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Validate single or bulk email addresses

I’m sure many of you have heard that email lists are important for your business. you’ve also heard that you can’t keep your lists clean. It’s a tough job to verify all your email addresses and keep them clean.

It’s no secret that your email address list is important. For example, sometimes it helps to get blacklisted. Keeping your email list clean may help you avoid problems or help you target your audience more accurately.

Hey, Today introduce to you KleanMail

What is KleanMail?

Kleanmail is a cloud-based email validation tool that helps you cleanse your customer database. Its real-time email verification tool is fast, accurate, and easy to use to help validate single or bulk emails in minutes.

KleanMail offers bulk email verification for large lists at an unmatched speed and time. So keep your email list clean and boost your deliverability rates today with KleanMail!

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KleanMail Best for

  • Freelancers
  • SMEs
  • HODs
  • CXO
  • Email Marketers
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • CRM teams
  • CMO & Lead generators/agencies who actively communicate with customers through emails
  • Newsletters
  • marketing emails and more.

KleanMail Key Features


  • Disposable & Catch all domain detection
  • Spamtrap Detection
  • 30% more Email Validation KPIs than others​
  • Unlimited credit validity
  • API Integration with CRMs

KleanMail lifetime deal

→Single Email Validation

Kleanmail provides validation for a single email with a visual report on email format, disposable email check, mailbox existence check, spamtrap check, hard bounce status, and much more in minutes.

→Bulk Email Validation

Kleanmail can validate thousands of email ids in a single go. It checks each email id in the list for the features mentioned above, including all those checks performed for single email validation.

Kleanmail provides real-time updates on the progress of the validation process of the uploaded bulk and highlights issues if any. The uploaded list can be in one of many formats for ease.

→Disposable Emails Cleaner

You thought you had a genuine email id, and it seems it doesn’t exist anymore. Top it up; your campaign didn’t succeed because of that? Hah! Welcome to Disposable Emails Ids!

create a temporary email id to register with a website or download some content that requires email id submission. These ids are usually used once or twice and never used again. They also automatically expire after a very brief period. The emails sent to disposable email ids are never opened. They start bouncing when the inbox is full, or the email id is deleted due to expiry. A simply unopened email will only incur costs for email marketers.

KleanMail lifetime deal

Kleanmail successfully identifies such email ids and helps you prevent email bounces by providing an effective throwaway email cleaner.

→Email Validation APIs

Kleammail provides email verification APIs that integrate with every touch point where the user may enter his email id. These touchpoints could be webpages such as Landing pages, the registration process, newsletter, and other sign-up pages or back-end web calls that may pass on email id as a part of web data. Our email address verification APIs use sophisticated, multilayered algorithms that test the email ids for genuineness and run various checks to identify disposable, fake, and irrelevant email ids. Kleanmail’s email validation APIs run these tests and check and validate ids, all in real time.

KleanMail lifetime deal

Some of the checks that are performed by our email validation APIs are listed below

  • cMX Record check: Check for the Mail Exchange Record of the domain to know if the email is genuine or inherently fake.
  • Email bounce validation: Identity which emails will surely bounce.
  • Abuse email id detection: Detect email ids that are known to mark all their incoming emails as SPAM.
  • SPAM Traps: Identify the spam traps in the email list.
  • Disposable emails: Identify the temporary email accounts that self-destruct after a short period and only result in bounce and bad email ids.
  • Catch them all Domains: Detect domains that will receive every email sent to them irrespective of the email ID’s validity. Their effect on your reputation is similar to those of spam traps.


→Domain & SMTP Validation

Many emails bounce from ISP because emails are invalid or have been inactive for a long time. Generally, any email to these such email addresses would be marked as SPAM by the ISP, and the sender will be marked as a SPAM sender downgrading its Domain/IP reputation. Kleanmail’s email validation algorithm investigates the email ids for all such issues and thus protects the sender’s IP reputation and prevents it from getting blacklisted.

KleanMail lifetime deal

  • Savings: Know exactly how many invalid or dangerous addresses are on your list. This will prevent you from sending emails to them and thus save money on your campaigns.
  • Zero risk: The email domain validator detects potential spam traps hidden among your contacts. These are addresses that mail providers (ISPs) scatter on the web to catch those who probe the network in search of unverified emails to send their spam. These are very dangerous addresses as they raise the risk of you landing on the world’s major blacklists.
  • Reduce Bounce: If the list is clean, hard and soft bounce rates are kept to a minimum, keeping your delivery rates consistently high and – consequently – maintaining the reputation of your IP address.

KleanMail lifetime deal

→Spam Trap Checker

A spam trap email is a mailbox or domain set up specifically to capture spam emails. When an email is sent to a spam trap, the receiving server records the sender’s IP address and domain reputation. When many emails are sent to a spam trap from one source, it can cause your domain or IP address to be blacklisted. This severely affects your email deliverability. Your domain reputation gets negatively impacted if you are caught sending spam to a spam trap. The recipient server may either block all emails from this source or may block emails to all the recipients from this source. The reputation of all domains hosted on the IP address tends to decrease, including some genuine ones. It impacts the hosting business of the service provider. Sometimes, the sender’s IP address may be blocked by some email servers, affecting all the other domains hosted on that IP address. Spam traps can result in higher bounce rates, lost customers, and decreased email deliverability.

KleanMail lifetime deal

Kleanmail’s spam email address checker identifies such email ids and helps you eliminate them from your campaign list. It reduces costs, protects your online reputation, and increases the probability of success for your campaigns.

→Catch-All Domains Checker

A catch-all domain receives all emails sent to them regardless of whether the email id exists or doesn’t. Many organizations create a catch-all email id to guarantee that every email sent to them gets received, regardless of any errors. However, these IDs do not always work in the favor of the sender. As a marketer, a catch-all email id within your list negatively impacts the success of your marketing campaign.

KleanMail lifetime deal

Kleanmail identifies these catch-all email domains, reducing their impact on your marketing campaign. Kleanmail’s catch-all domain checkers provide very reliable and accurate identification of such domains and reduce the cost of sending emails to such email ids.

→Email Syntax Checker

Email syntax validator checks and identifies the email ids that do not meet well-known email syntax rules in real time. Email Syntax errors are one of the most common errors in email lists, and it is essential to remove them from the list.

KleanMail lifetime deal

Kleanmail’s email syntax checker feature verifies and checks for the following essential parts of any email address.

The Local Part

  • Lowercase and uppercase Latin letters A-Z and a-z.
  • Digits from 0 to 9.
  • A dot (.) provided that it is not the first or last character unless quoted. Also that it does not appear consecutively unless quoted. For example, is not allowed but “mark..Russell” is allowed.
  • Space and “(),:;<>@[\] characters are allowed with restrictions. They are only allowed inside a quoted string, and additionally, a backslash or a double quote must be preceded by a backslash.
  • Comments are allowed with parentheses at either end of the local part. For example mark.Russell(comment) and (comment) are both equivalent to

The @ symbol

  • Presence of @ symbol after the local part and before the domain name.
  • Single presence of @ symbol.

Second level Domain

A domain name is a series of letters and digits describing a space owned and operated by a single mailbox provider or entity on the Internet. These characters are allowed for the domain name part:

  • Lowercase and uppercase Latin letters A-Z and a-z.
  • Digits from 0 to 9.
  • Hyphen: –
  • IP address surrounded by square brackets: mark.russell@[] or mark.russell@[IPv6:2001:db8::1]
  • Dot ., In case a subdomain is used. Example:

Top-level Domain

The right-most label expresses the top-level domain; for example, the domain name is part of the top-level domain com.
Here are the five most common domain extensions to consider:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .co
  • .us

→Hard Bounce Checker

Hard Bounce – Sounds scary! And trust us it can be to your online reputation.

When an email fails to get delivered to the recipient’s inbox because either the domain or recipient’s inbox does not exist, it is called a hard bounce email. Hard bounces can be because of various reasons:

  1. A bad email id was entered as a mistake, typically a typo error.
  2. An incorrect Id was intentionally given to avoid receiving promotional mail
  3. The account has been de-activated

KleanMail lifetime deal

Hard bounce email must not be confused with soft bounce email, where an email bounces because the recipient’s inbox is full and cannot accept any more emails. In case of a soft bounce, the non-delivery may be temporary. Email delivery will become possible again once the recipient frees some space in his inbox. However, an email id experiencing a hard bounce will never accept any email, and the effect is permanent. There is no way to re-engage a hard bounce email id as opposed to a soft bounce email id.

→MTA validator

Mail Exchange (MX) records are DNS records necessary for delivering email to your address. Not all domains are configured to accept emails. A domain may be good and active but may have been deliberately configured not to handle emails. This may be done for business reasons or to manage the internet traffic flowing to the server. Thus, we must validate email addresses with the help of some email deliverability tools before we shoot those emails for the campaigns. MTA validators are excellent tools for the same.

KleanMail lifetime deal

You can avoid such a situation by using reliable MTA validators. MX records of the target email address’s domain are verified to validate email addresses. Email validation tools such as KleanMail are power-packed solutions to validate email addresses and scrub the ones with bad MX records. Don’t let your online reputation be harmed. Try KleanMail for MTA Validation.


Connect your favourite Apps with Kleanmail. Enjoy a hassle free experience to integrate Kleanmail into your application.

Built-in integrations available for Mailchimp, Hubspot and Salesforce.

KleanMail lifetime deal

KleanMail Pricing Plan

KleanMail comes in two Pricing Plans Prepaid Plan And Enterprise Plan

Prepaid Plan

EMAILS                        PRICE PER EMAIL

2K-15K                         $0.0055
15K – 80K                     $0.0049
80K – 100K                   $0.0041
100K – 500K                 $0.0032
500K – 1M                    $0.0019
1M – 2M                       $0.0015
2M – 3M                       $0.0011

Enterprise Plan

  • For 3m + Emails

To know more CLICK HERE

KleanMail lifetime deal

KleanMail lifetime deal | Best Email Validation Service

KleanMail lifetime deal in Four Plans is coming…

Plan A $49/lifetime $1900/year

  • 1 Million Email Verifications Per Year
  • Can Use A Maximum Of 100k Credits In A Month
  • Non-Stackable Plan
  • All Features and Updates to KleanMail
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

Plan B $99/lifetime $3000/year

  • 2 Million Email Verifications Per Year
  • Can Use A Maximum Of 200k Credits In A Month
  • Non-Stackable Plan
  • All Features and Updates to KleanMail
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

Plan C $199/lifetime $5000/year

  • 5 Million Email Verifications Per Year
  • Can Use A Maximum Of 500k Credits In A Month
  • Non-Stackable Plan
  • All Features and Updates to KleanMail
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

Plan D $299/lifetime $7000/year

  • 10 Million Email Verifications Per Year
  • Can Use A Maximum Of 1 Million Credits In A Month
  • Non-Stackable Plan
  • All Features and Updates to KleanMail
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

Hassle-free 60 days money back guarantee

KleanMail lifetime deal


I hope you enjoy this blog about the KleanMail lifetime deal review article. That`s why I would recommend you use the KleanMail Platform.

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KleanMail lifetime deal


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