FeedBlitz Lifetime deal Appsumo I RSS-powered newsletter campaign tools

newsletter campaigns with high email deliverability

Your newsletter is being bounced back to your inbox and it feels like your friends are sending your home-cooked meal back to the kitchen. You don’t want to waste your time curating content, designing layouts, and managing everything just to reach a tiny fraction of your subscribers. There has to be a solution that could do most of the work for you while ensuring that every email lands in the right inbox.

Meet FeedBlitz.

What is FeedBlitz?

Feedblitz is an email platform that is compliant with GDPR regulations that can automate and generate revenue from newsletters with high email deliverability. Feedblitz uses RSS-powered newsletters along with traditional email marketing methods to grow and monetize your subscriber list. You can simply set up a custom schedule to automatically pull content from any RSS feed and deliver newsletters that are customized for every campaign. With the help of the robust visual editor, you will be able to easily change the layout, text, and images for each email.

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Feedblitz features

You create the content When it comes to growing your platform, connecting with your audience, saving time and resources, earning revenue, or all of the above, FeedBlitz has your back.

→Grow your platform

The features that matter most when it comes to growing your platform, are so you can focus on what matters most to you, get your word out, grow your bases, and build a platform that lasts.

  • Email Newsletters
    Send or schedule unlimited dynamic, responsive newsletters with real-time data and easy-to-create follow-ups to those who don’t open
  • RSS to Email
    Automatically send new blog posts right away or on a schedule you choose.
  • Custom Forms
    Attract potential subscribers with easy-to-create subscription forms.
  • RSS Feeds
    Create dynamic feeds with tracking, analytics, and monetization.

→Connect with your audience

The tools necessary to make connecting with your audience with the right message at the right time are not just an idea, but a reality.

  • Email Templates
    Create and send beautiful, customized, responsive emails in a matter of minutes with instant access to our library of free 100+ Quick Start email templates.
  • Advanced Reporting and Data
    Real-time data is available on every campaign, and every RSS feed, to track the immediate and overall success of your efforts.
  • Subscriber Management
    Sort, tag, track, and group subscribers via a dedicated subscriber dashboard.
  • Tagging & Segmentation
    Add unlimited tags to subscribers to create targeted mailings.
  • Podcasting
    Turn your listening audience into a community of email subscribers to increase your reach and earning potential.

→Save time and resources

Automation and optimization tools for saving time and resources to free up your day, reclaim your calendar and keep hold of your sanity.

  • Automation
    Automate campaigns, follow-ups, courses, and even subscriber management.
  • Funnels
    Single or multi-sequence automated drip campaigns to connect with your audience.
  • Integrations
    Easily connect FeedBlitz with third-party applications to streamline your efforts.

→Earn revenue

Start as a side income and grow to endless earning potential – earning revenue from the emails you’re already sending is about to get way easier.

  • Ad Revenue
    No pre-qualifications, no hoops to jump through, no traffic requirements – just earning income. Monetize your mailings with our unique one-click ad insertion to earn revenue with each mailing.
  • Affiliate Marketing
    Yes, we are affiliate-friendly. Get ready to send your offers, affiliate information, and commissionable links.
  • Performance Marketing
    We’re committed to building a trusting relationship in delivering your offers.
  • Referral Program
    Participation in the FeedBlitz referral program offers the unlimited earning potential to every FeedBlitz client.

FeedBlitz Lifetime deal Appsumo I RSS-powered newsletter campaign tools


As an enterprise, your needs are complex, and you deserve not only a platform but also a solution that is ready, willing, and able to meet them. Let us be who you depend on.

  • Deliverability
    Working non-stop to maintain our average 99.7% deliverability rate.
  • FeedBlitz API
    Match the customization and functionality of the FeedBlitz platform to your needs.
  • Multi-User
    Delegate email marketing or account management tasks while protecting your privacy.

FeedBlitz Pricing Plan

FeedBlitz Comes in Three Pricing Plans, Subscribers, Monthly, and Annually

FeedBlitz Lifetime deal Appsumo I RSS-powered newsletter campaign tools

Get, FeedBlitz lifetime deal Now

FeedBlitz Lifetime deal Appsumo I RSS-powered newsletter campaign tools

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  • All features above included
  • 1 admin account
  • 1 additional user(s)
  • 6,000 subscribers
  • Unlimited sites

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FeedBlitz Lifetime deal Appsumo I RSS-powered newsletter campaign tools

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I hope you enjoy this blog about the FeedBlitz lifetime deal. That’s why I would recommend you to use the FeedBlitz Platform.

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Get, FeedBlitz lifetime deal Now

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