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Today, I introduce you to the Ranktracker lifetime deal article and share what is Ranktracker. how does Ranktracker work, features, Pricing plan, and Ranktracker Appsumo lifetime deal Discount.

What is Ranktracker?

Ranktracker is an all-in-one  SEO tool that helps you RankTracker, Keyword Finder, SERP Checker, Web Audit, Backlink Checker, Backlink Monitor, SEO Checklist, and FREE: SERP Simulator all with a single, powerful platform. Ranktracker harnesses world-class data sources to help you get ahead in SEO, whether you’re a small startup or a large agency

RankTracker is the perfect tool for online entrepreneurs who want to improve their website’s ranking position and see the impact of their actions.

Alternative to: Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest

RankTracker Features

Ranktracker provides you with the SEO insights you need to bring targeted traffic to your website. Research keywords, assess the competition, detect problems, and more – all from a single dashboard.

Ranktracker Lifetime deal Appsumo [$149]

→Rank Tracker

See exactly how your SEO campaigns are performing. The RankTracker tool monitors your site as it moves up or down the search engine results, giving you helpful alerts and visual overviews.

  • Global, national, and local ranking updates
    Track your ranking progress for any specific location. Simply enter your website and the country, region, or city you’re interested in.
  • Monitor your progress on desktop and mobile
    Rank Tracker lets you switch between mobile and desktop views, so you can check your ranking progress on different platforms.
  • Track Google My Business Rankings
    Ranktracker tracks your GMB / Local pack on all keywords you track for the Google search engine
  • Language-Based Tracking
    With Ranktracker, you can track any language for any Google, Yahoo, Bing & Yandex location, or even local rankings. Both for mobile & desktop.
  • Organic & Absolute Positions
    Ranktracker tracks Organic & Absolute positions for all of your keywords. Find your true ranking’s only with Ranktracker.
  • Daily Email Notifications
    Get daily email notifications for any of the websites of your ups & downs.
  • White label reports
    Upload your own logo to your automated reports, Sent daily, weekly, or monthly directly to your customers.

Ranktracker Lifetime deal

→Keyword Finder

Find the best SEO keyword opportunities by searching our up-to-date global database. Just enter a word or phrase to see a list of relevant related keywords, complete with search volumes and difficulty ratings.

  • SEO difficulty keyword tool
    The handy difficulty score shows you how hard each keyword is to rank for. The closer the number is to 100, the more competition there is – so for the best results, target keywords with low scores.
  • Find long tail keywords
    The handy difficulty score shows you how hard each keyword is to rank for. The closer the number is to 100, the more competition there is – so for the best results, target keywords with low scores.

Ranktracker Lifetime deal Appsumo

→SERP Checker

With Ranktracker’s SERP analysis tool we help you find the weak spots of your competitors. Ranktracker helps you dominate for any search term using our historical 3+ trillion backlink data set (and counting) with accurate keyword difficulty.

  • Detailed Google SERP insights
    Get a detailed analysis of the results that appear in Google for any search term. Enter a keyword to see who’s ranking for it, whether it’s possible to compete with them, and much more.
  • Analyze local SERPs
    Researching your SEO strategy for a specific area? The SERP checker shows you search results for a particular country, region, city, or neighborhood, so you can find the best keyword opportunities there.
  • SERP features and snapshots
    Enter any keyword to see if any SERP features appear for it – such as maps, reviews, featured snippets, and shopping links. You’ll see a ‘snapshot’ preview when they do. Target these keywords to harness the SERP features and bring extra traffic to your site.
  • Authority and link profile strength
    The Authority and Link Profile Strength scores help you identify the easiest and most powerful competitor links to replicate. They’re calculated using numerous metrics – like citation flow, trust flow, and social signals – to give you truly accurate insights.

Ranktracker Lifetime deal Appsumo

→Web Audit tool

Get an in-depth health check of your SEO. The audit tool checks of all your on-site SEO factors, quickly identifying any issues – then tells you how to fix them.

  • Scan all your pages
    Checking your website manually could take forever. The web audit does it in seconds, saving you time and spotting weaknesses instantly.
  • Save XML reports
    To pass on the audit results to your IT team, simply download them as an XML file. You can then print off or email a copy to your colleagues.
  • See what’s urgent
    The audit dashboard gives you handy importance indicators, so you always know which issues to tackle first.
  • Actionable insights
    The Web Audit tool doesn’t just spot SEO problems – it also tells you how to fix them. Get the answers you need without calling an expert (or spending hours reading IT websites).
  • Compare previous scans
    Compare your latest scan with previous ones to make sure that problems have been fixed, and to spot any recurring errors.
  • Evaluates over 100 data points
    The Web Audit checks over 100 data points, from your H1 tags and body copy through to behind-the-scenes SEO like your robots.txt file.

Ranktracker Lifetime deal Appsumo

→Backlink Checker

See every backlink your competitors have. SEO gets a lot easier when you can see what’s working for other people. Use the Backlink Checker to see what backlinks your competitors have, then adapt their content strategies to improve your own.

  • Get an instant backlink analysis for any domain
    Enter any URL to see its current Domain Rating, URL Rating, total number of backlinks, the ratio of dofollow/nofollow links, First seen & Last seen, and more.
  • Take a deeper look at every competitor’s backlink
    When you’re putting your competitors’ SEO under the microscope, you’ll want to know which links are really making a difference. Assess each link’s quality by viewing its Domain Rating, URL Rating, anchor text, ‘new’ or ‘lost’ status, dofollow/nofollow status, First seen & Last seen, and more.

Ranktracker Lifetime deal Appsumo

→Backlink Monitor

See who’s linking to your site with the Backlink Monitor.
Want to find out who has linked—or stopped linking—to your site? This advanced backlink tool shows you who’s linking to your site, so you can see how your content strategy is performing.

  • Get a backlink breakdown for each of your domains
    Tracking multiple websites at the same time? Find out how many backlinks each site has, the number of domains linking to it, and how many of them are dofollow/nofollow.
  • Check your backlink progress over time
    Want to spot key trends in your backlinks? Use these handy graph views to see how many links you lost and gained over a set time period.
  • Deeper insights into all your backlinks
    See details of every backlink you win or lose, including who linked to you and what their domain authority is. Click to instantly filter for new or lost links.

Ranktracker Lifetime deal Appsumo

→SEO Checklist

Optimizing your site for SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. SEO Checklist walks you through the process step-by-step, so you’re ready to climb the search engine rankings.

  • Setting up
    Launching a brand new website? No need to hire an optimization expert – here you’ll find out how to set up your website for the best SEO results.
  • Researching keywords
    To rank well in search engine results, you need to use the right keywords on your site. Follow our step-by-step guide to find the best ones for your content.
  • On-page SEO
    Actionable tasks help you get everything on your pages optimized for the search engines – from headings and body copy to images and links.
  • Content strategy
    The right content strategy can bring you massive amounts of traffic, which improves your search engine rankings. Follow our guide to create one that works for your website.
  • Off-page SEO
    Create an off-page SEO strategy that gets the right sites linking to yours. All use legitimate ‘white hat techniques that the search engines love.
  • Social media
    Sync your social media efforts with your website optimization strategy to bring traffic your way and get a much-needed SEO boost.

Ranktracker Pricing Plan

Ranktracker comes in Four Pricing Plans, STARTER, DOUBLE DATA, QUAD DATA, and HEX DATA

STARTER Plan $9/month

  • 100 Daily tracked keywords
  • 2 Competitors per domain
  • 100 Monthly keyword finder lookups
  • 100 Keyword suggestions per search
  • 50 On Demand Keyword Difficulty checks
  • 100 Monthly SERP checker checks
  • 1,000 Pages audited monthly
  • 50,000 Backlink Checker rows
  • 10 – Trackable Domains/URL
  • 10 – Scheduled reports
  • 2 – Users

DOUBLE DATA Plan $29/month

  • 500 Daily tracked keywords
  • 5 Competitors per domain
  • 500 Monthly keyword finder lookups
  • 125 Keyword suggestions per search
  • 250 On Demand Keyword Difficulty checks
  • 250 Monthly SERP checker checks
  • 2,500 Pages audited monthly
  • 150,000 Backlink Checker rows
  • Unlimited: – Trackable Domains/URL
  • Unlimited: – Scheduled reports
  • Unlimited: – Users

QUAD DATA Plan $54/month

  • 1,000 Daily tracked keywords
  • 10 Competitors per domain
  • 1,000 Monthly keyword finder lookups
  • 250 Keyword suggestions per search
  • 500 On Demand Keyword Difficulty checks
  • 500 Monthly SERP checker checks
  • 5,000 Pages audited monthly
  • 300,000 Backlink Checker rows
  • Unlimited: – Trackable Domains/URL
  • Unlimited: – Scheduled reports
  • Unlimited: – Users

HEX DATA Plan $104/month

  • 2,000 Daily tracked keywords
  • 20 Competitors per domain
  • 2,000 Monthly keyword finder lookups
  • 500 Keyword suggestions per search
  • 1,000 On Demand Keyword Difficulty checks
  • 1,000 Monthly SERP checker checks
  • 10,000 Pages audited monthly
  • 600,000 Backlink Checker rows
  • Unlimited: – Trackable Domains/URL
  • Unlimited: – Scheduled reports
  • Unlimited: – Users

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Ranktracker Lifetime deal Appsumo

Ranktracker lifetime deal by Appsumo

RankTracker to track your website’s position on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. You can also use it to measure your website’s traffic and198 see how well your website is performing against other websites.

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  • 100 Daily tracked keywords
  • 10 Domains
  • 2 Competitors per domain
  • 100 Monthly keyword finder lookups
  • 100 Monthly SERP checks
  • 1000 Pages audited monthly
  • 5000 Backlink rows
  • 10 Reports
  • 2 Users

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