Heybase Lifetime deal | build virtual sales room

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When you’re in sales and you want to persuade someone to do something, emails aren’t always the best way to communicate, but with the rise of remote working, it feels as if it’s even more impossible to engage leads. But you can make it possible with a virtual space that can help you with delivering sales materials like decks to your prospects at any time.

Hey, Today Introduce to you Heybase!

What is Heybase?

Heybase allows you to build virtual sales rooms, so you can close more deals fast. It helps you build virtual sales rooms that include interactive features such as video and calendars.

Heybase embeds blocks from different vendors and adds support for video. It also offers integrations for contracts, proposals, payment links, and more. You can record custom welcome messages for your visitors.

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Track your engagement metrics, like opens and comments, and get email notifications about new activity from prospects.

Heybase Features Overview

Heybase Build virtual sales rooms, complete with contracts, videos, payment links, and more using the drag-and-drop editor. Shared collaborative spaces where personalized sales collateral is accessible and communication happens with the potential buyer.

Heybase Best for:

  • Marketing agencies
  • SaaS
  • Sales managers

Heybase Alternative to:

  • DealHub
  • GetAccept

How Heybase can uplift your deals?

Embed blocks

Embed your existing sales collaterals and content so buyers can access all the information on a single page.

Comments and Mentions

Collaborate with your buyer to answer their questions and help them to make their decisions faster, customers can message you directly from the sales room by mentioning you in the comment.

Personalization & Branding

Make your prospects buying experience more personalized and branded by using custom brand colors and logos of both companies.

Drag and Drop UI Builder

Design the Interface of your Sales Room with a Drag-and-Drop UI builder, so no coding is required to create your proposal microsite.

Email Notifications

You and your buyer will be notified of new communications, mentions, and on other important steps.

Invite customer

Design the Interface of your salesroom with a Drag-and-Drop UI builder, so no coding is required to create your proposal microsite.


Reuse your sales collaterals to save effort and time, by creating templates that will help you to create sales rooms directly from templates.

Custom Domain

Make your sales rooms branded by using custom domains so buyers can visit directly to

Password-less login

Buyers can join your sales room without signing up, Once Invited, they will receive a magic link to access a personalized sales room created for them.

Heybase Lifetime deal | build virtual sales room


Impress your prospects with the personalized experience of your uplifted sales cycle. Add personalized content and sales collaterals to Win their confidence.

Heybase Lifetime deal | build virtual sales room


Streamline communication with buyers Maintain deal velocity and build stronger relationships by collaborating in Sales Rooms, Engaging your buyers, Negotiating with them, responding to their questions, working together on a mutual action plan, and keeping everyone in the loop to help to close a deal faster

Heybase Lifetime deal build virtual sales room


Know how your deals are trending Ever had the feeling that a few deals are falling behind or that an important prospect may not be happy? Heybase lets you have a handle on all ongoing deals. Analyze, and take action before deals get lost.

Heybase Lifetime deal build virtual sales room


Create personalized human interactions Impress prospects by adding yourself to the collateral you share. Create high-impact video narrations perfect for every step of your buyer’s journey.

Establish a human connection Using the power of video, you and your reps can educate your buyers for faster revenue growth and deeper relationships, Heybase allows you to add a personal touch to your sales collaterals by recording your video narrations for every content.

Remote Selling

Accelerate sales by collaborating with buyers and stakeholders in a single digital location.

Virtual Deal Room

Transform the buyer relationship from proposal to demo to contract with Virtual Deal Rooms.

Digital Sales Room

Create a differentiated buying experience for your prospects with all-in-one Digital Sales Rooms.

How can Heybase help you?

Our software is very intuitive and customizable, here are a few examples of how you can use it.

  • Remote Selling
  • Proposal Microsite
  • Digital Sales Room
  • Sales Enablement
  • Smart Sales Deck
  • Virtual Deal Room

Heybase Lifetime deal | build virtual sales room

Heybase Pricing Plans

Heybase comes in Three Pricing plans, Essential, Growth, and Enterprise

Essential Plan $29/month

  • Minimum 5 Users
  • 50 Active Rooms/Month ($20 per additional 50 rooms)


  • Drag & Drop Room Builder
  • Embed Anything
  • Collaboration
  • Invite External Collaborators
  • Magic Link Login
  • Advanced Analytics

Growth Plan $59/month

  • Minimum 20 Users
  • Unlimited Rooms
  • Everything in Essential
  • Custom Domain
  • Remove Heybase Branding

Enterprise Plan (Contact Sales)

  • Tailor-made Pricing Plans
  • GDPR, SOC2, HIPPA, ISO Compliant
  • Disaster Recovery

Get, Heybase lifetime deal for $69.00 Only

Heybase Lifetime deal | build virtual sales room


Heybase Lifetime deal build virtual sales room

Heybase One-time purchase of $69.00 INSTEAD OF $1,140.00

  • All features above included
  • 5 internal users (team members)
  • 50 active rooms

Heybase Lifetime deal | build virtual sales room

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Heybase Lifetime deal build virtual sales room

Heybase FAQ

What is Heybase?

Heybase is a Personalized and Collaborative Digital Sales Room Software, where you can create your Proposal microsites by embedding documents, videos, contracts, and much more to share and collaborate with your buyer.

Can I avail free trial?

Yes, we do offer 14 days free trial for your paid plans.

How do you calculate active rooms?

Bases that are created and published will be counted as active bases for that month.

Can I connect my domain to rooms?

Yes, We offer custom domain options in our growth plan.


I hope you enjoy this blog about the Heybase lifetime deal review. That’s why I would recommend you use the Heybase Platform.

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Heybase Lifetime deal | build virtual sales room


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