Dmarc report lifetime deal Appsumo [$89] – Protect your domain from email spoofing and phishing attacks

Protect your brand and reputation with a comprehensive email security solution

Protect your organization and deliver a better customer experience with our cloud-based DMARC Report solution. easy-to-use and affordable service help protect your domains from email abuse, phishing attacks, domain forgery, and spoofing, while significantly boosting your email deliverability. With our premium features included in the standard plan, get real-time insight reports and threat alert notifications, by email or within your dashboard.

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What is DMARC?

DMARC policy reporting is an essential part of your email protection. It allows you to keep track of the presence, or absence, of a DMARC record on the domains in your client list. Reporting on this data can help prevent spoofing, phishing, and other forms of email abuse. Our DMARC monitoring software allows you to quickly view the status of your clients’ DMARC records and provides you with regular reports detailing their progress in setting up and maintaining their policies.

DMARC Features

Protect your domain from email spoofing and phishing attacks with a high-quality, low-cost DMARC-compliant policy solution.

→Use DMARC Reports to Catch Hackers Phishing From Your Domain

Authenticate every email that claims to come from your domain.

  • Prevent Email Spoofing
  • Protect Your Reputation
  • Guarantee Email Deliverability

→Email Spoofing: The First Step to Fraud

More than 90% of cyber attacks begin with email fraud. Cybercriminals hijack your domain and impersonate your users, sending malicious emails to your employees, partners, and customers. From there, you’re only one click away from a devastating data breach or worse.


→DMARC Secures Your Email Against Spoofing

DMARC is an email authentication protocol that verifies every email that claims to come from your domain. It is a robust, secure system that distinguishes between genuine senders and malicious phishing attempts. Deploy DMARC Report to secure your organization against fraud.


→Use DMARC Report to Protect Your Brand Against Costly Cyberattacks

CEO Fraud.

Cybercriminals can use your domain to impersonate high-level executives at your company, approving transfers and gaining access to sensitive data easily.

Fake Invoices.

Hackers can impersonate your company’s vendors and generate realistic invoices that your accountants will pay. By the time you find out they’re fake, it’s too late.

Login Credential Theft.

Threat actors can impersonate your customer support team and steal data from customers and vendors, then use the data they find to extort you.

Illegal Activities.

Cybercriminals can sell illegal goods like weapons and drugs online using your domain as a cover. This protects them from discovery and exposes them to legal risk.

Ransomware Attacks.

Attackers attach ransomware to spoofed emails and try to trick unsuspecting users into clicking. Protect your team by keeping ransomware out of your inbox.

Legal Liability.

You may be legally liable for the crimes that hackers commit using your domain name. Victims may sue you for not protecting their data well enough.

→Find Out Where Malicious Emails Are Coming From

Real-time geographical reports offer in-depth forensics you can use to identify attackers and conduct threat intelligence. DMARC Report gives you full visibility into attack patterns that InfoSec specialists can use to improve your resilience to future attack attempts.


→Make Us Your White-Label DMARC Partner

We’re a multi-tenant platform with a unique white-label partnership model that lets MSSPs deploy best-in-class DMARC authentication and reporting solutions. Customize your plan, connect your billing system, and personalize our platform with your branding so that your customers can safely send and verify their emails.


→Getting Started with DMARC Report in 4 Steps

Implementing DMARC Report on your domain is easy.

Deploy DMARC Report

Configure your domain and set up a DMARC policy with our user-friendly installation wizard. Finish deployment in mere minutes – no guesswork is necessary!

Analyze Email Traffic

Over the next few weeks, you’ll gain real-time insight into emails that claim to come from your domain. Get instant reports on emails that fail DMARC authentication!

Enforce DMARC Policies.

Analyze your DMARC reports and instantly see which emails are genuine and which ones are suspicious. Investigate suspicious emails in real-time.

Meet Compliance Standards.

Configure your DMARC policy to meet the data privacy and security standards your customers and partners demand and keep users safe against spoofed emails!

→Use DMARC Reports to Monitor Your Domains

Detailed reports are delivered right to your inbox.

DMARC Report helps you take complete control over your company’s domains. We review and analyze every email that claims to come from your domain and send you real-time reports on the ones that fail authentication.

We’ll tell you when attackers spoof your emails and try to send them from incorrect domains. We’ll warn you when your domain’s DNS configuration changes. We’ll even tell you when your emails don’t send due to deliverability issues, security threats, and more. Even better, you’ll get these warnings delivered straight to your inbox.


→How Do DMARC Report Alerts Work?

DMARC Report monitors and analyzes all outgoing email that claims to come from your domain. It authenticates every email against your domain and generates an alert whenever an email fails that authentication. That report goes straight to your inbox. There is no portal to log into and no need to wait for results – take action as soon as you see suspicious activity on your domain!

DMARC Report generates alerts when three types of events occur:
  • DNS configuration changes
  • DMARC Failures and Forensic Incident reports
  • Configurable threshold alerts

→Enable DNS Monitoring and Protect Users from Email-based Threats

Receive instant notifications when your DNS records change. We monitor SPF, DMARC, BIMI, and MX records constantly.

  • Find out when emails are not delivering as expected and immediately learn what stops them.
  • Gain insight into email security issues with highly visual, human-readable reports that anyone can understand.
  • Configure reports to contain any data you or your company stakeholders want to see.
  • Receive alerts on multiple email addresses, with data privacy-compliant encryption for sensitive email content.
  • Enable and disable alerts with a single click. Decide which email users should receive alerts.
  • Monitor email-based DNS protocols for suspicious behaviors: DMARC, SPF, MX, and BIMI.

→Email Notifications Help You Mitigate Security Risks in Real-Time

  • DMARC Report notifies every time an email leaving your domain triggers a DMARC failure. When this happens, it means an attacker may be spoofing your domain.
  • View incident details, email content, and email metadata so you can investigate where reported emails are coming from and why.
  • Configure alerts to contain the information you want to know first so that you can respond instantly.
  • Get email alerts on multiple email addresses so that every cybersecurity stakeholder in your organization can act quickly.
  • Enable and disable alerts with a single click. Encrypt sensitive email content so you remain compliant with data privacy standards.


→Configure Thresholds for DMARC Monitoring and Reporting

Customize your DMARC Report to trigger reports when any metric reaches a certain threshold.

  • Monitor email compliance by generating reports as soon as metrics approach critical limits.
  • Establish a timeline for alerts and metric monitoring according to your compliance needs.
  • Receive alerts on multiple email addresses so that compliance stakeholders are kept in the loop.
  • Modify alert specifications and change what the data alerts contain with a single click.

→Hosted Email Security for Enterprises

Enforce email encryption so attackers can’t intercept your messages.

→MTA-STS Encrypts Incoming Emails

The Mail Transfer Agent-Strict Transport Security (MTA-STS) protocol is a widespread standard that drastically improves email security. It works by enforcing the encryption of emails sent to your domain, ensuring that incoming messages are not received in unsecured cleartext. This prevents cybercriminals from viewing email traffic, tampering with emails, and adding malicious attachments.


→DMARC Report Offers a Hosted MTA-STS Solution

DMARC Report users can establish MTA-STS protocols for incoming emails, ensuring that your organization is protected against some of the most frequent types of email-based attacks. Our solution makes email security easy in six key ways:

  • With our help, you can publish your DNS CNAME records with a few short clicks.
  • We host your MTA-STAS services, so all you have to do is publish a few records.
  • With our help, you can publish your DNS CNAME records with a few short clicks.
  • We handle policy web server maintenance and certificate hosting so you don’t have to.
  • Make MTA-STS policy changes directly through the DMARC Report dashboard.
  • Enjoy RFC-Compliant email security that supports the latest TLS encryption standards.
  • Simplify email security: let us generate certificates and enforce policies for you.


→How MTA-STS Works

MTA-STS secures email deliverability in two ways:

  • It enforces TLS encryption for all incoming emails.
  • It provides MX records from an HTTPS-secured server.

The MTA-STS protocol tells any SMTP mail server sending mail to your domain that it will only accept emails over a TLS-encrypted connection. If the sending server and the receiving server fail to negotiate an encrypted channel, the email is simply not delivered – malicious mail won’t arrive in your inbox.

Major email service providers like Microsoft, Oath, and Google rely on MTA-STS to keep their users safe. You can do the same by establishing MTA-STS protocols in your email system. View our detailed implementation guide to learn more.


→Your organization Needs MTA-STS?

This email security protocol protects against a wide variety of common threats:

  • Pervasive monitoring attacks where cybercriminals conduct covert surveillance on email traffic and look for an opportunity to strike.
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks where cyber criminals impersonate both the sending and receiving server in order to manipulate email content.
  • SMTP downgrade attacks prevent the encryption of email in transit between different email hosting providers.
  • DNS spoofing attacks, where cybercriminals alter Domain Name records to redirect traffic to malicious websites.

→TLS Reporting Made Simple

TLS reports enable enterprises to identify email deliverability issues that occur when emails aren’t properly encrypted. This standard was first documented by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in September 2018, and it’s now a standard of enterprise email security.


Implement TLS Reports In DMARC Report

DMARC Report is a comprehensive email authentication and deliverability solution that supports the generation of TLS reports. We convert the reports from complicated JSON files to simple, readable documents you can immediately share with anyone – coding knowledge is not necessary.

TLS-RPT is fully integrated into DMARC Report. Simply enable SMTP TLS reporting from your domain and DMARC Report will include TPS data in the reports it generates.
We generate TLS reports in two easily readable formats, giving users intuitive visibility into email deliverability issues:

Aggregate Reports Per Result:


Aggregate Reports Per Sending Source:


DMARC Report automatically detects the email delivery issues your users face and provides you with all the data you need to resolve them quickly and professionally.

DMARC Report Pricing Plan

DMARC Report Comes from Three Pricing Plans STATER, STANDARD, ENTERPRISE


  • 10,000 Compliant Messages/Month
  • 1 Domain
  • Aggregate Reports
  • Forensic Reports
  • API / Widget Embeds
  • 60 Day Retention



  • 2 Million Compliant Messages/Month
  • 25 Domains
  • Everything in Starter
  • Whitelabel Domain
  • Groups and Teams
  • MTA-STS Hosting
  • TLS-RPT Reports
  • 90 Day Retention
  • $1 per additional domain


  • 5 Million Compliant Messages/Month
  • 100 Domains
  • Everything in Standard
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Bulk Domain Import
  • Enterprise SSO
  • 365 Day Retention
  • $0.50 per additional domain

DMARC Report lifetime access only for $89.00

DMARC reports lifetime deal

DMARC reports lifetime deal – Appsumo

You know that email spam and phishing attacks are costly, time-consuming, and can waste your time. DMARC reports platform you can significantly reduce these risks and protect your company.

DMARC reports Lifetime Purchase Only for $89.00 $1580.00

  • Unlimited Domains
  • 75,000 Emails/month
  • Full Aggregate and Forensic Reports
  • Whitelabel Interface and Reports – Great for MSPs
  • TEAMS – grant individualized access to reports
  • DMARC Summary Timeline Reporting
  • MTA-STS Hosting and Reporting
  • Subdomain & DKIM Key Auto-Discovery
  • Customized Alerting and Reporting
  • API – Provision, manage & report on domains.

Get, DMARC reports Lifetime Access

DMARC reports Lifetime Deal Appsumo – GET EXTRA 10% OFF


DMARC reports Lifetime Deal Appsumo

DMARC reports Frequently Asked Question

Why Use DMARC Report Alerts?

Alerts help you secure your domain against email spoofing and deliverability problems in real-time. You should not have to monitor your domain’s DMARC reports constantly to ensure secure email deliverability. You need to know when suspicious emails get sent and when legitimate emails fail to send. DMARC Report helps you identify both of those events as soon as they occur.

Why Choose DMARC Report?

Take Down Malicious IPs: Report malicious IP addresses to us, and we’ll have our security operations team take them down for you. Our security operations center runs 24/7, 365 days a year, with a full staff of email security and threat intelligence experts.

Achieve Compliance On-Demand: Report malicious IP addresses to us, and we’ll have our security operations team take them down for you. Our security operations center runs 24/7, 365 days a year, with a full staff of email security and threat intelligence experts.

Leverage AI-Powered Threat Intelligence: Our threat intelligence engine uses AI to identify abusive IP addresses based on behavioral and historical data. Our platform will provide you with a comprehensive history of malicious actors so you can blacklist them with confidence.

Improve Email Authentication with BIMI: Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) technology enables email inboxes to display brand logos next to verified email messages. This gives recipients a simple, clear indicator that the message is genuine.

Encrypt Sensitive DMARC Reports: When you generate a report on an email that contains sensitive data, the report is considered sensitive as well. Our solution encrypts sensitive report data to comply with robust data privacy protection regulations.

Use TLS Encryption to Deliver Email: MTA-STS is an inbound email security protocol that tells senders to deliver mail to your domain using a secure, TLS encrypted connection. Use our hosted MTA-STS solution to improve the security of inbound emails and protect your employees from external threats.

Why do Enterprises Need SMTP TLS Reporting Capabilities?

  • Get immediate notifications when emails fail to deliver and find out why.
  • Gain visibility on all email channels and identify suspicious activities early.
  • Offer highly visual, in-depth reports to users, stakeholders, and executives.


Protect your brand and email reputation with our reporting solution. Our DMARC policy prevents spoofing, phishing, and other fraudulent emails. Receive real-time reports on all aspects of DMARC compliance including email deliverability and threats, but also to subject lines, links, and attachments.

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