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Create deploy and manage multiple chatbots without coding

The WotNot Virtual Assistant is a chatbot that helps you provide customers with self-service support. Whether you’re an online business or have physical locations with customer service desks, WotNot makes it easier than ever to help your visitors get the information and support they need.

WotNot Alternative to Drift, Ada, and Landbot

What is WotNot?

WotNot is a no-code chatbot developer that allows you to make your own chatbot to automate lead generation and customer support at scale. With WotNot, you can build chatbots to engage your site visitors without writing a line of code. You can work as numerous chatbots as you need and convey them across your site, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

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WotNot Features

WotNot is a no-code chatbot builder that lets you automate lead generation and customer support at scale.

→No-code Bot Builder

Build personalized chatbots for various channels like Websites, Mobile apps, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more using a visual no-code interface.

WotNot lifetime deal Appsumo

  • Bot Management: Build personalized chatbots for various channels using a visual no-code interface.
  • No-code Visual Editor: Build a bot like you’re building a flow chart. Connect action blocks and define their actions on a no-code visual editor.
  • Curated Templates: Choose from a wide variety of pre-built templates from our library to kick-start your bot-building activity.
  • Error Debug: View and navigate to errors within your conversation flow to have them resolved.
  • Version Control: Maintain versions for all your deployments and easily roll back to a version when required.
  • Auto Layout: Neatly arrange all the action blocks on the canvas with proper gaps and alignments.
  • Channels: Build bots on WotNot for the following channels – Website, Mobile App, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and WhatsApp.
  • Invoke third-party API: Push and pull data from your favorite apps using our Service Call functionality.
  • Multi-lingual: Build bots in multiple languages to truly make your bots multi-lingual.
  • Human Handover: Transfer conversations to your team of human agents when the time is right.
  • Fire Javascripts: Perform math operations, and fire events to your analytics or other systems from the client-side.
  • Trigger Conditions: Define rules to decide which bot is to be triggered based on a condition.
  • Data Injection: Inject important information to make your conversation truly personalized.
  • Auto-save: All the actions performed on the bot builder are auto-saved, so you don’t have to.
  • Rich Media Support: Bring your conversation intuitive by making use of images, gifs, videos, pdfs, and whatnot.
  • Minimap: View and traverse to any part of the conversation flow of the bot.
  • Undo Redo: You have the ability to reverse any action performed on the bot builder.
  • Search: Search action blocks and navigate around the boat-builder with ease.
  • Expand/Compress: View more details of each action block by switching through modes.
  • Zoom to content: Brings your conversation flow into the canvas in case you are dragged away
  • History Retention: Retains the history of the conversation in the chat widget when moving from one webpage to another webpage.
  • Chat Widget Custom Visibility: Use our methods to show and hide the chat widget when required.

→Live Chat

Handle incoming chats from all your platforms promptly and conveniently using the advanced feature toolkit of Live Chat.

WotNot lifetime deal Appsumo

  • Saved Reply: Create and save frequently used phrases to eliminate repetition and mundaneness.
  • Label: Label conversations to make it easy to track chats and review unique cases/situations.
  • Interoperability: Connect your live chat systems with WotNot to continue handling conversations without change in systems.
  • Sync CRM Data: Eliminate time spent on looking up customer information by syncing your contact information on live chat with APIs.
  • Mobile App: Converse with your customers/visitors/prospects on the go using our native mobile apps. Available on iOS & Android.
  • CSAT Rating: Collect a customer satisfaction rating at the end of the conversation on a scale of 5 stars.
  • SLA: Provide Timely Replies using the Service Level Agreement (SLA) Timer.
  • Visitor Status: This shows you the status of a visitor interacting with the chat widget, showing you whether they are online, away, or offline.
  • Qualification Details: Get an advance property viewing of your customer details. View, hide and rearrange visitor information as per your preference.
  • Round Robin Routing: Assigns conversations to your team of agents in a round-robin manner.
  • Team Routing: Assigns the conversation to the right teammate of a team.
  • Related Conversations: This shows the historical conversations the visitor has undertaken with the bot.
  • Advanced Filtering: Manage and filter chats by labels, CSAT ratings, keywords, assignee, and date range.
  • One-click Chat Transcripts: Get the entire conversation history with a single click to log that conversation.
  • Set Chat Limits: Assign an upper limit for chat assignments to your agents to avoid long wait queues.

→Analytics Dashboard

View key metrics and get insightful data to get a deeper understanding of the customers.

WotNot lifetime deal Appsumo

  • Business Value Generated: The total amount of business value you and your team generated using WotNot.
  • Hours Saved: The total amount of minutes/hours you and your team saved using WotNot.
  • Cost Saved: View and gauge the expenses you’re avoiding with the help of your chatbot.
  • CSAT Rating: View the customer satisfaction rating that visitors give when they complete the chat.
  • Conversion %: Percentage of contacts generated from the conversations handled by the bot.
  • Abandonment %: Percentage of conversations that were abandoned by the visitors and not completed.
  • Engagement %: Percentage of conversations created after the chat widget was displayed on the webpage.
  • Interaction Heatmap: Highlights the time during which visitors engage with the bot the most across the week.
  • Time to first response: Evaluate the amount of time your agents take to send their first response.
  • Usual time to respond: Evaluate the amount of time your agents usually take to give a response.
  • % Exit: This shows how many conversations have abandoned the chat after an action block.
  • Conversations Handled: Know how many conversations have been handled by the bot/agent.
  • Visitors Served: This shows the total number of new and returning visitors interacting with the bot.
  • Conversation Duration: The number of time visitors spends in interacting with the chatbot.
  • Goal Tracking: Track how many visitors visited a specific action block to know how many complete and deflect a goal.
  • Contacts Generated: The total number of contacts/leads generated by the bot.
  • Currently Serving: This tells you how many conversations are being handled by agents right now.
  • Conversation Transfers: This shows how many transfers were made after a conversation was assigned to a human agent.

WotNot lifetime deal Appsumo

→FAQ Builder

Create intents and responses to provide immediate answers to users’ common and frequently asked questions.

  • Build a Knowledge base: Determine what information the user wants to find out or actions he or she wants to complete to create intents.
  • Train Intents: Recycle and learn from failed phrases that the bot was unable to answer so that your smart bot recognizes and understands queries.
  • Transfer to Human: Transfer the conversation to a human agent when the bot fails to answer the query from the knowledge base.
  • Customize Responses: Frame and record personalized responses for every intent.
  • Collect Feedback: Enable visitors to provide their feedback to a response in the form of a like or dislike.
  • Import Data: Import intents, utterances, and responses from a CSV file to bulk train your bot.
  • Frequency: View the number of times an intent is being matched based on visitor queries.

WotNot lifetime deal Appsumo

→Success & Support

Be it a start-up or an enterprise, get seamless support in the form of self-help articles, support tickets, technical assistance, and more.

  • Enterprise Support: From technical assistance, customized integrations, and implementation assistance and training- get it all under Enterprise Support.
  • Done-for-you Service: Our conversation design team designs, builds, and optimizes your bots for you.
  • Help Articles: Get step-by-step guidance on how to perform a specific action/function on the customer portal.
  • Video Tutorials: Access our how-to video tutorials and product tours to familiarise yourself with WotNot.
  • Personalized Onboarding: Our product experts give you a personal tour of the product and set up your account.
  • Dedicated Support Assistance: Experience top-notch service with a dedicated 24/7 support team and a customer success manager.
  • Optimization Services: We optimize your bots so that perform at the required levels achieving your goals.
  • Service Desk: Raise tickets for issues that you are unable to figure out and get responses from our experts in a couple of business days.

WotNot lifetime deal Appsumo


Discover and integrate your favorite apps with WotNot using our native integration support on the App Market.

  • Google Sheets: Create a new record on your Google Sheets when a new lead/prospect is generated by the bot.
  • Airtable: Fetch data dynamically from your Airtable base and render it as buttons, carousels, or image carousels.
  • Salesforce: Create a lead on your Salesforce account and map fields with WotNot variables.
  • Calendly: Schedule and book appointments using Calendly’s interface and continue the conversation flow.
  • Google Calendar: Let visitors book meetings with you or your teammates based on the availability shown on your calendar.
  • HubSpot: Create a lead on your Hubspot account and map fields with WotNot variables.
  • Freshdesk: Creates tickets or fetches the ticket status from your Freshdesk account.
  • Send Emails: Sends an email to the recipients to be notified about a particular event.

Get Lifetime Access

WotNot Pricing Plan

WotNot comes from Four Pricing Plans FREE, STARTUP, BUSINESS, ENTERPRISE

FREE Plan $0/month

Free includes:

  • Unlimited Bots
  • No-code Chatbot Builder
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Theme the Chat Widget
  • Templates Repository

Start for free

STARTUP Plan $99/month

Everything is Free, plus:

  • Live Chat
  • Unlimited Users
  • Manage Teams
  • Email Support
  • Slack Integration

BUSINESS Plan $499/month

Everything in Startup, plus:

  • Remove Branding
  • Team-wise Routing
  • Dedicated CSM
  • Personalized Onboarding
  • Salesforce Integration

ENTERPRISE Plan  $(Custom)

Everything in Business, plus:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Setup Assistance
  • 24/7 Prioritized Support
  • Optimization Services
  • Technical Support

WotNot Lifetime Access Only for $69.00

Get Appsumo Lifetime Deal

WotNot Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

WotNot empowers businesses of all sizes to automate lead generation and customer support at scale. Its no-code chatbot builder lets you create your own chatbot to engage your site visitors without writing a line of code.

WotNot Lifetime Access Only for $69.00 $1000.00

  • All features above included
  • 5,000 conversations per month
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited bots

Get lifetime Access

Appsumo lifetime deal

WotNot Lifetime Deal Appsumo – GET EXTRA 10% OFF


Get lifetime Access

WotNot Frequently Ask Question?

  • Does my free trial ever expire?

Absolutely not! Your free account is available with you forever with a limit of 1,000 conversations/month.

  • How many conversations can I have with my plan?

Your conversation limit depends on the pricing plan you are on. ‘Free’ provides 1,000 conversations, ‘Startup’ provides 10,000 conversations, and ‘Business’ provides 50,000 conversations every month.
  • Do any unused conversations get carry-forwarded to the next month?

No, all balance conversations are wiped at the start of your billing cycle, and you are allotted conversations depending on the pricing plan you are on.
  • How many users can I add to my account?

Unlimited. Add as many colleagues and collaborators as you want.
  • Can I use your product solely as a live chat tool?

Yes, of course. WotNot can be used with or without chatbots.
  • How many chatbots can I create?

You can create as many chatbots as you want, although we limit the total number of conversations an account can handle depending on the pricing plan you are on.
  • What forms of payment are supported by WotNot?

Primarily, our payments are handled by Stripe and we support credit/debit card payments. Although, we also offer wire transfers
  • What is your refund policy?

WotNot does not explicitly offer refunds on invoices that are once processed. Although depending on the reason for the refund, an appeal can be made on
Create your own chatbots to engage your site visitors without writing a line of code. You can build as many chatbots as you want and deploy them across your website, Facebook messenger, and WhatsApp.

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