MonsterWriter lifetime deal appsumo [$22] – Mac and Windows is an easy to use powerful word processor

MonsterWriter is an app for helping writers and generate plot ideas

When you need to write faster, with more precision and less effort, you couldn’t wish for a better tool than MonsterWriter This unique word processor makes you work smarter by adding structurally-aware editing and organization tools to your workflow. You’ll be able to keep track of related information in separate frames, and automatically arrange and rearrange content.

What is MonsterWriter?

MonsterWriter is a word processor that comes loaded with many features specifically designed to help you write articles, journals, and books. The textual editor has an outline mode which helps improve your writing by showing your article structure. A collection of tools are present to help you edit documents faster and easier. Other features include XML import and export, bibliographies, cross-references and citations, track changes details, a customizable toolbar, and the ability to print or save with auto-generated page numbering.

MonsterWriter on Mac and Windows is an easy-to-use but powerful word processor for authors and students who need to type a lot (1)

MonsterWriter Features and Benefit

Improve your productivity with this comprehensive Word processor, built from scratch to take your writing to the next level. Now you can write and format faster, even when working on large documents. More than a word processor, MonsterWriter provides a complete platform for research and advanced writing. MonsterWriter allows users to focus on the task at hand by minimizing distractions–allowing them to stay highly productive in their fields.

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MonsterWriter on Mac and Windows is an easy-to-use but powerful word processor for authors and students who need to type a lot

Write Your Thesis Within a Distraction-Free User Interface: MonsterWriter offers you just the tools required for what you are currently doing or planning to do as it offers just the right number of options that are available in a very nonintrusive and minimalistic way that you don’t even notice
The Bottom Line is that all these things are done in the background like your own team of elves and before I knew it I had downloaded a beautiful PDF in no time with tables that I did not believe I created SO FAST and it looks & feels so NATIVE

Easy Insertion of Citations and Cross-References: Press CMD and I to display the insert context menu. In this small pup-up, you can insert a footnote, inline-equation, or reference. Click on ref.
A dialog appears which allows you to cite a source, or cross-reference a section, image, diagram, table, or equation.

Powerful Export with Automatic Typesetting: Once you’ve finished writing, the most powerful feature of MonsterWriter comes into play. You export your thesis with a few clicks and configurations. MonsterWriter takes care of formatting your whole document.

MonsterWriter on Mac and Windows is an easy-to-use but powerful word processor for authors and students who need to type a lot

MonsterWriter Benefit

  1. Don’t spend time formatting
    You focus on the content and the structure of the document. MonsterWriter takes care of the final appearance of your writing.
  2. Write once, publish everywhere
    Export as PDF, LaTeX, HTML, Markdown. Decide at the last moment what template to use. No reformatting is required!
  3. Fast editing of large documents
    MonsterWriter will not bother you with a slow interface. Even when you write large documents it is super fast.
  4. No need to learn complex apps
    MonsterWriter is not for writing letters, invoices, invites, … Its focus is to be very intuitive to use for articles and scholarly text.

MonsterWriter Pricing Plan

MonsterWriter comes from two pricing plans Single User and Pilot Campus

Single User $34.99/month

  • You pay once and use the app forever.
  • Publish an article about MonsterWriter.
  • Include a link to this website and get a license for free

Pilot Campus $999.00/Month

  • For all students and employees of a university.
  • Be one of the first universities.
  • Only a few spots are available.
  • For all students and employees of a university.

Get MonsterWriter lifetime access only

MonsterWriter lifetime deal appsumo

Monsterwriter Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Write scientific and technical documents with ease using the powerful word processor, MonsterWriter

MonsterWriter Lifetime Purchase Only $22.00

  • All offline features
  • Export as LaTeX
  • Export as HTML
  • Export as PDF
  • Not guaranteed online LaTeX typesetting
  • Direct publishing on a ghost blog
  • Powerful Content Creation with inline formulas, formula blocks

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Conclusion on Mac and Windows is an easy-to-use but powerful word processor for authors and students who need to type a lot, especially where accuracy and consistency are important. Think of it like Scrivener meets Microsoft Word it’s much faster to type than Scrivener but way more organized than Word.


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