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TeleportHQ: Create and publish static sites

It’s hard for developers to be efficient when they have to write code by hand for every website and landing page. It would be easier if they could talk to their team in advance in real time and integrate UI elements across all sites. TeleportHQ automatically writes code for nine different JavaScript bases would be very useful. Also, a drag-and-drop editor would be great for creating static websites.

What is TeleportHQ?

TeleportHQ is a low-code development tool that makes it easy to design and code static sites without any coding experience. With its drag-and-drop visual editor, you can customize any design elements on your canvas to create a unique look and feel for each webpage. You can browse through different site templates, or use your own Figma files. Either way, you can save custom components to reuse in future projects.

TeleportHQ features Overview

TeleportHQ is an advanced collaboration platform with integrated tools for user interface development and content delivery. A powerful visual website builder to create and publish your website instantly.

TeleportHQ Lifetime deal Appsumo I low-code development tool


→Professional Website Builder

TeleportHQ is a free professional drag-and-drop website builder, with clean code export to HTML, CSS, and 9 different Javascript frameworks.

See what makes TeleportHQ the all-in-one platform for front-end development
drag and drop website builder

  • Quick drag-and-drop website builder
    Simply drag and drop elements to build your pages and adjust your web design using our HTML website builder.
  • Professional templates to get started
    Build a new website from scratch, or start from a website template. Import-export website templates as you see fit.
  • Free one-click hosting and deployments
    Host your website for free on the TeleportHQ domain or bring your own.
  • Clean code export to HTML, CSS, and JS
    A Website builder with code export capabilities. Get production-ready code in 9 different JS frameworks and host it on your platform.

TeleportHQ Lifetime deal Appsumo I low-code development tool

→Static website templates

Create a custom website in minutes with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Our website templates are free, fast, and responsive. Click on any template and start editing without registration.

  • Creative agency page
    If you’re working on an artsy and creative project and you need a powerful visual impact, then this template is a perfect choice. Start a new project with this template, customize it with your visuals, and apply your personal touch.
  • Mobile app landing page
    Find your inspiration with this template and jumpstart your first mobile app landing page. Add the necessary information to describe and show all the main features and benefits of your app.
  • Agency responsive template
    Use this complete template for your digital/start-up agency and start filling in the content that best describes your activity. Customize the style and add images to make it your own.
  • Application Template
    Start from this plug-and-play template for your mobile application. Simply add and replace the visuals to represent your mobile app and use a variety of sections that can best showcase features, testimonials, product presentations, and many other important components of a static website.
  • Business Website Template
    A clean and modern design to make your business stand out from the crowd. Make a compelling presentation of your services by using this multipurpose template. This template theme has a professional design that, combined with the right words can get customers’ interest.
  • Landing Page Template
    Start with a simple blueprint or wireframe and focus on building the structure and layout for your static website. Leave the creative part and design details for later and iterate on the structure until you’re pleased with the result.
  • Wireframe template
    Design high-converting static websites and landing pages with this pre-build easy-to-use template. You only need to replace images and text, play with the layout and change the order of the sections. Use this landing page template to present your business idea.

TeleportHQ Lifetime deal Appsumo I low-code development tool

→Low code development

A free, low-code platform designed to simplify the development process and increase productivity. TeleportHQ offers low-code tools with a reusable visual user interface, a Figma import plugin, clean code export to HTML and CSS, and 9 different JavaScript frameworks.

Create your own websites, web, or mobile applications using the best free low-code development platform.
Low-code development using all the right features.

  • Visual editor
    Our Low-code platform allows you to edit every element using a user-friendly visual editor. Create websites and web apps using a visual canvas with no code.
  • Drag and drop interface
    Develop websites or complex applications using our low-code, drag-and-drop visual editor. Use ready-made elements and templates and build your components.
  • Reusable components
    TeleportHQ is packed with built-in reusable components and offers you the possibility to save any of your work as templates to be used later on.
  • Figma import
    Import your designs directly from Figma. Install teleportHQ’s Design to Code plugin from Figma’s community and import any design into our low-code platform.
  • Code export
    Develop professional websites and apps with TeleportHQ. If you’re a developer, download the code and continue the development in your own environment.
  • Open-source code generator
    Stay in control at all times. Our development platform is built based on an MIT open-source ecosystem. Build on top of our existing libraries or use your own.

TeleportHQ Lifetime deal Appsumo I low-code development tool

→AI website builder

Discover revolutionary ways to create websites and widgets using the power of artificial intelligence. The TeleportHQ Vision API is a specialized computer vision API trained to recognize user interfaces in hand-drawn wireframes.

Go from a simple wireframe drawing to a fully functional prototype in minutes using AI.

  • AI-generated websites
    Build a website prototype in real-time or by scanning a piece of paper containing your sketch. Using AI to create websites offers speed and flexibility to any new design project.
  • AI in web applications
    Vision API takes advantage of AI in web development and allows you to create digital screens from simple hand-written sketches. Artificial intelligence in web development is now available to anyone.
  • Prototype using AI
    Quickly transition from a simple idea to a fully functional prototype using AI for web development, which lets you go from an idea to a fully functioning prototype in minutes rather than hours.

TeleportHQ Lifetime deal Appsumo I low-code development tool

→Code Collaboration

Speed ​​up your website or app in a shared code editor that lets team members collaborate and build in real time. With TeleportHQ you benefit from rapid web development in your browser.

Easy steps into code collab for a seamless process.

  • Share
    Work with others and code together to ensure an agile and successful result.
  • Create
    Make real, functional prototypes, preview your work, and see what needs to be changed.
  • Improve
    Work faster and get feedback right in your collaborative coding environment.

TeleportHQ Lifetime deal Appsumo I low-code development tool

→Code generators

With TeleportHQ, you can experience an easy way to design your next website, landing page, or blog. Use our static page generator and discover an intuitive and fully customizable drag-and-drop environment. Work fast and get your site up and running in minutes.

  • Mobile responsive
    Start creating on a platform that is not only based on a straightforward process but also makes your pages instantly mobile responsive. With our online static site generator, you can ensure your website will look professional on every device.
  • Free hosting domain
    Once you build and design your future website, you can choose to host it for free on the teleportHQ domain or bring your own. Launch your website to production with one click on your own Vercel account.
  • Tech and non-tech friendly
    A static site generator made for the tech-savvy that want to continue writing code outside our platform. If you’re a designer, marketer, or any other type of stakeholder, our static HTML site generator will write the code for you.
  • Figma plugin integration
    teleportHQ is a static website generator with a twist. You can export your Figma designs to our platform and generate code to HTML and CSS, or directly into React, Preact, Gatsby, Vue, Next, Angular, or Stencil.
  • Code export
    Develop professional websites and apps with TeleportHQ. If you’re a web developer, download the code and continue the development in your own environment. Export for free production-ready code in 9 different JS frameworks.
  • Excellent technical SEO
    An eye-catching website deserves to be seen by your target audience. With our online static website generator and its built-in features like Gzip, minification & CDN, you’re creating a high-performing site, easy to rank on search engines.

TeleportHQ Lifetime deal Appsumo I low-code development tool

→Figma plugin

Generate code for your project by exporting from Figma to TeleportHQ. Create your own HTML and CSS templates using React, Preact, Gatsby, Vue, Next, Angular, or Stencil.

The Figma export plugin offers a straightforward approach to converting Figma designs to HTML and CSS with the main focus on the designer-developer hand-off.

  • Instant code generation
  • Assets inventory
  • Export to CodeSandbox
  • Export to TeleportHQ from Figma
  • Deploy your project as a website to Vercel

TeleportHQ Pricing Plan

TeleportHQ Comes in Two pricing plans FREE and Professional

FREE Plan €0/month

  • 3 Projects
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Free ready-made templates
  • Free code export
  • Community support

Basic hosting

  • Hosting under
  • 10 MB of assets/project
  • Limited bandwidth

Professional Plan €15/month

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited view-only collaborators
  • Shared components library(coming soon)
  • Upload videos
  • Private projects
  • Dedicated customer support

Professional hosting

  • Includes publishing on 3 custom domains
  • 1 GB of assets/project
  • 200GB bandwidth/month
  • Integration with Vercel

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TeleportHQ Lifetime deal Appsumo I low-code development tool

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  • 3 custom domains

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TeleportHQ Lifetime deal Appsumo I low-code development tool

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