Vidpopup lifetime deal review – Create high-converting video funnels

Funnels Builders for your website and social media

Build out your own video funnel with no coding, editing, or expensive software. With Vidpopup drag-and-drop builder, you can create a custom embeddable video widget with as many videos as you need and embed it on your website or social media pages. The best part is that you can use your own branded videos, screen recordings, and stock GIFs to engage your audience and drive conversions Vidpopup Alternative to VideoAsk.

What is Vidpopup?

Vidpopup is a video platform that helps you engage with your website visitors in real-time, allowing you to create and build out your own video Funnel, which can be boosted by adding relevant text, images, and design elements. You can upload or record video content on the platform and also use stock videos from Pixabay, Pexels, and GIPHY. Add custom branding, text, and subtitles to your videos so they can be even more engaging for your target audience.

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Vidpopup features Overview

Vidpopup is a video tool for building interactive video funnels, with which you can easily create beautiful and engaging videos without needing to spend hours editing them.

  1. Boost Engagement With Video: Record yourself, record your screen, use stock video, or use an AI spokesperson (if you are camera shy or have a language barrier).
  2. Customize The Popup/Widget: Simply point-n-click to make your popups/widgets match your brand.
  3. Embed On Your New Or Existing Website: Just copy-paste a line of code to make your website 100% interactive.

Vidpopup lifetimme deal review - Create high-converting video funnels

What you can use Vidpopup

  • LEAD GENERATION: Now easily generate ONLY high-quality leads with our built-in video lead Engage your visitors with personalized pre-recorded videos telling them about the benefits of using your products/services. You can also ask your leads questions, and then use in-app conditional logic to help qualify and segment them. When it comes to video funnel builders – there’s nothing out there that beats VidPopup.
  • Target iconINCREASE SALES: Create a more personal sales experience for your visitors. Simply pre-record a set of questions and funnel leads to the next step based on their answers. Build trust, avoid being ghosted and easily convert your leads into paying customers using video funnels.
  • Laptop icon BOOST ENGAGEMENT: Allow visitors to choose the mode of interaction. Unlike other video funnel builders in the market… you can allow your visitors to select not just video, but also audio and text to interact with you whenever they like. Take your customer engagement to a whole new level and watch your profits skyrocket.
  • Badge iconSHOW/REQUEST TESTIMONIALS: There’s no better way to market than word-of-mouth. Now add proof, rather than promise, to your product by using videos of your existing customers talking about your products/services. Your customers can also leave a video testimonial by just clicking a button.
  • User icon GET FEEDBACK: Now listen to your customers and understand them like never before. You can add several questions to get feedback on specific points. Simply show people different follow-up videos based on their answers. Gain deeper insights into customers’ wishes and forge a sincere connection with your existing & new customers.
  • Handshake iconSIMPLIFY HIRING: Do you have a new team member or looking to hire one? Personalize the entire onboarding process and make it a wonderful experience for both you and the employee. Tell them about your company and what you’re looking for in an ideal candidate…in a pre-recorded video and allow them to reply back and/or ask follow-up questions using video.

Attention: No Credit Card Required 7 Days Free Trial, Cancel anytime!

Vidpopup Pricing Plan

Vidpopup Comes on three pricing plans FREE TRIAL PLAN, STARTER PLAN, PRO PLAN


  • Maximum 2 steps per Vidpopup.
  • 100 Vidpopup Plays per Month.
  • Save leads and download CSV file.
  • Vidpopup Branding

Start 7 days free trial

STARTER PLAN $39/month

  • Unlimited Vidpopup.
  • Unlimited Video Recording.
  • Maximum 3 steps per Vidpopup.
  • 10,000 Vidpopup Plays per month.
  • CSV + 3 Autoresponders.
  • S3 Storage.
  • Vidpopup Branding.
  • 10 Video Templates

PRO PLAN $59/month

  • Unlimited Vidpopup.
  • Unlimited Video Recording.
  • Unlimited steps per Vidpopup.
  • Unlimited Vidpopup Plays per month.
  • CSV + 5 Autoresponders.
  • S3 Storage.
  • Your Own Branding.
  • 10 Sub-users available.
  • 10 Video Templates/Month.
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking

Vidpopup lifetime Access for $69.00 Only


Vidpopup lifetime deal review – Appsumo

Vidpopup makes it easy to build video funnels with your own custom branded video content. You can upload or record videos on the platform, create custom branding, and add text and subtitles so that you can engage your target audience in real time to convert more leads.

Vidpopup lifetime Access for $69.00 Only $468.00

  • All features above included
  • 10 GB storage
  • 10 templates
  • 10,000 plays per month
  • 3 steps per Vidpopup

Vidpopup lifetime Access Now

Vidpopup lifetime deal review - Create high-converting video funnels

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Vidpopup Frequently Asked Questions?

How Many Pop-ups I create?

It depends on the license you choose. If you choose the free trial you can have 1 Vidpopup only. But with Vidpopup Pro Plan you can create unlimited Vidpopups.

What if want to Create Longer/deeper funnels?

You can create deeper funnel by registring to our Pro plan. You will have access to unlimited vidpopups which can help you achieve a deeper funnel.

Do i need special skills or hire someone with technical knowledge?

No special skills are required to work with Vidpopup. We are also providing knowledge base instructions and training videos to guide you through your funnel.

Vidpopup lifetime deal review Conclusion

I hope you enjoy this blog about Vidpopup high-converting video funnels builder. Thats why i would recommend you to use Vidpopup platform.

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