EventTitans lifetime deal review – hybrid event management system

100+ features for awesome virtual & onsite events

The most efficient and cost-effective way to host an event is with a single platform. Organizing engagement opportunities, ticket sales, website, and social management, logistics, CRM, and email marketing—this one platform offers all of this and more.

hey, I’m Krsarker Today introduce EventTitans Alternative to Bizzabo and Cvent

What is EventTitans?

EventTitans helps you create events, manage registrations, and organize your attendees. It features a full suite of customizable features to make event planning easy and fun.
EventTitans offers a powerful suite of tools in one app to help you do just that. From ticketing and registration to check-in and event streaming, there’s no better choice than EventTitans.

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EventTitans features Overview

Engage your attendees and manage the entire event process from start to finish with EventTitans.

EventTitans lifetime deal review - 100+ features for awesome virtual & onsite events

→Event Website Builder

Go live in less than 24 Hrs with a sleek, inviting website in minutes. Showcase your event sponsors,
speakers, agenda, and much more.

  • No Coding Required: Simply choose your desired template, and customize from there.
  • Showcase Your Brand: Allow users to register directly on your branded, fully functional event website.
  • Hybrid Experience: Create a website for your hybrid event that seamlessly combines virtual and in-person activities.

→Event Analytics Software

Receive real-time insights into your event’s performance.

EventTitans lifetime deal review - 100+ features for awesome virtual & onsite events

  • Built-in CRM: All information is automatically saved to our CRM, which you can access at any time. You can also choose to export the data to your preferred platform.
  • Email Marketing: Keep in touch with your attendees and improve engagement rates with dynamic email marketing
  • Event Dashboard: View everything you need to know on a single, easy-to-read dashboard that’s updated in real time.

→Event Marketing

Attract attendees and amplify your event’s impact with our powerful marketing tools.

  • Custom Event Website: Create your own website where you can promote your event, sell tickets, gather leads, and display information relevant to your event.
  • Easy Search Code: Make sure your event is easy to find, and assign relevant keywords to ensure that the people most likely to be interested in your event see it.
  • Automated Marketing: A simple trigger sends bulk follow-up messages, captures data, and publishes event campaign activities.

→API Integrations

Keep all your systems connected.

EventTitans lifetime deal review - 100+ features for awesome virtual & onsite events

  • Data Security: Our platform has the highest level of data security to ensure that your data is only shared with those you trust.
  • Custom Integrations: Connect any additional platforms or tools you use.
  • No Coding Required: Connect any two platforms without having to write a single line of code.

→Inbuilt CRM

Harness your event data and get cutting-edge insights into your business.

  • Data Capture: Automatically collect and store information on speakers, sponsors, attendees and exhibitors. Use this data to inform every step of the event planning process.
  • Event Analytics: Display new leads, email marketing details, and marketing costs in a single dashboard.
  • Integrations: Integrate data from EventTitans into your marketing and sales initiatives to better identify target audiences and improve ROI.

→Ticketing & Registration

Simplify the registration process and sell more tickets

  • Manage Attendees: Keep track of every user that registers for your event, and ensure that all attendees register. Increase response rates without increasing the amount of work.
  • Lead Generation: Segment your attendees by ticket type, learn about their behavior and identify valuable leads. Use this information to grow your business and improve marketing strategy for future events.
  • Coupon Codes: Sell more tickets by offering promotions and early-bird specials, which EventTitans can automatically apply upon registration.

→Session Management

Manage a simple session, complex conference and everything in between with insights about attendees and performance.

  • Secure Access: Ensure that only those with the proper credentials or tickets are attending the sessions.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Encourage users to give feedback on topics and speakers by offering rewards and selecting winners automatically.
  • Audience Participation: Verify your audience participation for certifications and encourage them to get involved by including Live Q&As, polls, and gamification.

→Event Challenges

Amplify awareness by unleashing your attendees’ competitive side.

  • Engage Attendees: Let attendees vote for their favorite submissions and make their voices heard. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about attendees’ likes and dislikes.
  • Publicize Your Challenge: Showcase your challenge on your website and keep attendees abreast of announcements, important information, and any additional instructions required to enter.
  • Fair Results: Take subjectivity out of the voting process by having EventTitans automatically choose winners based on your chosen criteria.

→Hotel Bookings

The event organizer or sponsor can copy & paste the custom code of EventTitans into their site to display hotel bookings for events in their own/ target website.

  • Earn More Revenue: Use our affiliate hotel bookings software to team up with hotels.
  • Attendee Choice: Let attendees choose their accommodation, and narrow options based on ratings and available facilities.
  • Sponsor Deals: Bundle up packages for sponsors, and create custom coupons to be redeemed by specific sponsors.


Create, send and manage surveys with EventTitans’ flexible event survey software.

  • Feedback Loop: Gather feedback throughout the entire event process to get a more accurate understanding of people’s experiences.
  • Share via Email and Social: Get more responses by emailing your surveys and sharing them to your social platforms.
  • Increase Response Rates: Encourage user participation by offering rewards and other bonuses to attendees who complete surveys.

EventTitans more features here

EventTitans solution

→Non-Profits Reach Their Goals

Attract donors and raise money for your chosen cause. Spend less time managing your event,
and more time building relationships with supporters, sponsors and partners.

Find Fundraising Success with These Powerful Features

  • Event Website Builder: Promote your fundraiser and enable supporters to donate money through a custom-built website. Ready in minutes, no design experience required.
  • Affiliate Marketplace: List products on your event website for sale or auction, and partner with manufacturers to set aside a proportion of their proceeds to donate to your charity.
  • Marketing Tools: Attract large audiences and reach your fundraising goals faster with our comprehensive selection of marketing aids.
  • Raffles: Raise more money by selling raffle tickets to attendees.
  • Rewards Engine: Thank people for their contributions and incentivize them to donate more by offering rewards.
  • Virtual Fundraisers: Host an online event and collect donations digitally. Let supporters donate from any place, at any time.
  • Ticketing & Registration: Keep track of attendees and check guests in quickly and efficiently.
  • Analytics: Collect detailed data on fundraising efforts, attendee engagement, ticket sales and more, and use this information to improve future efforts.
  • Secure Payments: The money you raise is quickly and securely sent directly to your bank account.

→Non-Profits: Bidding

Holding an auction is a great revenue source for nonprofits.
With EventTitans,organizers can set up their auctions in minutes and keep them running smoothly.

  • Affiliate Marketplace: List the items up for auction on your website. Team up with local businesses and include their products to further amplify their brand.
  • Raffles: Raise more money for your chosen cause and increase engagement by selling raffle tickets.
  • Ticketing & Registration: Give attendees the option to donate a chosen amount to your cause when purchasing tickets.
  • Digital Session Board: Display auction bids and winners in real time so attendees know what they’re up against.
  • Secure Payment: Successful bids are sent immediately and securely to your account so your organization can put the money to good use as soon as possible.
  • Marketing and Analytics: Receive key insights into your event’s success in real time.

→Virtual Events

With our one-stop-shop for all your requirements, we support global engagements on a virtual event platform offering a comprehensive suite of event management tools available at clicks.

  • Event Website Builder: Let your attendees experience how virtual events replace in-person events flawlessly on our best virtual event software stirring in comfort and convenience.
  • Live Polls and Q&As: Get your hands on our event management software, offering a bundle of interactive tools driving maximum engagement.
  • Session Management: Our virtual events software assists you to showcase your sponsors with a customizable ticketing feature. With this, the attendees can purchase different tickets accessing different sessions.
  • Digital Business Cards: Hybrid and virtual events with us come with their share of perks. You can send business cards and resumes virtually, and also accept or reject requests to exchange information.
  • Video Chat: Add a face to your name specifying your identity, interact with sponsors and attendees at your events through video calls.
  • Match Scoring: Have attendees customize their interests and find the best matches, from other attendees to topics to exhibitors.
  • Built-in CRM: Our built-in CRM helps you save attendee information, manage campaigns and make event announcements from a central location. This data can be used to reach out to the prospects for future virtual event conferences.
  • Raffles: Motivate attendees to buy tickets offering tough-to-deny rewards and in-event prizes to ensure maximum engagement at the events.
  • API Integrations:  With over 1500 integrations available on our virtual events platform, Eventtitans is your’s to customize.

EventTitans Pricing Plan

EventTitans comes from three pricing plans Growth plan, 3D Experiential plan, Non profits plan

Non profits plan $399/month

  • Event website Builder
  • ticketing and Registration
  • session Management
  • Sponsor/Speaker Onboarding
  • On the day experince
  • 3D Experiences
  • Gamification
  • Photo Booth
  • Rewards Engine
  • Badge Printing
  • Networking
  • Zoom Integration
  • Email Marketing
  • Surveyes/Forms
  • Inbuilt CRM
  • Custom API Integrations
  • Fundraising

3D Experiential plan $799/month

  • Event website Builder
  • ticketing and Registration
  • session Management
  • Sponsor/Speaker Onboarding
  • On the day experince
  • 3D Experiences
  • Gamification
  • Photo Booth
  • Rewards Engine
  • Badge Printing
  • Networking
  • Zoom Integration
  • Email Marketing
  • Surveyes/Forms
  • Inbuilt CRM
  • Custom API Integrations
  • Fundraising

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EventTitans Lifetime Access Now

EventTitans lifetime deal review - 100+ features for awesome virtual & onsite events

EventTitans lifetime deal Review – Appsumo

EventTitans is the ultimate event management software solution for attendees, organizers and venues.

EventTitans lifetime Access Only $99.00 $3999.00

  • All features above included
  • 1 active event
  • 500 attendees
  • 5 users

EventTitans lifetime Access

EventTitans lifetime deal Review Appsumo

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EventTitans lifetime deal Review Conclusion

I hope you enjoy this blog about EventTitans event management platform. Thats why i would recommend you to use EventTitans platform.

Get EventTitans lifetime deal now

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