Selldone lifetime deal Appsumo – OS offline and online store business

Start selling online and offline without plugins

If you have an e-commerce business with a dedicated website and online store? the process of creating your own online store may look like you are running two separate businesses? Not only do I think you can’t manage a two-tier point (POS) system, but you also want to find some plugins and templates that work together to improve your online store?

Hey, Marketer Today Introduce Selldone! Alternative to BigCommerce.

What is Selldone?

Selldone is a powerful business OS that lets you start selling online and offline, with or without plugins, templates, and code. This tool helps you track and manage all your sales to the built-in POS system that works seamlessly across your online and offline store.

Selldone features

Selldone is an advanced business OS that helps you start selling online and offline without plugins, templates, or coding.

→Ecommerce Builder

Free Ecommerce Website Builder Platform | Easily Create Your Customizable Online Store like Pros
Free Ecommerce Solutions & Online Shopping Cart.
The most successful companies are good sellers. Selldone lets you sell like the most successful enterprises.

Selldone lifetime deal Appsumo - offline and online store business OS

  • Offline Online Integration: Offer customers a seamless and personalized in‑person and online shopping experience.
  • Customers Engagement: Create an end-to-end customer experience in your socialized business, brand, and community.
  • Social Sales Tools: Be where your customers are, and drive them through unique social sales tools.

You are unique, so your website should be unique too

All sides of your business are customizable to fit your brand with handy-lovely no-code drag and drop tools.

  • Brand color: Fully customized style, colors, and gradients to fit your brand and message to market.
  • Landing pages: Visual canvas editor that allows you to edit web pages even on mobile screens.
  • Intuitive checkout: By the right choice, do not be one of the 93% of online stores with a high dropout rate!
  • Smart fitting: Just add your products, then all filters, categories, and pages are created automatically.

→Custom Community

To increase your customers’ engagement. Earn even more than just selling your products and drastically reducing the customer support cost in your business with a business-customer-oriented community builder platform.

Selldone lifetime deal Appsumo - offline and online store business OS

  • Customer Loyalty Program: Reduce churn rate and increase revenue by creating a business around your customers.
  • Support and Feedback: Empower your community members to ask questions, answer others, and share their ideas.
  • Advocacy and Risk Reduction: Make your meh audience into a super fan that supports your brand as a big family member.

Benefits of starting a social network for your business.

  • Get free content and SEO: At the beginning of your branded social network journey, you should put helpful content in your community to encourage and engage people to join you. After a while, your audience will start posting their content.
  • Reduce customer support costs: How much time do you spend responding to customers? Your community users will be answering other customers’ questions. As a result, support costs for repetitive questions will disappear from your business over time.
  • Sell products and services: Potential customers will be able to see other people’s experiences, and the impact of social approval from other customers on a new customer’s decision is far greater than any advertising message from your side.
  • Increase your brand awareness: Giving one-way messages from you to your audience will not be very effective for building a human-oriented brand. You need to engage audiences with your brand and build a cohesive, vibrant social network around your business.
  • Create a loyal customer circle: Make an online space for your loyal customers; they will do the rest themselves. These loyal customers will defend their decision to use your services and, as a result, will indirectly be the defenders and promoters of your brand.
  • Get feedback & improve UX: Customer feedback is the most powerful source of business growth. Customers can directly share their experiences with you in a safe and healthy online space. Just welcome all comments, both positive and negative.

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→Landing page Builder

High Converting Modern Free Landing Page Builder  Empowers entrepreneurs to build their professional online presence in an intuitive no-code platform.

  • Professionally design with rich tools: Start by selecting a template and customize it by using the drag and drop page builder.
  • Build with your team: High-performance team-oriented design and management tools to create stunning pages.
  • Modern responsive layouts: Push the limits of technical headaches and create unique online experiences for your customers.
  • Analyze everything: Get information about your customers’ behavior in seconds and offer them your best products and services.

Easy to Use and High Converting Ecommerce Landing Page Creator

The tool should fit the goals. Choose an eCommerce fit platform to manage, promote and grow your business online.

  • Attractive landing pages The first condition for the success of the online store: If you are thinking of creating an online store, you should put the attractive design of landing pages on your agenda. Landing pages are the first point of contact of the visitor with your store, which determines his continued presence. If your landing page exposes various elements such as images of products or services, different texts, and different buttons in a very attractive way to the visitor, the visitor-to-buyer conversion rate will be higher. As a result, you will have more sales and promote your online business.
  • Professional design with a simple method in Selldone: Selldone Website Builder provides you with a set of simple, fast, and hassle-free tools for designing and building a store landing page. With the Selldone Store Builder platform, you can develop a professional and user-friendly website without hiring a programmer or having the technical expertise and enjoying your eye-catching store. Selldone user-friendly site builder is compatible with any technical user level and allows you to have effective control over your website with a wide range of eye-catching features. Selldone provides users with a simple but complete tool for designing landing pages, the most crucial part of an online store. With the help of page builder, you can add basic elements such as text sections, image sections, product-ready templates, various call-to-action (CTA) buttons, embedded URLs, and anything else you want to your store landing page.
  • A variety of tools for designing landing pages: The Selldone site builder is a stormy start to start an internet business; Because it provides you with an unparalleled variety of tools for designing landing pages. You do not need special knowledge to work with these tools; A little taste is enough to design the landing pages in the most attractive way with the help of the Drag & Drop feature. You can also gently move the different sections up or down. Selldone empowers you to generate all the pages you need to convert visitors, display products, and enhance website performance. Built-in drag and drop website builder in Selldone equips you with simple, fast, and hassle-free tools to build your own website. With Selldone’s drag and drop website builder and all-in-one eCommerce platform, you can create a modern and user-friendly professional website without the need to hire programmers or have any technical expertise.
  • Ability to create an infinite landing page for more sales: In Selldone, you can design a separate landing page for each section of your online store. There is no limit to the number of landing pages. Design them with any color and layout you want and assign them to different pages of your store. In addition, it is possible to design landing pages for marketing campaigns in Selldone. Design a unique landing page for your marketing campaign that will make your online business more attractive.
  • Responsive and mobile landing pages:  Nowadays, mobile commerce is gradually replacing computer commerce; These little electronic gadgets, which hold everything in their hearts, are the constant companion of human beings and are considered versatile in most gadgets. In the meantime, retailers can differentiate their online business from others that have designed their stores to be compatible with a variety of screens. This feature is provided to you completely free of charge. Landing pages for mobile and tablet put you in the eCommerce competition one head above the rivals! So move with Selldone and run in the world of online competitions.

→Customers & Team

Create Your Human-Lead Business Align your team with your customers to maximize performance and free your team, so they can focus on real impact and growth.

  • Different staff roles: With a dedicated employee panel, management will be simple when you want to expand your business 10x/100x/1000x.
  • Flexible team members’ access: Effective team management is an art, especially when the business grows fast and needs defining special roles and access levels. Selldone access/team management tools help you do it better and cheaper.
  • Experts access control: Organize your expert’s tasks, get a clear overview of what they do, and the progress of duties, and accomplish more together. An integrated expert panel provides a seamless experience in hiring, makes the contract, and assigns permissions in one place.


Supercharge your business growth by processing efficiently

Fulfillment & Processing Software

Selldone provides a flexible, scalable, and universal orders management system for online shops and retailers so you can smoothly handle orders and optimize processes and make your customers super happy with your agility.

  • Physical products orders fulfillment: Ensure all customers receive their orders at the right time and right place and be up to date that their order is in which state and when they receive it.
  • Virtual product orders fulfillment: Did you want to sell virtual items like gift cards, game items, etc., to your customers? Now, You will have the right tools to handle this kind of trading for your business.
  • File orders fulfillment: So simple, create a file product, drag and drop your files, and it will be ready to buy by your customers.
  • Service orders fulfillment: There are different types of services such as booking, on-demand, appointment, and more. Depending on how you provide your services to your customers and what your revenue model is, you can design your services on your website.
  • Drop-shipping fulfillment: Orders pass simple and seamless steps between your shop and wholesalers’ shop by the built-in drop-shipping feature. 1- One-click select/add product. 2- Charge virtual account or transfer money when receiving an order. 3- DONE!


Real-time SEO monitoring and auditing platform.

Auto SEO Engine

Free SEO Tools For Ecommerce Fast-forward to online marketing by empowering organic customer acquisition channels.

Selldone lifetime deal Appsumo - offline and online store business OS

  • Selldone auto SEO engine: Search engines try to show the best results to their users, so provide more accurate and comprehensible content in the right way.
  • All-in-one simple and visualized SEO tools package: A complete set of tools now works for you to make your business more visible.
  • Insight to increase organic customer acquisition: Your focus should be on the content quality and its performance to your audience, so you need a tool to help you be aware of users’ feedback and behavior in real-time.
  • Delegate optimization tasks to us: From compressing images to creating meta tags, all tasks will be done automatically, and visual tips will help you improve your content where needed.
  • Focus on content not technical: Instead of wasting your time dealing with technical issues and optimization, spend your time producing great content and building a splendor business.
  • Instantly improve your organic marketing: Google search console is a free service that allows you to monitor and optimize your site’s visibility for Google search.
  • Technical SEO: Delegate 100% to us — it’s free for all merchants.
  • Internal SEO: Delegate 100% to us — it’s free for all merchants
  • External SEO: We are by your side so you can get more healthy backlinks.
  • Content & CMS: Selldone provides the best CMS tools in the market for your business.

Selldone Pricing Plan

Selldone comes from four Pricing Plans Personal, Startup, Company, Enterprise

Personal Plan $0/month (FREE)

  • Unlimited products
  • 1GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • All professional features and tools included
  • Drag & Drop landing page builder
  • Full feature CMS & blogs
  • 3 Active discount codes
  • 3 Active advanced coupons
  • 3 Active advanced offers
  • 1 Giftcard program
  • 2 Active marketing campaigns
  • 2 Active affiliate programs
  • 2 Active email marketing campaigns
  • 2 private couriers
  • All shipping services
  • 1 Admin

Start for free

Startup Plan $9.55/month

  • All free features included
  • 10GB storage
  • Customers SMS login
  • 3D / AR integration
  • 10 Active discount codes
  • 10 Active advanced coupons
  • 10 Active advanced offers
  • 10 Giftcard programs
  • 10 Active marketing campaigns
  • 10 Active affiliate programs
  • 10 Active email marketing campaigns
  • 10 private couriers
  • Normal support
  • 1 Domain
  • 5 Admins

Company Plan $65.88/month

  • All startup features included
  • Unlimited storage
  • 50 Active discount codes
  • 50 Active advanced coupons
  • 50 Active advanced offers
  • 50 Giftcard programs
  • 50 Active marketing campaigns
  • 100 Active affiliate programs
  • 100 Active email marketing campaigns
  • 50 private couriers
  • Priority support
  • 5 Domains
  • 20 Admins

Enterprise Plan $285.87/month

  • All company features included
  • 1K Active discount codes
  • 1K Active advanced coupons
  • 1K Active advanced offers
  • 1K Gift card programs
  • 1K Active marketing campaigns
  • 1K Active affiliate programs
  • 1K Active email marketing campaigns
  • 200 private couriers
  • 24/7 Support
  • Domains
  • Admins

Get lifetime Access only for $89.00

Get Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Selldone Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Selldone is a robust OS that provides everything you need to start selling online and offline.

Selldone lifetime Access Only for $89.00 $1520.00

  • All features above included
  • Company Plan features
  • 1% transaction fee
  • 1 domain
  • 5 admins

Get Lifetime Access

Appsumo lifetime deal

Selldone Lifetime Deal Appsumo – GET EXTRA 10% OFF


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Selldone is designed with eCommerce in mind, but it’s not just a platform. We’re an all-in-one tool that also helps you manage and run your business with features like inventory management, POS integration, and reporting tools. By keeping everything in one place, we make it easy to sell on your site or in-store by taking care of everything from inventory storage to customer management.

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