LoudDoc lifetime deal Appsumo [$69] – create interactive, distributable web documents

You can narrate any document using audio or video recordings

Is your company brochure too long and boring? Do you have the tools to help you create digital marketing materials that connect with your prospects? If so, then we’ve got a solution for you LoudDoc. Our AI-driven optimizer is able to help you write powerful, compelling emails and documents in less time than ever before.

What is LoudDoc?

LoudDoc is a Web-based tool for creating marketing documents such as presentations, white papers, and technical manuals. LoudDoc’s powerful editor allows you to add text notes, audio, video, and animated high-resolution graphics in synchronized steps with the underlying document content. Generate professional-looking documents with synchronized slideshows right on your browser – no need to install any software.

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LoudDoc features

Impress people by adding yourself to the content you share. From a dedicated, branded web link, your LoudDoc creates a personal connection with your readers, making your content persuasive, even when you can’t be there.



→A Persuasive Connection for your LoudDoc Shared Documents

  • Upload: Upload your PDF, Document, Presentation, or Canva Design and we’ll automagically transform it into a LoudDoc.
  • Video Narrate: Per page narration means you can add narration only where it matters, and involve more stakeholders to narrate specific content.
  • Custom Presentation: Make the presentation of your LoudDoc your own. Customize backgrounds, branding, and even your domain to really impress your client.
  • Engaging Content: Enhance your pages with animated notations timed to your narrations, so you can make a big reveal or draw attention to what’s important.
  • Calls To Action: Add additional links, highlights, even videos and slideshows to your pages to make them even more engaging.
  • Collections: Build data rooms for multiple LoudDocs and share them from a single, password protectable weblink.

→Build personal connections with LoudDoc PRO plan

Build trust and confidence in your content that only your brand can achieve. With a professional plan, you’ll have the tools to put your brand front and center, the settings to manage access to your content, and the distribution tools to reach your clients where they live online.

With per page narration, you can bring clarity and focus to your client, reducing misunderstanding and increasing your engagement with your content by an average of 5X.

→Go further with LoudDoc Business

Make LoudDoc an integral part of your business. Your entire team is empowered. With unlimited team accounts, you can collaborate on content creation and sharing, while locking down important branding across documents.

Share video narration clips, and build presentations and product brochures that anyone on the team can leverage. Starts with 200 active LoudDocs and only add more as you need them.


→Start Free

Includes one LoudDoc and these great features.

  • Unique, Secure Weblink: Convert PDFs, Docs, Presentations, and more into a LoudDoc with its own dedicated weblink.
  • Distribution: Publish your Simplebooklet on social networks, send it in an email, embed it on your website, and more.
  • Narrate Each Page: Add 15 seconds of Video or voice-only narration to each of your pages.

→Pro Plan Includes

Everything in a starter plan, plus.

  • Per Page Narrations: Up to 1 minute of video narration or 2 minutes of voice-only narration per page.
  • Upload Narrations: Upload up to 10MB of video and audio files for your per-page narrations.
  • Security: Manage access to your LoudDoc with passwords and hide from search engines.
  • Multiple Collections: A dedicated collection web page for sharing multiple LoudDocs from a single link.
  • Branding: Use your own logo and domain so clients know your content can be trusted.
  • Multiple Active LoudDocs: Make and share multiple LoudDocs with lots of different clients.
  • Analytics: Get the insight you need to take action on your communications.

→Business Plan Includes

Everything in PRO, starting with 200 LoudDocs, plus.

  • Team Accounts: Unlimited additional accounts for your team to collaborate and share LoudDocs.
  • Per Page Analytics: Get detailed stats on each page’s views and clicks, over your own set timeline.
  • Analytics Reporting: Schedule email analytics reporting to any stakeholders, coworkers, and clients.
  • Share Branding: Set up branding elements that any team member can use in their LoudDocs.

LoudDoc Pricing Plan

LoudDoc comes from Three Pricing plans STARTER, PROFESSIONAL, BUSINESS

STARTER Plan $0/month

  • 1 active LoudDoc
  • Up to 1-minute narrations
  • Update anytime
  • 50 Pages Maximum
  • Presentation themes
  • Edit existing LoudDocs


PROFESSIONAL Plan $8/month

  • Start with 8 active LoudDocs
  • Your domain and branding
  • 1-minute narrations per page
  • Realtime activity notices
  • Unlimited collections
  • Realtime feedback button

BUSINESS Plan $50/month

  • Start with 200 active LoudDoc
  • Unlimited team accounts
  • Share narrations across the team
  • Multiple custom domains
  • Secure LoudDocs for Intranets
  • Per page analytics

Get LoudDoc Lifetime Access Only for $69.00

LoudDoc lifetime deal

LoudDoc Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

LoudDoc is the personal home for all of your marketing content. It lets you create interactive web documents to distribute to clients and staff.

LoudDoc Lifetime Purchase Only for $69.00 $96.00

  • All features above included+PROFESSIONAL the Plan
  • 8 active LoudDocs (at a time)
  • 250 MB upload capacity per LoudDoc
  • 200 pages per LoudDoc

Get Lifetime Access

LoudDoc lifetime deal Appsumo

LoudDoc Lifetime Deal Appsumo – GET EXTRA 10% OFF


LoudDoc Frequently Asked Question

⇒What Kind Of Files Can I Upload?
You can upload your files in the following formats: PDF, WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, PAGES, KEYNOTE, SLIDES, NUMBERS, GOOGLE DOCS, SPREADSHEETS.

⇒How Long Does It Take To Make A Narrated LoudDoc?
It’s pretty quick. Uploading even large files takes less than 2 minutes, then you pick a presentation theme, narrate each page to your liking, then start sharing.

⇒Can I Switch Plans?
Yes, you can switch between plans at any time. We’ll credit your new plan with any remaining credit on your current plan.

⇒What If I Need More LoudDocs?
Accounts are limited to the number of active LoudDocs available to be shared at any time. If you need more than your plan provides, simply add more active LoudDocs to your account from the buy more LoudDocs button.

⇒Do I Need A Website?
No, We host all your LoudDocs on our cloud-based secure servers. You can install your Louddoc as an offline brochure using our PWA-enabled tools and embed it in any webpage.

⇒Are There Usage Fees?
There are no additional fees above your monthly or annual subscription. The more traffic you can generate to your LoudDoc, the more return on your investment you get.

⇒Will You Help Me Use LoudDoc?
Yes, we provide live chat in the app that you can ask for help as you make and share your narrated LoudDocs. Our BUSINESS plan includes phone support and helps in converting and enhancing your LoudDocs.


LoudDoc is the first and only platform that allows you to precisely control how your marketing document looks, feels, and sounds. LoudDoc takes your marketing to the next level by allowing you to add video and audio notations that lead the reader through an interactive guide on your website or social media channel.  Business professionals can easily write product manuals, and training guides and even interact with clients directly from a sales scenario.

Get Lifetime Access

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