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Improvement your projects with artificial intelligence

Need to supercharge your group’s productivity? Try not to have the assets to employ experts or test many quality improvement arrangements. AI-driven process improvement permits you to make a redid enhancement plan with master guidance and robotized ROI reports.

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What is Kure?

Kure is a project management app that incorporates artificial intelligence technology to help you create customized process optimization paths. By answering a few questions about the process you want to optimize and the results you hope to see, it provides specific guidance on how to achieve those goals. It also helps you manage multiple projects at once from a streamlined dashboard.

Kure Features

Your team works more efficiently and reduces errors with Kure’s workflow design, automated workflows, and intelligent automation features.

→Project Workflow Automation

Complete Process Improvement projects 3x faster with 100x ROI

Kure lifetime deal Appsumo $59 - AI project management platform

Pick the right project to set you up for success

Skip weeks of training, expensive management consultants, and scattered spreadsheets. Everything you need to succeed is right in Kure.

Kure lifetime deal Appsumo $59 - AI project management platform

Keep your project moving and always know what to do next

Kure clears your path to complete quality improvement projects 3x faster with 100x ROI.

Kure lifetime deal Appsumo $59 - AI project management platform

Get guidance at every step of your project

You’ll always know what step to take next — with AI and live expert support available when you need it.

→Process Analysis

Complete all your process analysis work in one place.

Kure lifetime deal Appsumo $59 - AI project management platform

Easily enter or import your data

Plan your data collection and analyze performance right inside of Kure – no need for separate software and spreadsheets.

Kure lifetime deal Appsumo $59 - AI project management platform

Visualize your data in real-time

See your baseline process performance improve over time and highlight when your solution was implemented.

Kure lifetime deal Appsumo $59 - AI project management platform

Automatically detect clues to improve performance

Our AI automatically detects patterns in your data like outliers, trends, oscillations, and stratifications so you can optimize your process more quickly.

→Project Planning & Collaboration

Organize, track and send reminders for all your work and tasks.

Kure lifetime deal Appsumo $59 - AI project management platfor

Automatically generate a Project Charter & suggested timeline

Complete your Quality Improvement projects on time by setting due dates for each tool. Whether you’re building processes or making cookies, disaster awaits when errors are baked in. With Kure’s AI-backed platform, anyone on your team can create smarter processes, implement quality improvement, and see real results.

Kure lifetime deal Appsumo $59 - AI project management platform

Assign tasks and send reminders

Delegation is a best practice for successful projects. Kure makes it easy to delegate tools to and automatically sends reminders to keep your projects on schedule.

Kure lifetime deal Appsumo $59 - AI project management platform

Instant Status Updates

Quickly review due dates and see the project progress at any time.

Kure How does it Work?

Step 1: What’s My Opportunity?

Pick the process you want to optimize and Kure sets you up for success by clarifying your problem and goal, then automatically creates your Project Charter, Plan, and Timeline. Easily invite team members and assign tools to them so your project work is streamlined and in sync.

Step 2: What’s My Process?

Kure walks you step-by-step to create an accurate map of your current process and collect data to analyze performance with an As-Is Process Map and Data Collection Tools.

Our AI automatically visualizes and analyzes your data to help you find clues to the root causes impacting the process performance with built-in Anomaly Detection.

Step 3: What’s Causing My Problem?

Find the root causes of process issues using built-in improvement tools like the Fishbone Diagram, 5 Whys and Root Cause Confirmation as well as statistical analysis tools like Run Charts, Histograms, Scatter Plots and Box Plots — no training or separate software required.

All the guidance you need is right in Kure and live experts are available in case you need help.

Step 4: What’s My Solution?

Identify the best solutions to address the root causes you identified with a Solutions Selection Matrix and then use an Implementation Plan to deploy your solution efficiently. Then, measure your process performance to verify that your solution is working using our Process Performance Monitor.

Kure automatically generates a Project Summary to showcase your optimization results.

Kure Pricing Plan

Kure comes from two pricing plans, FREE and BUSINESS

FREE Plan Free forever

  • Up to 5 users per project
  • Unlimited projects:
  • Quick Win Projects
  • Root Cause Exploration™ Projects
  • Unlimited storage (5MB/file)
  • AI-powered project support

Start for FREE

BUSINESS Plan $39/month

  • Unlimited team members per project
  • Unlimited storage (25MB/file)
  • Live project support:
  • Chat with Optimization experts
  • Portfolio:
    Track & measure project results to
    streamline Operational Excellence

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Kure helps you manage your process improvement projects with artificial intelligence.

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