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RangeFlow: Powerful cold email automation features

Do you want to generate Leads? and you struggling to acquire leads and generate sales? Social media is getting very noisy, while performance marketing spending has increased by 80% since last year due to heavy competition.

If I told you there was an easy way to generate leads for your business using email?

Hey, Today I Want to Introduce to you RangeFlow!

What is RangeFlow?

RangeFlow is a powerful cold email automation System that makes it easy to send personalized bulk emails and follow-up, lead track and manage, and close sales.

You can turn Your Google Sheets into a Robust Email Outreach Machine and Automate your email outreach without stepping out of your favorite apps Google Sheets and Gmail.

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RangeFlow  Alternative to

  • Gmass
  • Lemlist
  • YAMM
  • WoodPecker
  • Saleshandy

Easy to use, fits right inside your google sheet, and is affordable.

RangeFlow Features

47% of email recipients decide whether to open your email based on the subject line, and over 69% choose whether to mark an email as spam or not based on the subject line.

Rangeflow works in three simple steps:

  • Prospecting
  • Writing
  • Send

RangeFlow lifetime deal


With Rangeflow, you don’t have to waste time learning how to use complex tools. Instead, simply import your contacts, create your email template, and hit send.

Zero Learning Curve​ – Prospect, collaborate and get the most out of your Google Sheets.

Send Human – Like Emails Automatically​ like receiving emails from bots; your recipients are no different. Rangeflow queues and sends emails from your Google Sheets one by one, you can send them manually.

Preview Your Email​RangeFlow allows you to preview each email and make any last-minute changes before.

Avoid Mistakes​ – Avoid making the mistake of reaching out to the same prospect twice. Rangeflow automatically detects invalid and duplicate emails.

Collaborate With Team – Invite teams, assign roles, and work together.

RangeFlow lifetime deal

Writing RangeFlow

Writing excellent email copy is hard work. Targeting different market segments and you never know if your emails comply with regulations. RangeFlow makes it easy for you to write great email copy.

Create Templates – Using RangeFlow, you can create email templates targeted to different market segments. makes it easy for you to send super-targeted outreach and follow-up emails to your prospects.

A/B Test To Find Your Best Converting Emails – Write better email copy by making your cold emailing results more predictable. A/B test emails and measure your subject line, body, and follow-ups.

Ideally Compliant EmailsRangeFlow’s brilliant template editor helps you create ICANN and GDPR-compliant email templates.

RangeFlow lifetime deal

Send RangeFlow

Since RangeFlow uses SMTP to send emails, you can connect your AWS, Gmail, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or literally any email service in a matter of minutes.

Follow Up RangeFlow

Track All Engagement
Keep track of your email opens in real-time and see when a prospect clicks and responds.

Prospects Unsubscribe
You can let your prospects automatically unsubscribe either with a link or a keyword, making your emails look human.

Automatically Unsubscribe
Prospects who already responded? RangeFlow lets you automatically stop a follow-up sequence.

RangeFlow lifetime deal

Manage RangeFlow

Prospects Track With Gmail
Every time you get a reply, we automatically label the email according to its pipeline, stage, and segment. This time-saving feature helps you filter emails effectively.

Details Gmail Sidebar
With RangeFlow allowing you to view prospect details in Gmail, you instantly know all about your prospect. Making it easy for you to reply back.

Get Intelligent Follow Up
Never again drop the ball on a prospect because RangeFlow’s smart Gmail Sidebar intelligently reminds you when to follow up with a prospect.

RangeFlow do for you?

  • Cold Email for end-to-end Sales.
  • Email outreach for recruitment.
  • Email outreach for guest blogging and blogger outreach.
  • Affiliate and Partner recruitment.

Why choose RangeFlow?

  • Easy to use email outreach tool inside Google Sheets
  • Email personalization and conditional auto follow-ups
  • Process and validate emails before sending
  • Track replies and manages leads in Gmail
  • Integrate with other tools using Zapier

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RangeFlow Pricing plans

RangeFlow Simple Pricing Plan


Per Sending Account Per Month

  • All Features
  • Up to 1200 emails / Day
  • Add Any Number Of Team Members
  • Email Based Support

RangeFlow Offers lifetime Pricing Plans

Plan A

$49/lifetime $348/year (save up to 95%)

  • 1 User (emailing account)
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • 1200 Emails/day
  • All Features and Updates
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

Plan B

$97/lifetime $1740/year (save up to 95%)

  • 5 Users (emailing accounts)
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • 1200 Emails/day
  • All Features and Updates
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

Plan C

$197/lifetime $8700/year (save up to 95%)

  • 25 Users (emailing accounts)
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • 1200 Emails/day
  • All Features and Updates
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

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RangeFlow Pros and Cons


  • Google sheets integration
  • Custom SMTP
  • Easy to setup
  • Auto-detecting duplicate or invalid emails


  • Not any as such

RangeFlow Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. How does this 14-day free trial work?
    During the 14-day trial, you will be able to try and experience all the features of RangeFlow.
  2. What happens after my free trial ends?
    Once your trial ends, you have to choose the number of users you want to subscribe to the paid plan and set up billing.
  3. Do I sign up and need to enter a credit card?
    No. We do not require any payment details at the beginning of the free trial.
  4. My data will be Private and safe?
    We take the safety and privacy of your data very seriously. We use (SSL) to protect all communications. And we comply with the GDPR for data protection.
  5. How are my Gmail data and google API used?
    If you choose to connect your Gmail account with RangeFlow, it enables you to send sales emails using your Gmail, read your sales replies to automatically update your pipelines, manage labels and modify message labels.


I hope you enjoy this blog about the RangeFlow lifetime deal. That’s why I would highly recommend you use the RangeFlow Platform.

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