Wiremo lifetime deal Appsumo – AI-driven automation tool

AI analyzes your reviews for overall sentiment

You know social proof closes the deal, but getting customer feedback can be a frustrating job.
Even if you have a great product, you will have a hard time getting real customer feedback on your site without having to sell it to people.

What if there was a tool that could help you submit customer surveys, display great reviews, and automatically reconnect with customers?

Hey, Today introduce Wiremo! Alternative to Yotpo, Loox, and Stamped

What is Wiremo?

Wiremo gives you the best customer experience and automated search so you can get the most out of social media on your website.
Wiremo powerful AI analyzes your reviews for overall impressions and pulls only the most positive reviews from your review carousel.

Send timed triggered emails asking for feedback from your customers using templates that can be customized for your brand. You can set a trigger to automatically respond to negative comments and contact potential customers with your service department.

Wiremo features

Build your eCommerce store in minutes Wiremo’s AI-powered solutions let you collect product reviews, site reviews, ratings, and Q&A to turn your customer content into sales.

Wiremo lifetime deal Appsumo - AI-driven automation tool

→Automate review management

With Wiremo Triggers, you can encourage your loyal customers and automatically reward them with promo codes and bonuses. You can automatically reply to comments and initiate conversations with customers. It’s true that not all opinions are positive, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid them.

Wiremo lifetime deal Appsumo - AI-driven automation tool

→Automated review request statistics

If you want to get a lot of customer comments, you need to use Automatic Review Request (ARR) statistics. However, the most important part of your campaign is to figure out which campaign works best. With ARR  you can see when the changes are best and adjust accordingly.

Wiremo lifetime deal Appsumo - AI-driven automation tool

→Review Carousel

Have you been looking for a way to make your site stand out? Okay, now this can be done with the help of a review carousel. All you have to do is sign up today and start displaying your reviews on your homepage!

Wiremo lifetime deal Appsumo - AI-driven automation tool

→Keywords reviews and Search reviews

The best way to find the right product is to read the reviews. These reviews can be a great resource for finding the keywords and phrases that will make your product stand out. You need to know what words to look for and how to use them in your content!

What is the best way to present your brand? Use keywords and phrases from customer reviews! Also, you can check the sentiment of the review, whether it is neutral, positive, or negative.

→Collect product photos

The professional voice of the customers is your best resource for increasing conversions by 25%. Capture images in reviews to get a real-time snapshot of what customers are saying.

Wiremo lifetime deal Appsumo - AI-driven automation tool

→Handle negative reviews

Show customers that you’re attentive to their opinions, and take the time to care. Write replies to reviews from your most loyal customers, and return the favor by listening to what they have to say!

Wiremo Pricing Plan

Wiremo comes in Three Pricing Plans Essential, Professional, Premium

Essential Plan $16.99/month

  • Unlimited reviews
  • Essential customization
  • 1K Emails per month
  • 3 images for uploading
  • No Questions & Answers
  • Wiremo branding


Professional Plan $42.49/month

  • Unlimited reviews
  • Professional customization
  • 10K Emails per month
  • 5 images for uploading
  • Collect and display Q&A
  • No branding


Premium Plan $170+/month

  • Unlimited reviews
  • Premium customization
  • Unlimited emails per month
  • Unlimited images for uploading
  • Collect and display Q&A
  • No branding


Get lifetime Access Only for $69.00

Get Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Wiremo lifetime deal – Appsumo

Wiremo is an artificial intelligence-based audit carousel that allows you to request reviews from your customers via honored emails, and templates that could be tailored to your brand.

Wiremo lifetime Access Only for $69.00 $599.00

  • All features above included
  • All Professional features
  • 10,000 emails per month
  • 10 users
  • 5 images for uploading
  • No Wiremo branding

Get lifetime Access

Appsumo lifetime deal

Wiremo Lifetime Deal Appsumo – GET EXTRA 10% OFF


Get lifetime Access

Why choose Wiremo?

14-days FREE TRIAL

We give you an opportunity to evaluate the widget’s functionality absolutely free of charge. During the first 14 days, you are exempt from paying any subscription fees for using our product.

In-line SEO

The more high-quality content you publish on your site, the higher it’s ranking in search results pages – which means more visitors coming through for you!

Google Shopping Feed

In a world of cyber shopping, product reviews and star ratings are crucial. Google Shopping integration has made it easy to display your products and reviews in the Google shopping feed. Let’s explore how you can use this feature for your eCommerce business!

Technical Support

Our tech consultants are available 24/7, ready to answer any of your questions. We will help you integrate our widget into your website as well as to set it up for proper operation.

Multilinguistic Capacity

Wiremo supports a wide range of languages. It can be used on any website to show users reviews in their native language.

Share your reviews on social media

Stunning visual reviews shared on your social media will attract high-quality traffic to your store while keeping you in the loop with every single customer.

Get lifetime Access

Wiremo Frequently asked questions

How does a 14-days free trial work?

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have 14 days to set up, configure and test Wiremo. By the end of the free trial period or during your trial you can upgrade to our Essential, Professional, or Premium plan.

How can I upgrade Wiremo after the free trial has expired?

You can upgrade at any time. Log in to Wiremo dashboard. Then go to Settings -> Billing and press the Upgrade button under your plan details.

What will happen if I didn’t upgrade?

If you didn’t upgrade and the Wiremo widget is still active on your website, the review widget will be replaced with the message “Payment issues”. Please make sure you’ve upgraded or removed the Wiremo plugin/widget from your website before your free trial ends.

What does the emails limit mean?

Our Essential and Professional plan users have an email limit. All your outgoing emails will be counted from your monthly plan limit. It includes ARR campaigns, MRR campaigns, test emails, review replies, conversation replies, email verification, and Q&A emails.


Wiremo helps you see the best customer reviews on your website. Powerful artificial intelligence scans your scan for a complete overview, making getting the best scan from reviewed songs easy. Wiremore Triggers can also send timely emails to request customer feedback, customize each email, and set up automatic responses to negative feedback.

Get lifetime Access

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