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Mojomox: Make Online Cool & modern branding logo

Mojomox is an Online logo maker tool that is a great way to create custom logos for your business or website. It’s simple to use and has a wide range of options for customization. you can set your brand colors and fonts, you see all templates already converted into your custom templates. The Mojomox online graphic design tool is based on professional software but simplified for non-designers to use too.

Hey, Today I want to share with you what is Mojomox. Mojomox features Mojomox Pricing plans and Mojomox conclusion.

What is Mojomox?

Mojomox is an Online logo maker tool that automatically generates all of the necessary logo files for you. All you need to do is specify the type of logo you want to be generated, and Mojomox will take care of the rest.

Use a color palette preset or pick your own. See your logos, fonts, and colors in real-time for example applications such as on a phone, on a business card, or on a website.

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Mojomox Best for

  • Consultants
  • Solopreneurs
  • Web designers

Mojomox Features Overview

If you’re not familiar with the process, you may be tempted to outsource the work to a professional. But if you’re looking to save money, there’s an easier way: Mojomox.

Mojomox Lifetime dea

Logo Maker

Mojomox easy-to-use and super-modern logo maker. Create professional logos, and unique logo fonts customize each letter from over a thousand options, and pick from one-of-a-kind logo symbols.

Use Color Palettes

Pick from hundreds of bullet-proof color palettes that work best in branding, and create your own. see how your brand colors and logo variations work on design examples such as a website, or a business card.

Logo Idea

Design a modern brand identity online in 3 Steps

  1. Mojomox online logo maker online app page, type in your company name, and from the logo previews select one logo that feels closest related to your brand essence. This logo will be the baseline for your design.
  2. Once selected, the logo will open up on the Mojomox logo maker app page where you can change the following design settings: case, typeface, custom weight styles, and tracking. You can also mix and match letters from other available fonts of the same family.
  3. From your automatically generated online brand kit, export your logo and upload it to your website or test it in any other marketing materials such as social posts, letterheads

The Mojomox Logo Maker Recap Analyze, Design, Test

  1. Think strategically: Analyze your market situation. What’s your one-word-positioning? What shape does that word have? Is the shape round—like a community, holistic, or a cycle? Is it a square like a container, a platform, or a building block? Or is it a triangle like an exchange, a pyramid, or a sharp mind?
  2. Design minimally: Within the logo maker, you’ll find settings to change your design. Use every setting meaningfully. Uppercase logo spelling gives authority and strength, lowercase logo spelling adds a casual feel, a thinner style feels more refined, a thicker weight is bolder and younger, tighter spacing between letters will make a logo feel more compact and united, and spaced-out letters will add lightness to the logo design.
  3. Test in your environment: Generate multiple versions of your logo, adjust font weight and font spacing in the sidebar and upload the different versions to your website. See how it feels on a desktop computer, on a mobile phone, and on other applications, you already have or know you’ll have in the future.


If you like to use the Mojomox Bauhaus fonts that we utilize in our logo maker, you can subscribe to embed them as easily as Google Fonts on your site.

No hosting, no complicated licensing, and easy workflow for dev and production sites. All fonts are variable fonts which makes them load super fast. Ongoing font optimization and updates are included.

Mojomox Lifetime deal

Bauhaus Geo fonts

“Bauhaus Geo” is our main sans serif typeface. This typeface was specifically designed to meet the needs of a modern, straight forward, and versatile display style. It’s set slightly tight and also works well for a long copy that requires a strong, constructed look.

Mojomox Lifetime deal

Bauhaus Acme Fonts

“Bauhaus Acme” is our latest sans serif typeface. This typeface has the same overall framework as Bauhaus Geo. Acme is slightly slimmer in style with a few characters, such as the lowercase a, g, and r, that stand out to add more personality.

Mojomox Lifetime deal

Bauhaus Desk Fonts

“Bauhaus Acme” is an overall contemporary sans serif typeface. This typeface has the same frame as Bauhaus Byrl; both types are wider in style. Bauhaus Desk is slightly cleaner than Bauhaus Byrl, providing more versatility.

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Mojomox Pricing Plans

Mojomox Comes in Three Pricing Plans, Entrepreneur, Agency, Enterprise

Entrepreneur Plan $119.90/year

  • Full logo ownership
  • High-res and vector files (transparent PNG, vector SVG & PDF, editable in Illustrator)
  • 20 active logos or logo versions & brand kits
  • Unlimited logo changes
  • Modern fonts for your website
  • Online graphic design tool
  • On-brand templates for social media, business cards, ad banners & more
  • Cancel anytime
  • Brand guidelines
  • Customer support

Agency Plan $399/month

  • Everything from the Entrepreneur’s plan
  • Unlimited active logos/brand kits
  • White-label embed for brand kits
  • Join our agency group and decide what features should be built next
  • Priority support

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Get Mojomox Lifetime deal Only for $79.00

Mojomox Lifetime Purchase of $79.00 OFF $360.00

  • 20 logos & brand kits
  • Unique and modern fonts
  • Branding school
  • Stack 1 additional code
  • +30 logo/brand kits (50)
  • Stack 2 additional codes
  • +40 logo/brand kits (90)
  • Stack 3 additional codes
  • +50 logo/brand kits (140)
  • Stack 5 additional codes
  • Unlimited logo/brand kits

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