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Build dynamic chat and call bots to reduce your workload and gain leads

Collecting leads and clients successfully may be a mission for cutting-edge businesses.
Ideta is a progressive touch control answer that helps you to collaborate together along with your crew and nurture leads irrespective of which they’re on their journey.
Ideta combines a CRM, stay chat, and e-mail advertising gear into one simple,
a cost-powerful platform it is designed to maintain your pinnacle of thoughts together along with your leads and clients.

What is Ideta?

Ideta is an AI-powered tool that lets you build dynamic chat and call bots to reduce your workload and gain leads, without needing to code. Available on the web app or as a standalone iOS and Android application, it offers users a simple interface to manage both live and custom inbound conversations. With easy embeds that can be added to your website or blog, powerful lead generation features, and customizable campaigns, Ideta allows small businesses to boost sales growth easily.

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Ideta Features

Ideta chatbots are the perfect solution for improving lead generation, customer engagement, and sales. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, it allows you to build your own chatbot in minutes


Install a simple script on your website and talk to your customers. You will increase the conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate in the process.

Connect your chatbot to your favorite API without a single line of code. You can make GET and POST requests directly through our interface and build a truly personalized chatbot.

Make it easy to automate more than 2,000+ apps from the Zapier library. Create Zaps workflow to automate sending email, create a calendar event,s and more

You can put an automated salesman behind every ad you run on Facebook. Automate your support on social networks. Build incredible experiences.

Assist your employees with chatbots on Microsoft Teams and enjoy the productivity improvements thanks to conversation automation.

Deploy your service for other companies on the Slack App Directory or make a personalized chatbot to help your team more efficiently.

Track your KPI within your chatbot to know your ROI. You can update your chatbot according to your data and make it even better

Build a chatbot and deploy it on your Workspace in order to help your teams work more efficiently or automate internal support

If your favorite channel is missing, you can use Zendesk Sunshine in order to connect to the messaging app you were missing.

You can automate the answers to your marketing campaigns. With a whopping 97% opening rate, SMS chatbots can be pretty useful

Get inside your customer’s homes and provide them with a more intimate and instantaneous experience. You are always a word away.

Add a chatbot on Skype and improve your employees’ productivity thanks to conversation automation and 24/7 availability.



Natural Language Processing is about rooting information automatically from a free textbook. For illustration, if the client says”I want an apple”, you presumably want to add an apple to his wain. Thus you need to descry that there’s a buying intent and what the client wants to buy. By combining all that, you can do a lot of effects!

This is exactly what we help you do with no coding thanks to our intertwined mates.
You’ll be suitable to automate exchanges similar to “How can I do this? “Where is my luggage?” How numerous leaves do I’ve left?”, but still keep the overview and allow intervention from a mortal agent.

  • DIALOGFLOW (GOOGLE): For the GCP people.
  • Luis (Microsoft): For the Azure people.
  • Watson (IBM): For the IBM people.
  • (Facebook): For the Facebook people.
  • Alexa (AWS): For the Amazon people.
  • SAP Conversational AI (SAP): For the SAP people.
  • Rasa (Open source): For the Open Source people.


  • NO CODE REQUIRED: We have done all the heavy lifting about managing a conversation with AI. Focus on your use case!
  • IMPROVE SUPPORT OVERTIME: The main difficulty in an AI chatbot project is maintenance. Make sure you can easily improve your chatbot over time.
  • TAKE ACTION WITH ANALYTICS: Use the data gathered to take action. Qualify a lead in your CRM? Adding a product to the basket? The sky is the limit!


  • Connect to any API and to your website
    Understanding a customer’s needs is good. Being able to automatically take action is better.
  • Analytics Dashboard
    Building a nice experience is great. Perfecting it over time is crucial. Build your own analytics dashboard and refine the data gathered.
  • Save users’ data and conversations
    In compliance with GDPR, you can gather data about your customer and follow conversations.
  • Human takeover
    Sometimes, an empathetic human touch must replace the cold efficiency of automation. Make it smooth!


  • E-commerce Websites
    When customers have queries about a product they can get their answers fast and proceed to their purchase
  • SaaS Company
    The software can be tricky to understand, you can explain your product directly to your customer and reassure them
  • Internal Use Cases
    You can process HR requests, IT support, and more through live chat. You can integrate the chat with all your internal tools
  • Landing Pages
    Chatbots and LiveChat are very multipurpose. It can help your get better conversion rates. Contact us, to know more

Ideta Pricing Plan


Ideta comes in Four Pricing Plans  FREE, KARATE KID, SAMURAI, SHOGUN

FREE Pricing Plan 0€/month

  • Sessions/month: 100
  • Design Personalization: Basic
  • Bots: 1
  • Builder Seats: Unlimited
  • Support Seats: 1
  • Integration: Unlimited
  • NLP
  • Human Handover
  • Support: Community


KARATE KID Plan 29€/month

  • Sessions/month: 500
  • Design Personalization: Advanced
  • Bots: Unlimited
  • Builder Seats: Unlimited
  • Support Seats: 1
  • Integration: Unlimited
  • NLP
  • Human Handover
  • Support: Community, email & call

SAMURAI Plan 79€/month

  • Sessions/month: 2,000
  • Design Personalization: Advanced
  • Bots: Unlimited
  • Builder Seats: Unlimited
  • Support Seats: 2
  • Integration: Unlimited
  • NLP
  • Human Handover
  • Support: Community, email & call

Ideta more Pricing Plan here

Ideta LIfetime Access Only for $69.00

Get ideta Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Ideta Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Ideta’s no-code interface, even non-techies can build a smart bot that eases up their workload and boosts customer satisfaction

Ideta Lifetime Purchase Only for $69.00 $348.00

  • All features above included the KARATE KID plan
  • 25,000 sessions per month
  • 3 human takeover seats
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited bots

Get Lifetime Access

Ideta Lifetime Deal Appsumo – GET EXTRA 10% OFF


Ideta lifetime deal Appsumo


  • What is the difference between Basic design personalization and Advanced design personalization?
    Basic personalization enables you to only change the colors of your bot and Advanced personalization can also change your pop-up image and change its behaviors.
  • What if I need more sessions?
    Let’s talk. We’ll find a solution!
  • What if I need more sessions?
    Let’s talk. We’ll find a solution!
  • What happens when I exceed my number of sessions?
    Your bot cannot be used anymore. Behavior changes according to the channel. Contact us for more details.
  • What if I need an additional support seat?
    Do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll find a solution.
  • What if I want premium support for one of my builders?
    Do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll find a solution.
  • Do paid plans have a free trial?
    Yes, you can try our chatbot builder and all advanced features for free until you are ready to publish your work. Then, once published, you still have 14 days to test it live for free.
  • Can I unsubscribe at any time?
  • Can you help me build my chatbot?
    Yes, contact us and we will discuss your need.


Increase sales and reduce your workload with Ideta. Built for small businesses, it’s an AI-powered tool that lets you manage live and custom inbound conversations, lead generation campaigns, and more.

Get Lifetime Access

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