedIn Ads: Manage your LinkedIn lead generation or traffic campaigns with advanced analytics tools. Put a professional spin on how you use the ad platform that’s not quite searching, not quite displaying, and not quite typical social media advertising.
  • Twitter Ads: Make Twitter for Business work for your business. Track the results of your ad campaigns to customize your message, and figure out exactly when and where to #tweet, and who is worth @ing in the first place.
  • YouTube​ Ads: Get real-time insights into how your video ads are performing and what kind of content your audience is responding best to. When you only have seconds before they hit skip, you’ve got to make them count.
  • Amazon Ads: Turbocharge your eCommerce strategy and track your ads across the growing Amazon Ad Network. Compare campaigns to see which of your ads are delivering the best results in real-time, and compare against historical data.
  • TikTok Ads: “TikTok made me buy it!” Extend your eCommerce strategy to include TikTok and track your ad performance on Digivizer. Compare campaigns for data-driven insights, see results in real-time, and access historical data.

Web Platforms

  • Google Analytics: Get your percentage increase or decrease for any key metric, distilled visually. Connect social campaigns to landing page traffic to revenue and goal completions.
  • Google Search Console: Unlock insights about your website’s search engine performance instantly. See which keywords drive traffic, and investigate metrics like Impressions, Clicks, and Position.


  • Facebook Partner: Benefit from our development and advertising partnership with Facebook. Get up-to-date advice on best practice features, ad strategies, and tactics, and learn from our dedicated team of paid performance specialists with Facebook gurus on speed dial.
  • Google Partner: As a Google-appointed Technology Partner, Digivizer helps get you more out of your paid search programs. Our development and advertising partnership with Google gives you early access to new features, ad credits, and unparalleled support.
  • Shopify Partner: Digivizer’s partner program with Shopify means our team is at the forefront of e-commerce technology and can help you optimize your online retail offering and revenue. Access regular value-packed Shopify workshops led by our Digital Strategy team.
  • BigCommerce Partner: Sell more at every stage of business growth. Our BigCommerce Agency Partnership ensures your access to more built-in features to boost marketing, UX/UI, conversion rate, security, and SEO – giving you time back to focus on running your business.

Digivizer Pricing Plan

Digivizer comes from two pricing plans, Standard, Standard Plus

Standard Plan $89/month

  • Unlimited Users
  • 1 Brand Space
  • 15 Social Accounts
  • 5 Paid Accounts
  • Cross-Channel Analytics
  • Web Performance
  • Streamlined Reporting
  • Product Onboarding

Start Free Trial

Standard Plus Plan $189/month

  • Unlimited users
  • 1 Brand Space(s)
  • 40 Social Accounts
  • 10 Paid Accounts
  • Cross-Channel Analytics
  • Add up to 6 additional hashtags
  • Connect Influencer Accounts
  • Web Performance
  • Product Onboarding

Start Free Trial

Get, Digivizer Lifetime Access Only for $79.00

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Digivizer Lifetime deal – Appsumo

Digivizer is a full-scale analytics platform that delivers real-time insights across all your social, search, and web channels to inform your digital marketing.

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  • All features above included
  • 10 connected accounts (social, paid, and web)
  • 1 brand space
  • 1 hashtag

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From content to engagement, and from leads to revenue, Digivizer is a full-scale analytics platform that delivers real-time insights across all your social, search, and web channels to inform your digital marketing.

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