YayMail lifetime deal review – WooCommerce email customization solution

Code-free email framework for WooCommerce

You don’t have the time or coding knowledge to customize the design of all your outgoing WooCommerce emails? Luckily, the YayMail tool by YayCommerce lets you customize email templates with dynamic content that will catch your prospects’ attention, without writing a single line of code.

What is YayMail?

YayMail by YayCommerce is an email framework for the WooCommerce platform that lets you customize transactional and marketing email templates without coding. As an example, you can attach your own logo to an automatic order confirmation email to make your business look more professional. Customize the design of email templates globally or individually with custom CSS and add custom fields with shortcodes.

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YayMail features

→YayMail Pro – WooCommerce Email Customizer

A drag and drop email builder to customize WooCommerce email templates and make customers come back for more.

YayMail lifetime deal review - WooCommerce email customization solution

Woo email design made it easier than ever!
YayMail helps you customize everything of transactional emails sent by WooCommerce.

  • Easily add columns and element blocks
  • Edit content and media in a single window
  • Customize font, color, background, padding, and so on
  • Live preview, send a test email, and go live

Fully customizable WooCommerce email notifications:

  • New Order Email
  • Order Cancelled Email
  • Order Failed Email
  • Order On-Hold Email
  • Order Processing Email
  • Order Completed Email
  • Order Refunded Email
  • Customer Invoice Email
  • Customer Note Email
  • Customer New Account Email
  • Customer Reset Password Email
  • Want more? See below

As unstoppable as the wind.
YayMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer is relentlessly developed to support more and more WooCommerce extensions, including but not limited to:

  • Shipment Tracking
  • Checkout Field Editor
  • WooCommerce Multi-Language Emails
  • Custom Order Status
  • Back in Stock Notifier
  • And 10+ WooCommerce Extensions
  • Want to customize further?
  • Meet YayMail Premium Addons
  • Customize third-party email templates that exist in these WooCommerce plugins

→Yaymail Add-ons – Woocommerce Third Party integrations

Customize third-party email templates that exist in these WooCommerce plugins.

YayMail lifetime deal review - WooCommerce email customization solution

  • What are Yaymail Addons?

Using a third-party WooCommerce extension such as a shipment tracking plugin will add new email templates to the 11 default email notifications. In this case, you’ll need to buy a dedicated YayMail Addon in order to customize those emails.
YayMail Addons can be installed on either YayMail Free or Pro version.

  • Email Conditional Logic

WooCommerce conditional logic can be used to display content based on certain conditions. In order to implement them in WooCommerce transactional emails, you can use this Conditional Logic for YayMail. You’ll be able to show exclusive content when one or many conditions are met.

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions helps you sell digital and virtual products with automatic renewal payments. It creates automated emails to keep your subscribers updated about their subscription status.

  • WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings extension allows you to set up a reservation system on your WordPress-powered website. With this 24/7 virtual booking assistant, your customers can book reservations, appointments, or rentals on their own.

  • WooCommerce Waitlist?

The WooCommerce Waitlist extension allows you to track demand for out-of-stock items and let your customers feel informed when the items are back in stock.

  • WooCommerce Pre-Orders

WooCommerce Pre-Orders extension helps you showcase the products and allow purchases before they’re available or in stock.

  • AutomateWoo

AutomateWoo allows you to create automated workflows for sending follow-up emails, abandoned cart reminders, wishlist notifications, etc. You’ll be able to send these emails.

  • Affiliate For WooCommerce

Affiliate For WooCommerce allows you to create your own affiliate program in WooCommerce. With this plugin, you can use coupons for tracking referrals, set flexible commission plans, set up multilevel referral progress, and more.

→WooCommerce Multi-Currency

Auto-detect currency based on country & Let your potential customers switch currencies on the go.

If you want to compete in a global marketplace, it’s now time to enable multi-currency for your store. A currency switcher has been a must to show prices and pricing plans in your customers’ local currency.

Flexible Price Format

You can easily tweak the symbol position, thousand/decimal separators, and a number of decimals for each currency. Set individual conversion fees in fixed amounts or percentages.

Multiple Display Positions

Find all the foreign currencies from the admin panel. Quickly re-order how they appear on the front end. Show the switcher on the navigation bar, widget, or on-page/post.

Higher Conversion Rate

Allowing checkout in another currency helps increase sales. Let your customers pay with their preferred currency unit and personalize the shopping experience.

→About YayCurrency

  • Complete Compatibility: Go well with all themes, page builders, and native WooCommerce payment methods.
  • Excellent Design: We apply the best patterning practices to crafting WordPress UI/UX design so you can set up without hassles.
  • VIP Support: Get priority support via Messenger chat within minutes, not days. You can ask for custom features, too!

→YaySMTP – WordPress Mail SMTP

  • Easy to Setup: Simply configure the settings step by step. This is a one-off procedure which means you only do it once and use it lifetime.
  • Friendly User Interface: Designed by UI/UX specialists, it takes no time to get a grip on YaySMTP menu settings and configuration.
  • Smooth Operation: Control all settings in a single window. It does not reload the page when you save changes. Things just work faster. Save more time.
  • Higher Inbox Rate: YaySMTP built-in mail integrations fix all WordPress not sending email issues. Your outgoing emails are sure to reach the To-address.

→About YaySMTP

  • Complete Compatibility: Go well with all major email service providers.
  • Clear Documentation: Always know what’s best and what to do next.
  • Excellent Support: Get priority support within minutes, not days.

YayMail Pricing Plan

YayMail Come in Three Pricing Plans Single, Double, Multiple

Single Plan $79/month

  • All features above included
  • 1 site
  • YayMail Pro
  • 50+ YayMail add-on integrations

Double Plan $158/month

  • All features above included
  • 3 sites
  • YayMail Pro
  • 50+ YayMail add-on integrations
  • YayCurrency
  • YayPricing
  • YaySMTP

Multiple Plan $237/month

  • All features above included
  • Unlimited sites
  • YayMail Pro
  • 50+ YayMail add-on integrations
  • YayCurrency
  • YayPricing
  • YaySMTP

Get Lifetime Access for $79.00 only

YayMail lifetime deal review - WooCommerce email customization solution

YayMail lifetime deal review – Apsumo

Use YayMail customize transactional and marketing email templates.

YayMail Ontime Purchase for $79.00 Only $3000.00

  • All features above included
  • 1 site
  • YayMail Pro
  • 50+ YayMail add-on integrations

Get lifetime Access Now

YayMail lifetime deal review - WooCommerce email customization solution

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YayMail Lifetime Deal Review Conclusion

I hope you enjoy this blog about the YayMail WooCommerce email customization solution That’s why I would recommend you to use the YayMail Platform.

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