Instaminutes Lifetime deal I meetings with AI assistant

Summarize and analyze meetings

It is difficult to take thorough notes during meetings when you are already having trouble focusing. Although there are machines that can transcribe conversations, you would still have to go through a lot of text to find a few important points. It would be helpful to have a tool that provides a summary of meetings with specific next steps so that you would know what to do after the call.

Meet Instaminutes

What is Instaminutes?

Instaminutes is a meeting summarization tool highlighting key takeaways and providing actionable insights. The tool can be used in real-time or with recorded conversations. It connects to popular meeting tools like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

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Instaminutes Features Overview

Instaminutes help you summarize and uncover hidden insights from user interviews, Sales calls, or team meetings.

→For CXOs

Instaminutes increase visibility across their organization and project meetings by summarizing each project meeting. It helps to identify the advanced insights and key bottlenecks from team meetings. Complete visibility across project meetings can help you better allocate resources to accommodate customers’ differing needs and grow your start-up exponentially.

Instaminutes Lifetime deal I meetings with AI assistant

  • Higher Team Performance
  • Discover Advanced Insights
  • Identification Of Bottlenecks

Empower you & your meetings

  • Advanced insights
    Conversational Intelligence for your startup to help you to make data-driven decisions.
  • Calendar Integration
    Get meeting notes and action items into your calendar.
  • Decisions list
    Track key decisions from meeting to always be informed.

→For Managers

Instaminutes provide action items for the team meetings automatically. It helps in the prioritization of the team resulting in increased productivity.

  • Speaker identification
    Analyze which team members are engaged in team meetings.
  • Share with team
    Create teams and check all notes of the project in one place.
  • Performance Analytics
    Get the meeting performance of every teammate to increase team productivity.

→For Sales Rep

Instaminutes capture the feedback provided by the customers which helps in engaging the leads. It also helps in working on the action items resulting in less time to close a deal.

Empower you & your meetings

  • CRM Integration
    Automate the entire sales calls process to close your deals faster.
  • Notes Labelling
    Labels help you to find patterns among clients’ requirements.
  • Smart Search
    Find key strategic insights from notes to close 2x deals.

Instaminutes Lifetime deal I meetings with AI assistant

→For Consultants

Instaminutes capture key answers provided by clients during meetings automatically. All answers in one place help consultants log key clients’ requirements and find patterns among the large audiences to build better strategies.

Empower you & your meetings

  • Summarized Notes
    Recall key points and answers discussed during client meetings.
  • Action items
    Get your to-do list for the day from all client call
  • Decisions List
    Share key decisions from meetings with other stakeholders

→For Developers

Instaminutes automatically capture key development requirements discussed during scrum meetings. It also helps in listing all action items and providing complete clarity for development.

Empower you & your meetings

  • Trello Integration
    Automate scrum meetings into actionable notes.
  • Action Items
    Get your to-do list for the day from All meetings in one place.
  • Custom Vocabulary
    Increase notes accuracy for development meetings by adding coding vocabulary

→For Designers

Instaminutes notes key user pain points by summarizing user interviews. It also helps in understanding the user thought process for the product and pattern in user behavior.

Empower you & your meetings

  • Summarized Notes
    Recall key user requirments from short meeting notes.
  • Acton Items
    Get your to do list for the day from all sync ups and calls.
  • Advanced Insights
    Use key insights from user calls to improve user experience.

→For Students

Firstly, Instaminutes let you record your Zoom or Google meet class for free. Further, it uses AI to convert your call recordings into short class notes with just 1 click. With this short notes, or we call it Insta notes, you can revise your 1 hour class within just few minutes.

Empower you & your meetings

  • Download Recording
    Use instaminutes chrome extension to record online classes.
  • Short Notes
    Online class Notes With just 1 click to revise anytime anywhere.
  • Notes Labelling
    Labels help you to organize and search class notes faster.

Instaminutes Pricing Plan

Instaminutes comes in three Pricing Plans, FREE, Premium, Small teams, Enterprise

FREE Plan $0/month

  • Record Zoom, GMeet, Teams, & other tool meetings
  • Real-time
  • Summary Notes
  • 300 mins of notes/month

Premium Plan $10/month

  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Slack Integration
  • Speaker Identification
  • 1800 mins of notes/month

Small teams Plan $18/month

  • Trello, CRM integrations
  • Priority Support
  • Team productivity Analytics
  • 3600 mins of notes/month

Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing)

  • SSO
  • Dedicated Company Domain
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • All limits as per your choice

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Instaminutes Lifetime deal I meetings with AI assistant

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  • 15 hours of notes per month (team total)
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I hope you enjoy this blog about Instaminutes lifetime deal. That`s why I would recommend you to use Instaminutes Platform.

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