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SimilarMail: list building and email marketing

Gain access to the greatest e-mail archives in the world and use our dashboards, analytics, and reporting workbenches to examine, check and supercharge your e-mail advertising campaigns.

Use your journey into SimilarMail as a part of an overall digital strategy – or use it by itself for deep insights.

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What is SimilarMail?

SimilarMail is an SEO software specifically designed to help you avoid paying hundreds or thousands of dollars on Google AdWords ads by automating and managing complex marketing campaigns.

SimilarMail is the largest archive and analytics service to use for marketing and competitor intelligence. We are the pioneers in email data mining and email intelligence. Be inspired by billions of emails from major brands around the world, with our world-class technology, and subject, you can discover what are the most effective subject lines that will help you improve your open rates, click-thru rates, and conversion rates, and track entire industries and competitors’ marketing campaigns. With access to SimilarMail Pro Analytics, you will be able to gain insights through millions of web page links. Our exclusive technology can recommend you timely opportunities which can help your business grow faster.

 SimilarMail Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Fetures of SimilarMail

SimilarMail empowers you to see, gain insights and track your competition’s email activities. With SimilarMail you can uncover your competitor’s marketing strategies, and identify the most effective keywords for your campaigns.

  • SimilarMail is the most efficient tool for discovering design inspirations, content marketing tips, and email marketing inspiration. SimilarMail displays top-performing subject lines of major worldwide brands. Learn how your competitors design newsletters and send out emails. Displays the latest headlines, viral marketing ideas, and current trends in your industry.

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  • SimilarMail is a content personalization platform that helps you send the right email, at the right time. We’ve taken the complexity out of email personalization by automatically analyzing your existing customer data. SimilarMail’s powerful machine learning technology then predicts which customers are interested in specific topics, based on how they interact with your brand.

SimilarMail lifetime deal Appsumo

  • SimilarMail is a collection of marketing campaigns that can be used to boost your marketing strategies. Enter your competitor’s email, identify the trends, and learn how they use a specific keyword in their advert. Identify their most successful strategies and plan your own marketing schedule. We offer a keyword trend prediction service at an affordable rate and we also let you sign up for our monthly newsletter of related developments in the keyword trends field.

SimilarMail lifetime deal Appsumo

  • SimilarMail provides you with deep content and subject analysis stats, advanced AI capabilities, and email marketing tools that are the theme of your emails. Why you should use SimilarMail?Analyze your subject lines and content-relatedness against each other. Discover which email subject line is the best, what its commonalities and how you can leverage them to your advantage. Find which elements of your email subject and content are not engaging enough to subjects that have high engagement rates. Create better content with our email editor and use it to improve your email performance. Creating a title and a subject line that will grab people’s attention is an art form, but now using SimilarMail you can predict the open rate of a specific subject line, making it easier for you to choose the right one for your marketing campaign. Our email editor allows you to create a better subject line based on the most engaging ones: we will extract relevant elements from previous subjects with high engagement rates and create a new title/subject based on those elements.

SimilarMail lifetime deal Appsumo

  • Gain valuable insights into email technologies used by top sites to send millions of emails per day. Identify marketing automation technologies such as mailchimp, sendgrip, mailgun, getresponse, intercom, etc. Know what marketing automation technologies work best. Use the right technologies, platforms, and services for your business.SimilarMail lifetime deal Appsumo

SimilarMail Pricing Plan

SimilarMail’s online service allows you to discover your competitors’ email funnel and identify how they acquire and convert their email subscribers into loyal customers.

SimilarMail lifetime deal Appsumo

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  • Search, follow, and view detailed analytics of brands
  • Full access to more than 20,000 brands and domains
  • Advanced full-text search of every email and website
  • Detailed email analysis including readability, mobile compatibility, with/without emoticons or animated gifs
  • Calendar view, journey view, and inbox view
  • Get insights on aggregated data and analytics on specific industry

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SimilarMail is the world’s largest collection of email designs from 40,000 brands and over 4 million emails. Browse, search and compare designs quickly and easily. Compare what happened to you with what happened to others, or build your own custom chart comparing stats like open rates and engagement. With SimilarMail, you get insights other email stats tools just can’t give you.

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