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SimpleX: Analyze text data faster and generate valuable insights

Although it is not reflected in your resume, your skills in Excel are not very strong. In order to gain important insights from surveys, feedback forms, and reviews, you need to be able to sort and analyze large amounts of text data. However, spreadsheets are not effective for this. It would be helpful if there was a tool powered by AI that did not require any coding that could assist you in extracting more value from your text data.

Today, I’m gonna introduce you to SimpleX AI-powered Tools.

What is SimpleX?

The SimpleX smart console uses AI to help you quickly analyze and sort text data, without coding. It uses semantic AI to search, filter, sort, and compare hundreds of text answers in an instant. You can import text data from any spreadsheet in fast mode, or with the help of a user-friendly step-by-step assistant. It’s easy to connect to hundreds of apps using the Zapier and Google integrations, which let you access data from customer feedback and surveys.

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Best of all, this SimpleX smart console can process text data in 50 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and all European languages!

Simplex Alternative

  • Caplena
  • Chattermill
  • Google Docs

Simplex Best for

  • Consultants
  • Marketers
  • Marketing agencies

SimpleX Features Overview

The interface is simple and flexible, while artificial intelligence is state-of-the-art. Every feature is designed to give you more time while still leaving you in charge.

Look for the

Most SimpleX features are powered by algorithms developed by our Data Science team, leveraging the latest breakthrough in NLP science. But you don’t really need to know this. Just enjoy the magic and build insights faster.

Semantic search

Search and find answers based on meaning. Provide examples of what you are looking for and SimpleX suggests similar content. Regardless of words or even languages used.

SimpleX Lifetime deal AI-powered smart console tool

Tags & Filters

Find any text piece at lightning speed with our super slick interface. Filter with keywords, ratings, dates, and segmental info or with your own custom tags. Use smart scores measuring sentiment or originality to detect key trends and weak signals.

Handle text data with a no-code console that can read natural language. Never again with a spreadsheet.


Make the best out of open questions from surveys and extract key insights effortlessly.
Import free text answers and let semantic A.I. do the heavy lifting. Search, slice, and dice data with multiple filters to highlight and share the most important findings.

Employee feedback

Capture the most valuable insights hidden in Engagement & Pulse surveys.
Explore quotes and comments assisted by A.I. to understand pain points and sources of motivation for employees. Spot key trends and weak signals.

Customer Reviews

Put customer feedback into action.
Go beyond monitoring reviews, NPS, and satisfaction scores. Connect customer feedback to SimpleX and track the drivers of good and bad reviews. Classify reviews with pre-trained or custom models.

SimpleX Lifetime deal AI-powered smart console tool

Team Conversations

Highlight and keep track of key findings from remote workshops, brainstorming, or online conversations.
Import team posts or chat history from digital meeting tools. Filter, sort, tag, and keep track of the most valuable ideas, suggestions, and feedback.

SimpleX Pricing Plan

SimpleX Comes in three Pricing Plans, Pay per Use, Pro, and Advanced

Pay per Use plan €6/month

Keep access to your data for a minimal fee and buy credits only when you have text material to analyze.

  • Import:.xlsx, .csv
  • Export: Excel, pdf, png

Pro Plan €89/month

Everything you need to start saving serious time when analyzing text data from surveys, customer comments or team posts.

  • 2 000monthly credits
  • Import:.xlsx, .csv
  • Export: Excel, pdf, png

Advanced Plan €299/month

Leverage the full power of semantic A.I. to analyze all your text data, up to 10 000 rows.

  • 10 000monthly credits
  • Import:.xlsx, .csv
  • Export: Excel, pdf, png
  • (2 seats)Team Access

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SimpleX Lifetime deal AI-powered smart console tool

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  • All features above included
  • 1,000 monthly credits
  • 5 filters available
  • 10 versions available
  • 1,000 rows per survey

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SimpleX Lifetime deal AI-powered smart console tool

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SimpleX Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What are the benefits of SimpleX?
    Using SimpleX dramatically accelerates processing, generating, and sharing insights from text data. The SimpleX plans differ in terms of access to the various features as well as the monthly credit allowance for text answers. Please see also our Pricing page.
  • Does SimpleX use my personal data?
    SimpleX does not use any personal data for any commercial purpose. The only use personal data collected is the email address when email sign-up is selected and solely used for access and transactional communication purpose. Please see the SimpleX Privacy policy.
  • Is my personal data secure?
    As a company based in France, all our operations comply with European Union data protection laws. Read more about the advantages offered by European Union data protection standards here.
  • Which languages does SimpleX support?
    SimpleX supports 50 languages including almost all European languages, major Asian languages such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, as well as Arabic and Hebrew. Further languages will become available in the near future.
  • How many answers can I import?
    The maximum size of a survey on SimpleX is 1,000 lines for the Pay per Use and Pro plans, and 10,000 for the Advanced plans. Each import is limited to 1,000 in one shot, with the possibility of re-importing for the Advanced plan.
    Are individual text answers limited in length?
    You are free to import text answers of any length. Yet long answers adversely impact response time and performance of A.I. As a rule of thumb, you are advised to rather import shorter answers than 300 characters. By default, most tasks do ignore any text beyond the first 1,000 characters of each answer.


I hope you enjoy this blog about the SimpleX lifetime deal.  That’s why I would recommend you use the SimpleX Platform.

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