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Start websites, stores, and campaigns with Studio, our all-in-one platform for building and managing your entire digital presence. With Studio, you’ll get everything you need to build your digital presence from a choice of language to page speed optimization and more!

Today introduce Vanjaro! Alternative to Square-space, Webflow, and Kartra

What is Vanjaro?

Vanjaro is an all-in-one platform that lets you build and manage your website with no coding required. You can get your website up and running in just a few minutes using a professionally built template that’s optimized for mobile, page speed, SEO, and accessibility.

Vanjaro features

Vanjaro is a website builder that uses a visual canvas to help you build your site without writing any code.



Build Visually No Code Build a professional site in a visual canvas with no code at all.

Vanjaro lifetime deal Appsumo - manage your website no coding required

  • Blocks: An ever-growing selection of content, layout, and design blocks to meet your every need.
  • Layout: Build your layout visually using a Grid or Flexbox.
  • Background: Choose from a myriad of options including solid color, gradient, image, parallax image, or video as your section background.


Visually build, design, and customize any part of your site with a drag & drop editor. Zero coding is required.

Vanjaro lifetime deal Appsumo - manage your website no coding required

  • AutoSave Draft & Versioning: Automatically save content for staging and maintains revisions for history and rollback.
  • Quick Tools: Quickly copy, paste, undo, or redo your changes with toolbar icons or using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Navigator:  A navigation tree panel providing easy access to every block on the page. Navigator is extremely useful for particularly long pages with complex or nested designs.
  • Full Screen & Preview: Switch to full-screen mode when editing a page. Use the preview option to quickly see a real-time preview of the page with functional links and apps.

→Online Store

Sell Anything  From physical products, and digital content, to virtual services.

Sell Products:

Showcase your products with rich product listings

  • Merchandising: Build your product catalog with rich product listings. Give your customers an ultimate shopping experience with rich product descriptions, embedded images, related products, and other product awareness strategies.
  • Categories & Manufacturers: A product can be assigned a manufacturer and multiple categories. Nest categories to create hierarchical navigation.
  • Specifications & Variations: Specifications allow customers to quickly compare and filter products. Use variations to manage pricing, cost, weight, images, inventory, and downloads for products that come in more than one option such as a shirt that is available in multiple colors and sizes.
  • Custom Fields & Configurable Products: Great for configurable products such as building your own bundle, adding an engraving message, or providing special instructions. Custom fields include dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, textbox, and multiline textbox.
  • Visibility & Scheduling: Schedule products to appear between specific dates. Restrict products to a specific role. Individually hide products from the product catalog, and search results, or make them only accessible via direct URL.
  • Sell Services: It’s easy to sell services that require no physical inventory or shipping.

Sell Digital Content:

Sell digital content and downloads such as courses, software, photography, music, videos, and eBooks.

  • Sample or Trials: Customers can download a sample or trial prior to completing a purchase.
  • Limits & Restrictions: Option to limit the number of times a customer may download purchased content. Restrict to the maximum number of downloads and/or within the maximum number of days.
  • Security: Automatic security of your digital goods with time-sensitive links that expire within a few minutes so your customers cannot share them with others.
  • Member Areas: Automatically add the customer to a specific role after they purchase a product. Optionally, specify the expiration date after X days from the purchase date or the existing expiration date.


Everything your online store needs for digital marketing.

  • Featured & Bestsellers: Market your chosen products as featured whether you’re trying to offload some inventory or truly have a hotcake on your hands. Automatically show the bestselling products across your store based on either the number of units sold or the revenue generated for the past X days.
  • Upsell & Cross-Sell: On the product page, market other products with better reviews or higher price points such as “What do customers ultimately buy after viewing this item? If your customer is buying bread then it makes sense to cross-sell eggs, jams, or butter? Cross-sells appear on the cart page giving customers a chance to add additional products.
  • Related Products: Related Products is one of the marketing tools to offer your customer additional products they may like based on their shopping behavior (viewing a particular product)
  • Ratings & Reviews: Ratings & Reviews can be enabled for individual products and work as another marketing tool by leveraging feedback from the community.
  • On Sale, New Arrivals, & Free Shipping: Display the “On Sale” or “New” badge to grab attention to a product. The store manager can configure the date range until a product is on sale or considered new.

→CMS (Content Management System)

Hierarchical Pages:

Create unlimited hierarchical pages, folders, redirects, and anchors

  • Pages: Create unlimited hierarchical pages. Optionally, hide them from the navigation or secure access to specific users or roles.
  • Folders: Organize your pages in unlimited hierarchical folders to create sub-navigation.
  • Redirects: The platform automatically manages 301 redirects on name changes. It’s easy to add a redirect to an external link as well.
  • Anchors: Use anchors to scroll to a specific section within the page. It’s quick and easy to create one-page websites with anchor navigation.

Digital Asset Management:

Create, manage, search, and protect your digital assets from within the platform.

Vanjaro lifetime deal Appsumo - manage your website no coding required

  • Asset Manager: Create unlimited hierarchical folders and files. Easily rename, copy, move, or delete files and folders.
  • Bulk Upload & Management: Multiple select and bulk copy, move or delete files. It’s easy to bulk upload multiple files at the same time.
  • Search Files: Quickly locate your files through keywords rather than switching page after page with large repositories.
  • Smart Views: View files in a list or grid view. Automatically switches to grid view and displays thumbnails when 50% or more files of the current viewing folder are images.
  • Image Editing: The provider model allows using cloud storage rather than the local file system. Vanjaro natively integrates with Microsoft Azure Storage.
  • Responsive Images: The provider model allows using cloud storage rather than the local file system. Vanjaro natively integrates with Microsoft Azure Storage.
  • Permissions: Protect your assets with permissions to specify who can upload, browse, or view them.
  • Security: The provider model allows using cloud storage rather than the local file system. Vanjaro natively integrates with Microsoft Azure Storage.
    Explore Integrations
  • Global Assets: Global assets are shared across multiple sites. A superuser can quickly switch between site and global assets.
  • Microsoft Azure Storage: Extensibility allows using cloud storage rather than the local file system. Vanjaro natively integrates with Microsoft Azure Storage.

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Digital Marketing:

Drag and drop your way to a beautiful email.

  • Mobile Optimization: Your emails will look great across all devices, whether you build your own or customize an existing design template.
  • Templates: Start with one of our curated templates and customize it to create your beautiful email campaign matching your brand identity.
  • Lists & Subscribers: Create & Manage unlimited lists & subscribers. Lists can be Public, or Private for internal use. Populate your lists by copying & pasting email addresses, importing email addresses by uploading a CSV file, or configuring an automatic import from Member Roles. Prior to every campaign delivery, the list(s) will automatically update itself by syncing with Member Roles and adding any new email addresses.
  • Email Recipients: A campaign can be delivered to one or many Mailing Lists, User Roles, or Manually entered email addresses. Duplicate Emails from various sources are automatically removed so each user only gets a single email message.
  • Campaign Reuse: It’s easy to copy an existing campaign so you don’t have to spend hours perfecting your email. Just update the content. Drafts are automatically saved until you’re ready to send or schedule your campaigns.
  • Scheduled Campaigns: Schedule your campaigns so they’re automatically dispatched for delivery at a future date and time.
  • Reporting: Measure the reach of your campaigns with multiple reports including Open Vs. Click Rates, Click to Open Rate (CTOR), email client usage, links activity, and unsubscribe activity.

Create a Blog:

Build, manage, and grow your blog with best-in-class tools.

  • Drag & Drop Design: Unleash your creativity and create your blog posts with any of the available blocks.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Clean & friendly URLs, open graph tags, structured data, and sitemap.
  • Ultra-Fast Page Speeds: Best practices to optimize for performance and fast page speeds.
  • Multiple Authors: Allow any number of users to author and create blog posts across different departments and areas of specialty.
  • Search: Quickly search across an entire blog for posts within the title, description, tags, and content of the blog post.
  • Related Posts: Displays related posts and their summaries towards the end of an individual blog post.
  • Comments: Disable comments on individual posts and the ability to moderate comments.
  • RSS Feeds: RSS Feeds on individual authors and categories in addition to the entire blog


Search engine optimization requires a solid foundation to build on.

  • Google PageSpeed Optimization: Vanjaro automatically optimizes for Google PageSpeed using Lighthouse best practices upon publishing and republishing.
    Explore Performance
  • Mobile-Friendly Design:  Mobile-friendly design is a critical component for search engine optimization.
    Explore Responsive DesignExplore Responsive Design
  • Accessible Pages: Sites accessible by all users improve SEO rankings by using clean semantic code and following WCAG 2.1 guidelines.
  • SSL: SSL certificates are included with all Vanjaro Sites and automatically boost your site’s security and SEO rankings.

Vanjaro lifetime deal Appsumo - manage your website no coding required

SEO Basics:

Everything you need to boost your SEO rankings

  • Page Title & Description: Customize the page title and description of each page and blog post for optimal search engine visibility.
  • Heading Importance: Heading tags are applied according to the level of importance with H1 as the main title of the page or blog post and H2 to H6 sequentially following.
  • Alternate Text: Improves accessibility and SEO rankings by improving the ability of search engines to discover images on your site.
  • Hide a page: Easily hide a specific page from search engines to prevent specific content from indexing.

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Vanjaro Pricing Plan

Vanjaro comes in three pricing plans, Starter, Plus, Premium, and Ultimate

Starter Plan $15/month

  • Mobile Optimized Website
  • Landing Pages
  • Fast Page Speeds & Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Connect Custom Domain
  • Azure Cloud Hosting
  • SSL & Security
  • Monthly Transactional Emails 2,000
  • Monthly Visitors 25,000
  • Designer Designer
  • Editor
  • Blocks
  • Template Library
  • Royalty-Free Images & Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • Image Editor
  • Fully Featured & Integrated Blog
  • Multiple Authors
  • Multilingual
  • Blog Posts 100
  • Unlimited Subscribers & Lists
  • Schedule Campaigns
  • Link Tracking & Reporting
  • Marketing Email Campaigns 5
  • Monthly Marketing Emails 500
  • Fraud & Abuse Protection
  • Accept Payments & Donations
  • Collect Files & Attachments
  • Actions & Branching
  • Autoresponders & Notifications
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Surveys & Multi-Page Form
  • Multilingual Forms
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Form Submissions 500
  • Create PDF with Form Data
  • Fill or Stamp PDF with Form Data
  • Fully Featured & Integrated e-Commerce
  • Customer Accounts
  • Payment Methods & Providers
  • Group Pricing, Tiered Pricing, & Volume Discounts
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multilingual
  • Real-time Shipping Rates
  • Shippo Integration
  • Online Store Items 500
  • Yearly Sales Volume $50K
  • Google Analytics
  • Basic SEO
  • Sitemap
  • Custom URLs
  • Open Graph Tags
  • Structured Data
  • 404 Error Page
  • 301 Redirects
  • Site Search
  • Google Tag Manager

Vanjaro more Pricing plans here

Get lifetime Access Only for $99.00

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Vanjaro Lifetime deal – Appsumo

Vanjaro is a drag-and-drop interface and robust template library, Vanjaro is the first choice for building all of your websites.

Vanjaro Lifetime Access Only for $99.00 $1188.00

  • All Ultimate Plan features
  • 1 site
  • 100,000 monthly transactional emails per site
  • 250,000 monthly visitors per site
  • 100 GB storage space per site

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Appsumo lifetime deal

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Transform your business into an exciting and profitable website with Vanjaro’s all-in-one platform Get access to every tool you need to build and manage your website no coding is required.

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