FeedBear Lifetime deal Appsumo for $99 Only I Project management platform

Collect and manage customer feedback

With everything in one place, you can quickly turn user feedback into actionable insights for your team. The customer feedback system should not be like one of those old suggestion boxes. User insights are crucial for helping your team know what to build, but most feedback solutions take forever to deploy and have a confusing learning curve. Imagine if you could ask for feature requests, keep users in the loop about work progress, and announce new releases on your own white-label platform. With everything in one place, you can quickly turn user feedback into actionable insights for your team.

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Today, I’m gonna introduce you to FeedBear

What is FeedBear?

Feedbear allows users to submit ideas and requests for new features, which you can track using public roadmaps and changelogs. This makes collecting feedback from your most valuable audience easy, as users can upvote and comment on the improvements they want most. You can also address questions about any suggestion right from the feedback form.

Feedbear Features Overview

Make sense of feedback and customer requests. Collect ideas, wherever they come from, then focus on what matters to build a better product.

  • Idea Voting
    Users vote ideas and requests, giving you useful data to prioritize.
  • Roadmap
    Engage users by sharing what you’re working on.
  • Multilanguage
    English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese already supported
  • Tags
    Organize ideas and feature requests with tags
  • Email notifications
    Notify users of changes on ideas they’ve sent, voted, or commented on.
  • Public or private
    Lock down your project by domain or email to use it internally.
  • Changelog
    Announce new product features, and keep users engaged.
  • Custom domains
    Host your idea board or roadmap on your domain.
  • Custom branding
    Make it your own. Use your color, icons, and logo.
  • Integrations
    Work with your tools, including Zapier, Slack, Jira, and Trello.
  • Single Sign On
    Let users log in to your board using their existing credentials.
  • Private ideas
    Mark ideas private to hide them from public view (coming soon)
  • Anonymous votes
    Users can vote without an account (but you can disable this)
  • No user accounts
    Reduce friction and let users submit ideas with just their name and email.
  • Feedback Widget
    Collect feedback and ideas directly from your website.
  • Vote on behalf of users
    So you can track requests from all customers and prioritize with accurate data.
  • Custom statuses
    Rename every status used for ideas and in your roadmap. Add your own.
  • Custom roadmap
    Choose exactly what you want to show in your roadmap.
  • Discussions
    Engage your users, ask questions, dig deeper into problems, and test solutions.
  • Mentions
    Use mentions to notify people and better manage discussions around an idea.
  • Export voters
    Export names and emails for everyone who requested a feature, so you can easily reach out.
  • User profiles
    See what each of your users has posted, and access their contact details.
  • Social login
    Allow users to log in with Google, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Custom CSS
    Add your own custom code to make your pages unique.
  • Pin comments
    Pin comments at the top of discussions.
  • Headings
    Add titles and descriptions to all pages to guide your users.
  • Filter and sort
    Filter by status and tags, sort by popularity, comments, and trending.
  • Team
    Invite your team, let them manage ideas, and moderate.
  • Custom homepage
    Decide whether your project’s homepage loads to your Feedback board, Roadmap, or Changelog.
  • Import ideas
    You can import or export ideas and feedback to a board.
  • WordPress plugin
    Easily embed our widget with SSO integration in your WP site.
  • Export your data
    Take all your data with you: ideas, votes, comments, users.
  • Moderation
    Review ideas provided by users before making them visible on the boards.
  • Custom CSS
    Make your roadmap or idea boards your own with a unique design.
  • Custom Email Sender
    Customize the sender information for all email notifications to make it your own.

→Manage Customer Feedback

Collect ideas and feature requests, know exactly what to build next, and keep customers in the loop to drive retention and feature adoption.

  • 60 seconds set up
  • Fully customizable
  • Lightweight

FeedBear Lifetime deal Appsumo for $99 Only I Project management platform

All feedback in one place

Learn what your customers actually want. Give everyone a chance to make their voice heard, and collect ideas, feature requests, and feedback all in one place. Your customers and users are the most valuable source of feedback and product ideas that you will ever have.

  • FeedBear Makes Gathering Feedback Effortless
    With a simple platform that collects feedback in one place and gives you the tools to analyze it effectively – you’ll finally harness the power of productive user feedback.
  • Collect Feedback From Multiple Sources
    When you first sign up for a 14-day free trial, a feedback board will be generated for your project. You also have the option to host the board on your own domain and add a feedback widget on your site.
  • Mine Feedback for Insight
    One of the problems with standard feedback workflows is sorting through and analyzing a mass of data that comes in from all over the place. Feedback comes from support tickets, slack, emails, live chat, social media posts, team meetings, and other sources.
  • Stay Connected to Your Users – and your Team
    FeedBear can be a great system for your team to suggest improvements and new features too. By having team members participate on your public board you can create an even better, more transparent discussion. You can also use FeedBear as a private internal board too!

→Share a roadmap

Keep Customers Engaged with a Public Roadmap
Create and present a product roadmap for your customers. Share your plans and upcoming features and keep them engaged.

Once you’ve collected and analyzed user feedback – the next stage is turning that into a plan of action and sharing it with the world through your FeedBear Product Roadmap.

FeedBear Lifetime deal Appsumo for $99 Only I Project management platform

  • Why Build a Product Roadmap with FeedBear?

Your roadmap is the ideal place to plan your product’s evolution, align team members, and keep users updated on your challenges and successes. With a public roadmap, customized to your brand, everything is transparent, and everyone is aligned. The roadmap is the most important part of your overall product strategy, a visual distillation of high-level projects, goals, and milestones. That means that it needs to be organized, clear, and easy to understand. With a FeedBear roadmap, you’ll be able to organize everything perfectly.

  • Should you have a Public Roadmap?

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Should you even have a public roadmap in the first place? It’s a valid question. The answer is yes, probably. Let’s take a look at why.

The arguments against public roadmaps fall into two main buckets.

  1. Our competitors will steal all our ideas and copy us!”
  2. “We’ll be tied to the roadmap and will look even worse if we miss milestones or abandon certain projects”

FeedBear Lifetime deal Appsumo for $99 Only I Project management platform

Private Roadmaps

However, if you do decide that a public roadmap isn’t for you, we have you covered. It’s easy to use FeedBear roadmaps purely for internal, private roadmaps too. Simply activate the invite-only mode, and your team can use the roadmap to collaborate on projects privately and securely.

Close the Feedback Loop

So a user submitted an idea. There was a conversation about it on the feedback board, and a lot of other users voted on it. You decide to build it. It becomes a project on the Roadmap, and in no time at all, you release it as a new feature.

How do you make sure that the user who originally submitted the idea feels properly credited? What about the users who commented, voted, and showed interest in the idea?

A general announcement on your blog or social channels isn’t personal enough. On the other hand, tracking down every user involved and emailing them sounds overly manual and time-consuming.

FeedBear solves this for you with automatic email updates.

Start Building your Roadmap Today

Ready to start building a winning roadmap, so that you can involve your users in the production process and draw on a pool of new insights?

Sign up for a 14-day free trial today and let’s get started.

FeedBear Lifetime deal Appsumo for $99 Only I Project management platform

→Publish a Changelog

Announce New Features with a Simple Changelog Tool
FeedBear lets you close the feedback loop and keep your users up to date with product changes by sharing release notes and new feature announcements.

Why you need a Changelog Tool

It’s not easy to keep your customers in the loop about every bug fix, update or feature release. Honestly, do you always follow up 100% of the time with the user who submitted the original idea or report? With FeedBear’s automated follow-ups – it’s much easier.

FeedBear Lifetime deal Appsumo for $99 Only I Project management platform

Every time you change the status of an idea on the Roadmap, everyone who commented, voted, or submitted it in the first place will be automatically updated with a branded email. This is only half the battle though.

It only updates the people directly involved with the idea on your feedback board and roadmap. This will always be just a thin slice of your user base.

You need a tool to announce changes to the world, in detail, in one place.

Start closing the feedback loop today

Ready to start harnessing user feedback, building a community, and collaborating toward a better product? With your own Feedback Board, Roadmap, and Changelog – you’ll have all you need to get started.

Try FeedBear free for 14-days,

Feedbear Pricing Plan

FeedBear comes in Four Pricing Plans, Startup, Business, Professional, and Corporate

Startup Plan $29/month

  • Unlimited users
  • 3 team members
  • Automatic email follow-ups
  • Unlimited boards
  • Roadmap
  • Changelog
  • Custom statuses
  • Custom domain
  • Custom branding
  • Custom CSS
  • Social login
  • Website widget


Business Plan $99/month

  • Everything in Startup
  • 10 team members
  • Single Sign On
  • Private projects


Professional Plan $199/month

  • Everything in Business
  • 20 team members
  • Jira integration (coming soon)
  • Priority support
  • Remove “Powered by FeedBear”


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FeedBear Lifetime deal Appsumo for $99 Only I Project management platform

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  • All features above included
  • 2 projects
  • Unlimited idea boards
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited admin users

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FeedBear Lifetime deal Appsumo for $99 Only I Project management platform

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I hope you enjoy this blog about the  FeedBear lifetime deal.  That’s why I would recommend you to use the FeedBear platform.

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